1. what are the main contents of the axilla and how many are there?
    • axilla shealth 
    • brachial plexus
    • axillary vessels 
    • lymph nodes
    • lymphatic vessle
    • portions of 3 muscles
    • (6 ish)
  2. Brachial plexus
    • a network of nerves innervating the upper limb
    • The beging above the clavical and terminates inferolateraly to the
    • C5-T1
  3. Base of axilla
    skin and fascia of the armpit
  4. anterior wall of the axilla
    • defined by the anterior axillary fold
    •  pec. min. and pec. major and the clavipectoral fascia
  5. posterior wall of the axilla
    • defined by the posterior axillary fold
    • teres major, latissium dorsi ,subscapularis muscles
  6. Medial wall of the axilla
    The lateral thoracic wall, the serratus anterior muscle
  7. lateral wall of the axilla
    the intetubercular sulcus of the humerus
  8. axilla sheath
    • a thin layer of connective tissue arounding the axillary vessels and component of the brachail plexus
    • The sheath extends from the first rib to the teres major
  9. axillary vein
    • formed from the joining of the brachial and basilic vein
    • formed near the lateral border of the teres major
    • ends near the lateral border of the first rib at which point the cepahalis vein drains into it
    • medial to the cephalic vein drainage the axillary artery changes into the Subclavian vein.
  10. axillary artery
    • begins at the lateral border of the 1st rib
    • they run together with the axillary vein
    • and it is a continuation of the subclavian artery . 
    • it ends at the inferior border of the teres muscles where it turns into the brachial artery
  11. how many parts are there to the axillary artery and where are they?
    • there are 3 parts
    • the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!
    • 1st- later to the first rib and medial to the pectoralist minor 
    • 2nd: posterior to the pectoralis minor
    • 3rd: laterl to the pectoral minor and inferior to the teres major
  12. what is the branch of the first part of the axillary artery
    superior thoracic artery
  13. what are the branches  of the second part of the axillary artery
    • thoracoacromial artery 
    • lateral thoracic artery
  14. what is the special feature about the later thoracic artery?
    it is often called the lateral mamillary artery because in females it supplies the lateral portion of the breast
  15. Apex of axilla
    clavicle scapula and first rib medially
  16. Which arteries does the third part of the axillary nerve supply?
    • subscapular artery
    • posterior circumflex humeral artery
    • anterior circumflexhumeral artery
    • it has just as many branches as it part name
  17. Corocoid process
    • three muscles attach
    • pectorlais minot
    • coracobrachialis
    • short head od the biceps brachii
  18. Musculocutaneoua nerve
    • pierxces the coracobrachialis muscle .
    • It is the most lateral terminal branch of the brachial plexus
  19. What does the posterior cord of the brachial plexus give rise to ?
    • The upper and lower subclavian nerve
    • thoracodoral nerve
    • then terminates as the axillary and radial nerves
  20. What is special about the radial nerve?
    only sensory and motor nerve to the posterior compartment of the upper limb
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