B777 Fire Protection

  1. Cargo compartment fire detection is provided by ____.
    cargo compartment smoke detectors only.
  2. T OR F.
    The main wheel well fire system consists of fire DETECTION only
  3. If there are faults in both detector loops in the engine nacelle, ____ will be available.
    no fire or overheat detection will be available.
  4. The Cargo Fire Arm switches, when in the armed position, will do the following three things when triggered:
    Shutdown cargo heat

    Command packs to provide minimum airflow for pressurization

    shut down the Lavatory/Galley vent fans
  5. How many fire detection loops are installed on each engine?
    Two per engine.
  6. The engine dual loop system test occurs ____.
    Automatically, and it continuously monitors for faults .
  7. How many total fire bottles are there for both cargo compartments on a 777-200ER?
  8. When forward or aft cargo fires are detected ______ fire bottles
    IMMEDIATELY discharge
    2 immediately discharge
  9. What are the indications of an engine fire?
    • fire bell
    • Master Warning Light
    • EICAS message
    • fuel control switch fire warning light
    • engine fire handle illuminates and unlocks
  10. What are the engine overheat indications?
    • Caution beeper sounds
    • Master Caution Lights illuminate
    • EICAS message OVERHEAT ENG (L or R) is displayed.
  11. APU fire indications on the flight deck:
    • a fire bell
    • master warning light
    • EICAS message APU FIRE
    • APU fire switch warning light
    • fire switch unlocks
  12. When a cargo fire is detected:
    • The fire bell sounds
    • Master Warning Lights illuminate
    • CARGO FIRE (FWD or AFT) lights illuminate
    • EICAS warning message display
  13. The indications for a main wheel well fire are ____.
    • a fire bell
    • Master Warning Lights
  14. An Engine Fire Handle unlocks automatically for a fire warning or
    Fuel Control Switch is placed to CUTOFF
  15. T OR F.
    Smoke in the flight deck crew rest compartment or main deck crew rest compartments will cause an EICAS caution message on the 777- 200ER.
  16. What are the flight deck indications of smoke in the lavatory?
    An EICAS advisory message SMOKE LAVATORY or SMOKE LAV/COMPT is displayed
  17. On the ground with both engines shut down (UNATTENDED) an APU fire signal causes ____.
    • APU shut down
    • extinguisher bottle discharge automatically discharges
  18. If an APU fire is detected with one engine operating (ATTENDED), what should happen?
    • The APU shuts down
    • the fire switch must be pulled and the bottle discharged manually.
  19. The APU Fire Warning Horn in the nose wheel well will sound
    during ground operation for ____.
    APU Fire or Fire test
  20. On the -300ER, for an inflight cargo fire, how many Fire
    Discharger Bottles are discharged immediately.  After a
    time delay, how many bottles are discharged at a reduced rate?
    2 immediately / 4 reduced rate
  21. How many fire bottles total are there for both cargo compartments on a 777-300ER?
  22. What does an illuminated (red) Engine Fire switch indicate?
    • An engine fire is detected or
    • FIRE/OVERHEAT TEST switch is pushed
  23. T OR F
    The EICAS advisory message SMOKE LAVATORY is  Displayed if smoke is detected in a lavatory.
  24. T OR F
    The APU Fire switch illuminates if an APU fire is detected or
    when the FIRE/OVERHEAT switch is pushed.
  25. In the event of an engine fire, what is available for fire
    There are two engine fire bottles. One or both bottles can be discharged into either engine.
  26. What flight deck indications confirm that the APU fire
    extinguisher bottle is discharged or has low pressure?
    The APU BTL DISCH light illuminates and the EICAS advisory message BOTTLE DISCH APU is displayed.
  27. What occurs by pushing the FWD or AFT CARGO FIRE ARM switch?
    • Arms all cargo fire extinguisher bottles.
    • Arms the selected compartment extinguisher valve.
    • Turns off both recirculation fans.
  28. How does the Cargo Compartment Fire Detection System operate?
    The forward and aft cargo compartments each have smoke detectors. If smoke is detected in any zone, a fire warning occurs.
  29. T OR F
    The EICAS advisory message SMOKE LAVATORY is displayed if smoke is detected in a lavatory.
  30. What does an illuminated (red) Engine Fire switch indicate?
    An engine fire is detected or the FIRE/ OVERHEAT TEST switch is pushed
  31. What are the flight deck indications of a wheel well fire?
    The fire bell sounds, the master WARNING lights illuminate accompanied by an EICAS warning message FIRE WHEEL WELL.
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