GCC Class 1 Lesson 11 Quiz

  1. What attack classi􀃖cation includes an XSS attack?

    C. Code injection attack.
  2. What is the most secure device or system failure option?

    B. Fail-secure.
  3. To what item or application is a malicious add-on attached?

    B. Web browser.
  4. What is the term for the security measures put in place to scare off an attacker or to ward off an attack?

    A. Deterrence.
  5. Which of a system's log files contains entries on login or logout activities, including failed login attempts?
    Application log.
    B. Access log.
    C. Audit log.
    D. Security log.
    D. Security log.
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GCC Class 1 Lesson 11 Quiz
GCC Class 1 Lesson 11 Quiz