Chapter 6

  1. Automation
    Allows machines to do work previously accomplished by people.
  2. Compressed Work Week
    Allows a full time job to be completed in fewer than 5 full work days.
  3. Flexible Manufacturing Systems
    Use adaptive technology and integrated job designs to easily shift production among alternative products.
  4. Flexible Working Hours
    Give employees some daily choice in scheduling arrival and departure times from work.
  5. Job Characteristics Model
    Identifies five core job characteristics: Skill variety, Task identity, Task significance, Autonomy, and Feedback.
  6. Job Design
    Is the process of defining job tasks and the work arrangements to accomplish them.
  7. Job Enlargement
    Increases task variety by adding new tasks of similar difficulty to a job.
  8. Job Enrichment
    Increases job content by giving workers more responsibility for planning and evaluating duties.
  9. Job Rotation
    Increases task variety by shifting workers among jobs involving tasks of similar difficulty.
  10. Job Sharing
    Allows one full-time job to be divided among two or more persons.
  11. Job Simplification
    Standardizes tasks and employs people in very routine jobs.
  12. Motivating Potential Score
    Describes the extent to which the core characteristics of a job create motivating conditions.
  13. Permanent-Part Time Work
    Is permanent work for fewer hours than the standard week.
  14. Process Re-Engineering
    Analyzes,streamlines,and reconfigures actions and tasks to achieve work goals.
  15. Social Information Processing Theory
    Asserts that individual needs and task perceptions result from socially constructed realities.
  16. Sociotechnical Systems
    Integrate people and technology into high performance work settings.
  17. Telecommuting
    Is work at home or in remote locations using computer and telecommunications linkages with the office.
  18. Temporary-Part Time Work
    Is temporary work for fewer hours than the standard week.
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