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  1. Where is the radial nerve
    • the radial nerve is btwn the brachioradialis and the brachialis muscles.
    • It then pierces the supinator as the deep branch of the radial nerve. When it emerges it becomes the posterior intercourse nerve
  2. What are the muscles innervated by the radial nerve?
    • Think ABE
    • anconeus 
    • Brachioradialis 
    • Extensor carpi radilias brevis
  3. Whats does the long head of the biceps do to the humeral joint?
    It stabilizes the humeral head
  4. What kind of membrane and joint is the ulna and radius of the forearm?
    • A synovial membrane keeps the ulna and radius together 
    • This is called the intermediate radioulnar joint
  5. What carpal bone articulates with the 1st metacarpal joint ?
    The trapezium
  6. Where does the cephalic vein run ?
    runs up the arm in to the deltopectoral groove
  7. What does the brachial artery divide into ?
    The radial and ulnar artery at the level of the cubital fossa
  8. What is the glenoid labrum ?
    It i the cartilaginous structure that encircles the glenoid cavity
  9. Mmeumonic for axillary artery
    • Sixities teens love sex and pot 
    • Superior thoracic 
    • Thoracacromial which has 4 branches ( cadavers are dead people )
    • Lateral thoracic 
    • Subscapular  ( which has 2 branches : circumflex scap. and the thoracodorsal)
    • anterior C.H. 
    • posterior c.h.
  10. Is regards to the extension retinaculum where do the tendon pass?
    The tendons of the extensor muscles pass deep to the retaniculum.
  11. In regards to the Posterior compartment the superficial and deep muscle can be grouped into what functions?
    • The superficial muslces function in extending the wrist and the digits
    •  The deep structure supinate and extend specific digits
  12. How do you remember the structure and function of the serratus anterior muscles
    • Long hair Serita, she is 19 years old and She is SLT&D. 
    • She is a stripper  pro trackes because of her long hair and she is always sticking out her chest. 
    • innervation: long thoracic 
    • action: protract and upwardly rotate 
    • attachedment: medial border of the scapula  and ribs 1-9
  13. How do you remember the action of the pectoralis minor
    • He is a poopr minor, you tell her to be proactive ( protract) , but he is depressed.
    • p. minor protract and depressed the shoulder at the pectoral girdle.
    • aterial supplies are the thoracoacromial and the superior and lateral thoracic
  14. What is a dermatome
    region of skin that is innervated by a single spinal nerve at a single spinal level
  15. What dermatome innervated the thumb
    The thumb is c6 and rhe next two finger  ( digit 2 and 3) are c7 and so forth with digits 4 and 5
  16. After which structre and it borders does the axillary artery turn into the brachial artery
    after the later border of the teres major
  17. where does the ulnar collateral artery branch from
    The brachial artery
  18. What is the T2 intercostal space
    The tickle nerve , give sensory innervation to the arm pit
  19. How do you remember Rhomboid minor and major
    • Think of a pirate RRRRR
    • They both rotate and retract the scapula. 
    • The are both innervated by the dorsal scapula
    • and attached to the medial border of the scapula and spinous processes
  20. How to remember the innervation and actions of the elevator scapula
    • It elevates and retracts ( tilt glenoid ineriorly by rotating the scapula) the scapula 
    • it is attached to the transverse processes 
    • and the superior angle  of the scapula 
    • innervated by the dorsal scapular 
    • Dorsi always elevates her scapula whenever she feels inferior
  21. What are the most immobile types of joints?
    • The primary synchondroses 
    • The secondary are like the vertebral disc which have limited motion s
  22. Which are hypaxial muscles and which are epaxial ?
    epaxial muscles are those of the deep back for humans :

    • Humans - erector spinae, transversospinal muscles (multifidus, semispinalis and rotatores), splenius and suboccipital muscles.
    • epaxial is everything else
  23. Flexor digitorum profundus innervation and how to remember
    • What profound flex to be a a mixed kid, you have both of the main innervation of the anterior forearm 
    • Always going the extra mile
  24. How to remember the attachement of the lumbricals
    lumberjack jack is always flexing his profound tendons and
  25. Carpi attachment
    carpis are always attached to the base of the metacarpal
  26. Where do the entensors attach to
    all attach to the extensor expansions
  27. where do all longuses go
    They all do to the most distal phalanx
  28. brevises
    They all do to the proximal place on the phalanx
  29. Which of the anterior forearm muscles have two heads
    • pronator teres 
    • flexor digitorum superficialis 
    • flexor carpi ulnaris
  30. Which muscles are attached to the common extensor tendons
    • Chip double dipped cherry 
    • e. car. rad. brevis
    • e. digiti minimi
    • e. digitorum 
    • ex. carpi ulnaris
  31. The palmar interossei
    • only attach to 2,4,5 digit.
    • I can't believe that inderPam lived to 245
  32. Flexor digitorum superficialis memories
    • She is so superficial and two faced, she has two heads
    • she is too superficial to got the distance and that is why she split before making it to the distal phalanx. She stops at the proximal and splits
  33. How to remember the innervation for all the muscles of the hand
    • all of them are innervated by the deep branch of the ulnar except :
    • lumbrical 3 abd 4 and the thenar muscles
  34. how to determine the types of joints
    • it is in alphabetical order
    • gliding - radius joints 
    • hinge - ulnar joints 
    • pivot - both
  35. The Rotator cuff muscles are the sits muscles
    SIts muscles
  36. What attaches where on the humerus  and which muscles do ?
    latissimus attached to the floor of the inertubercles sulcus
  37. what does retract mean
    retracts is the same things as pulling the scapula back
  38. triangle of ausculatation
    • trap superiority 
    • lat inferiorly  
    • scapula laterally 
    • This is where you have less muscles
  39. where do they do spinal taps? and why?
    • L3-L5
    • spinal cord ends at L1-L2 so ththis will not hurt the spinal cord
  40. basilic vein where is it ?
    superficial vein that is close to the body  ( B for Basilic and body )
  41. what are the contents of the carpal tunnel
    • 4 tendons of FDs, 4 tendons of FDP, Median nerve and tendon of the flexor policis longus 
    • median is btwn FDP and FDS
  42. 1/2 LOAF
    • to remember that the first half of the lumbrical are innervated by the deep branch of the ulnar nerve 
    • the other half is the median nerve
  43. ulnar artery
    run on the ulanr side and under the ulnaris muscles which makes sense
  44. What are the contents of the carpal tunnel ?
    • (10 things)
    • 4 tendons from the flexor digitorum superficialis and FDP
    • 1 tendon from the flexor poilicis longus  and the median nerve
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