Critical Thinking in Nursing

  1. Which concept in the critical thinking model focuses on teamwork and conflict management?
    Interpersonal skills
  2. Which activities are involved in the assessment phase of the nursing process?
    • asking the patient about his complains
    • asking about the patient's current medications
    • asking about the patient's past and family medical history
  3. The nurse instructs the parents of a malnourished child to make the child's food colorful and attractive. Which trait of critical thinking is the nurse exhibiting?
  4. A nursing instructor observes that a student nurse is caring for the American patients on the unit first and then attending to the needs of the European patients. Which error of critical thinking does the nursing action depict?
    Personal bias
  5. Which intellectual trait is characterized by staying determined until achieving a goal
  6. A nurse attempting to decrease the patient’s adverse reactions to prescribed medications is unable to find information about the medication in any of the hospital databases or electronic health records. Which action should the nurse take in this situation?
    Contact the hospital pharmacist
  7. Which statement describes a characteristic of critical thinking?
    • Open-mindedness, continual inquiry, and perseverance
    • recognition of an issue, analysis of related information, and formation of conclusions
    • imagination and exploration of alternatives, consideration of ethical principles, and informed decision making
  8. Which action by the nurse demonstrates humility?
    admission of mistakes
  9. The health care team works to resuscitate a child with renal failure without success. When the nurse attempts to speak with family, the mother says, “you can't make me feel better; you don't know what it's like to lose a child.” Which Journal entries would help the nurse reflect on this clinical experience?
    • The meaning the experience had for the nurse with respect to her understanding of dealing with a patient's death
    • The meaning the experience had for the nurse with respect to her understanding of dealing with a patient's death
    • a description of what the nurse said to the mother, the mother’s response, and how the nurse might approach a situation differently in the future
  10. Which critical thinking attitude with the nurse process to develop new solutions to patient related problems?
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