GCC Class 2 Lesson 7 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is not a system type common to data loss prevention systems?

    B. Archival DLP.
  2. What is provided by a digital security process that verifies the identity and integrity of a message sender along with the origin of protected data?

    A. Non-repudiation.
  3. With which DLP system is data in motion (DiM) most associated?

    B. Network DLP.
  4. Which data security policies set the standards to ensure that data remains in its original form without modification, corruption, or loss?

    A. Data integrity.
  5. What digital entity facilitates verification of a claim that a specific public key belongs to a specific individual?

    B. Digital signature.
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GCC Class 2 Lesson 7 Quiz
GCC Class 2 Lesson 7 Quiz