GCC Class 2 Lesson 6 Quiz

  1. You are in charge of PKI certificates. What should you implement so that stolen certificates cannot be used?

    A. CRL.
  2. In what type of encryption do both the sender and the receiver use the same key?

    B. Symmetric.
  3. What is the international standard for digital certificates?

    C. ISO X.509.
  4. You have an issue in your company with users claiming they did not receive email messages, while other users claim they were sent. What PKI component helps you to prove the dates and times of messages sent on the network?

    B. Non-repudiation.
  5. Which of the PKI trust models requires only a single CA certificate?

    D. Hierarchical.
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GCC Class 2 Lesson 6 Quiz
GCC Class 2 Lesson 6 Quiz