Québec Expressions and Slang 2

  1. to take your time
    attendre que le curé se mouche

    *Literally: to wait for the priest to blow his nose
  2. to be snowed under
    avoir de la broue dans le toupet 

    *Literally: to have foam in your hair
  3. to wear pants too short
    avoir de l'eau dans la cave

    *Literally: to have water in the cellar
  4. to have your fly open
    avoir la fly à l’air

    *Literally: to have your fly in the air
  5. to have some nerve
    avoir du front tout le tour de la tête

    *Literally: to have a forehead all around the head
  6. to be a horny devil
    avoir de la mine dans le crayon

    *Literally: to have lead in one’s pencil
  7. to lose your temper
    avoir une montée de lait 

    *Literally: to have a milk rise (i.e. to be in lactation)
  8. to be at the end of your rope
    avoir son voyage

    *Literally: to have one's trip
  9. to strike while the iron is hot
    baiser le cul du diable quand il est frette

    *Literally: to kiss the devil's ass when it's cold
  10. period, end of story
    ça vient de s'éteindre

    *Literally: it's just gone out
  11. to have a hangover
    caller l’orignal

    *Literally: to call the moose
  12. to settle down, calm down
    se calmer le pompon

    *Literally: to calm one's pompom down
  13. to fight off sleepiness
    cogner des clous

    *Literally: to bang nails
  14. to lay somebody off
    donner son 4%

    *Literally: to give somebody his/her 4%
  15. to be quick off the mark (quick to do or start something)
    être vite sur ses patins

    *Literally: to be quick on one’s skates
  16. to hitch-hike
    faire du pouce

    *Literally: to make some thumb
  17. to be taken for an idiot
    se faire prendre pour une valise

    *Literally: to be taken for a suitcase
  18. to make a lot of noise
    faire du train

    *Literally: to make a train
  19. That's taking the piss! (taking liberties at the expense of others)
    Franchement Armand !

    *Literally: frankly Armand
  20. to bit about the bush (beat around the bush)
    niaiser avec la puck

    *Literally: to tease the puck
  21. holy shit, fucking hell
    osti de câlisse de ciboire de tabarnak

    • *Literally: Host of chalice of ciborium of tabernacle
    • (A highly blasphemous Quebec expression as each word of it refers to Christian rites.)
  22. to hold on tight
    ne pas lâcher la patate

    *LIterally: not to give up the potato
  23. to get punch drunk
    se paqueter la fraise

    *Literally: to wrap your strawberry up
  24. to talk through one’s hat (to speak without knowing the facts)
    parler à travers son chapeau

    *Literally: to talk through one’s hat
  25. to stay up all night
    passer la nuit sur la corde à linge

    *Literally: to spend the night on the washing line
  26. to show off
    péter de la broue

    *Literally: to blow from the foam
  27. to hang around
    se pogner le bacon/le beigne

    *Literally: to catch one's bacon/donut
  28. to snow heavily
    tomber des peaux de lièvres

    *Literally: to fall rabbit skins
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