GCC Class 1 Lesson 7 Quiz

  1. What is the name of the well-definedĀ plan that details the processes we would use to recover the IT infrastructure after it was destroyed by a hurricane?

    B. Disaster recovery plan (DRP).
  2. What policy should all network users fully understand and abide by to prevent viruses and malware from getting onto the network?

    C. Acceptable use policy (AUP).
  3. What term describes the inadvertent admission of an intruder through a locked door that an authorized key holder has opened?

    B. Tailgating.
  4. What term describes the act of enticing users to provide private or confidentialĀ information via email or a website?

    C. Single point of failure (SPOF).
  5. What term describes a system, function, or department that may fail and cause other systems, functions, or departments to fail?
    A. Pretexting.
    B. Peer-to-peer networking (P2P).
    C. Quid pro quo.
    D. Single point of failure (SPOF).
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GCC Class 1 Lesson 7 Quiz
GCC Class 1 Lesson 7 Quiz