1. BRP
    bathroom privileges only
  2. Hemiplegia
    paralysis of one side of the body only ( hemi-1 side)
  3. Lipoma
    growth of fat cells under the skin
  4. Dehiscence
    surgical complication in which a wound ruptures along a surgical incision
  5. WA
    While awake
  6. Phlebitis
    inflammation of a vein (it is- inflammation)
  7. NPO
    nothing by mouth
  8. Lithotripsy
    a medical treatment used to treat certain types of kidney, ureter, gall bladder or liver stones. Typically using ultrasound shock waves.
  9. AC
    before meals
  10. Ad lib
    as desired
  11. Ambulate
    walk, move about
  12. Photophobic
    light sensitivity; condition where bright light hurts your eyes (phobic- fear of, or avoidance of)
  13. Hemolysis
    blood cells breaking down ( Hemo-blood, lysis breakdown or rupturing), destruction of red blood cells(erythrocytes)
  14. Leukocyte
    White blood cells (WBC) ( leuko-white)
  15. Necrosis
    death of body tissue when too little blood flows to tissues
  16. Hepatomegaly
    abnormal enlargement of liver (hepat-liver, megaly- large)
  17. Oliguria
    production of abnormally small amounts of urine produced by the body (olig –too little, too few; uria-urine)
  18. PC
    after meals
  19. Dysphagia
    difficulty or discomfort in swallowing (dys-difficult, phagia swallow)
  20. BM
    bowel movement
  21. Hematuria
    blood in urine ( hema-blood, uria-urine)
  22. Empyema
    collection of pus in cavity of body, specifically in pleural cavity
  23. STAT
    immediately; as soon as possible
  24. Bradycardia
    abnormally slow heart beat; usually less than 60 BPM
  25. Bradypnea
    slow respiratory rate; 10 or less respirations
  26. Tachycardia
    a rapid heart rate, usually greater than 100 beats per minute(bpm).
  27. Tachypnea
    elevated respiratory rate, rapid and shallow breathing
  28. Hypotension
    abnormally low blood pressure
  29. Incontinence
    involuntary urination or defecation
  30. NKDA
    no known drug allergies
  31. NKA
    no known allergies
  32. OOB
    out of bed
  33. PRN
    as needed
  34. ROM
    range of motion
  35. Dysphasia
    deficiency in the generation of speech (dys-difficulty, phasia-speech)
  36. CBC
    complete blood count (lab)
  37. Dyspnea
    difficult or labored respiration (dys-difficulty, pnea respiration)
  38. C/O
    complains of
  39. Diastolic
    the blood pressure during that part of the heartbeat when the hearts ventricles are relaxing
  40. Disoriented
    confused as to time and place
  41. HS
    hours of sleep, bedtime
  42. Hypertension
    blood pressure remains abnormally high- 130-139mmHg systolic or 90mmHg or higher
  43. Dysuria
    difficulty or pain urination
  44. Emesis
  45. Gait
    manner of walking
  46. Nocturia
    is a condition where you have to wake up during the night because you have to urinate, at least two trips to the bathroom every night
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