GCC Class 1 Lesson 5 Quiz

  1. What is the term we use to describe the priority, from high to low, for capturing data on an affected device?

    C. Order of volatility.
  2. When performing forensic testing and analysis, which version of a suspected system's data should you always use?

    D. An exact copy or data image.
  3. What are the first objectives of a security incident first responder?

    D. Assess damage and control loss.
  4. Which type of data typically requires special software or hardware tools to capture?

    D. Latent data.
  5. To what list does forensic hashing compare the hash value of a document or file to determine if the file is unaffected?

    C. KFF.
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GCC Class 1 Lesson 5 Quiz
GCC Class 1 Lesson 5 Quiz