Attack types

  1. Direct attack?
    Straight or sold hose stream to base of fire.
  2. Indirect attack?
    Apply water to hot gases at the ceiling with straight or solid stream and sweeping back and forth.
  3. Indirect application of water?
    Interior temperature is rising, space getting ready to flash. Application from safer location to reduce thermal exposure.
  4. Combination attack?
    Employs both indirect attack and direct attack. When room nearing flash condition - indirect to ceiling then direct to fire.
  5. Transitional attack?
    Offensive, interior fire attack initiated by an exterior, indirect attack to cool and dampen down fire.
  6. Defensive operation
    FF move away from building or fire or from the exterior.
  7. FF move towards building or fire.
    When properly done has least amount of property damage
    Offensive attack
  8. Transitional fire attack?
    • Indirect attack from EXTERIOR.
    • Second team performs direct attack from INTERIOR.
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