Final FF2 review

  1. How are life safety ropes rated?
    A) For knot or for no knots
    B) For rappelling or for steady lowering only
    C) For static or dynamic loads
    D) For one person or two persons
  2. How strong is tempered glass, as compared to regular glass?
    A) About half as strong
    B) About equally strong
    C) About four times stronger
    D) About two hundred times stronger
  3. After use, all power tools should be completely cleaned, inspected, and:

  4. Which of the following is NOT a guide used to determine the codes to be used in NFIRS to indicate the incident type, actions taken, and property use for an incident report?
    A) Quick Reference Guide
    B) Coding Questions and Answer Guide
    C) NFIRS Reference Guide
    D) NFIRS Code Guide
  5. Which part of a re alarm system causes the system to indicate an alarm?

  6. Why do many departments have a policy of placing apparatus at an angle to the crash site at a vehicle accident?
    A) Because this position presents the widest profile of flashing lights to oncoming traffic
    B) Because then the pump operator can see through the walkway of a mid-mount apparatus and
    watch the scene as well as oncoming traffic
    C) So that if it is struck from behind by an oncoming vehicle, it will be pushed off to the side
    D) So that it will present the largest possible barrier profile to oncoming traffic
  7. Select the correct characterization of flame detectors.
    A) Expensive, but simple
    B) Simple and inexpensive
    C) Inexpensive, but complicated
    D) Complicated and expensive
  8. Which part of the re alarm system alerts the building occupants when the system is activated?
    A) Alarm notification device
    B) Alarm initiation device
    C) Remote annunciator panel
    D) Fire alarm control panel
  9. Approximately how much does a 50-foot section of charged 2 1/2" hose weigh, in pounds?
    A) 50
    B) 100
    C) 150
    D) 200
  10. What is the term for a device that draws foam concentrate from a container into a moving stream of water?
    A) Foam proportioner
    B) Foam eductor
    C) Foam reducer
    D) Foam variator
  11. With natural fiber ropes, the fibers are twisted together to form a structure. What is this structure called?
    A) braid
    B) A plait
    C) A strand
    D) A pearl
  12. When tying an open clove hitch to hoist an axe, the safety knot should be tied in the:
    A) running end of the rope.
    B) working end of the rope.
    C) standing part of the rope.
    D) loop of the clove hitch
  13. When can utility rope be used in situations that call for life safety rope?
    A) Only if the total load is under 750 lbs
    B) Never
    C) Only for lowering without shock load
    D) Any time
  14. Which class of harness is used to keep a re ghter in place on a ladder?
    A) Class I
    B) Class II
    C) Class III
    D) Class IV
  15. Which term is used to describe the properties of energy, pressure, and water ow as related to fire suppression?
    A) Fluid dynamics
    B) Friction Loss
    C) Fire hydraulics
    D) Flow pressure
  16. What is a typical number of feet of supply hose for a re engine to carry?
    A) 4000-5000
    B) 2000-2500
    C) 750-1250
    D) 250-500
  17. What is another term for head pressure?
    A) Static pressure
    B) Elevation pressure
    C) Flow pressure
    D) Residual pressure
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