GCC Class 1 Lesson 10 Quiz

  1. Which of the following is not a common source of RF interference?

    B. Wireless network APs and device connectors from different manufacturers.
  2. What device can an attacker use to intercept data from network packets, such as usernames, passwords, MAC addresses, and SSID, to mount an active attack on a network?

    C. Packet sniffer.
  3. A basic wireless network is composed of three primary components: an access point, a wireless node, and what?

    C. An Internet gateway.
  4. What form of attack involves an attacker inserting a wireless device into a wireless network, intercepting messages between two network nodes, and transmitting altered or replaced messages?

    C. Man-in-the-middle attack.
  5. What is the wireless device that serves as the primary communications hub or switch on a wireless network in infrastructure mode?

    B. Network access point.
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GCC Class 1 Lesson 10 Quiz
GCC Class 1 Lesson 10 Quiz