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  1. When fighting a Class A fire with water, what are the best methods to use?
    • Straight Stream
    • Fog Pattern
  2. What are Class B fires normall extinguished with?
    • AFFF
    • Halon 1301
    • PKP
  3. What level of eye protection should be used when fighting a Class D fire?
    #6 lens
  4. How long should you wait to enter a space after CO2 has been discharged in it?
    15 minutes
  5. What are the three reasons for first aid?
    • Save a life
    • Prevent infection
    • Prevent further injury
  6. When giving first aid to a casualty, treat the most _____ condition first
  7. What is the correct order for applying the principles of first aid to an injured person?
    • life-threatening hemorarage
    • neck immobilization
    • breating
  8. The most effective technique for hermorrage control and the one that should be applied first is what?
    Direct pressure at the wound
  9. What is material condition circle Zebra?
    Fittings that may be left open during GQ for prolonged periods
  10. What is material condition william?
    Remained open at all times and only secured as necessary during CBR
  11. What is material condition circle william?
    Remained open at all times and have to be secured during CBR
  12. What is the RADIAC set TR uses onboard?
    AN/PDR-1 Radiac set
  13. What are the 5 things the AN/PDR-1 Radiac set consist of?
    • Headset
    • Handle
    • IM-265/PDQ RADIAC meter
    • DT-680/PDQ gamma/beta probe
    • Probe cable
  14. What self indicating dosimeter do we use onboard?
    IM-270 Self Indicating Dosimeter
  15. When is the IM-270 issued?
    During MOPP-2
  16. What must the IM-270 read when issued to the user?
  17. What if the IM-270 reads greater than zero or has no info?
    Do not issue it to user
  18. What are the 6 categories of military chemical agents?
    • Nerve
    • Blister
    • Blood
    • Choking
    • Riot control
    • Incapacitating
  19. How long do you run the DFU before taking a sample and what is the max it cant run past?
    • 15 minutes before sampleing
    • No longer than 12 hours
  20. At what time interval is it best to take samples from the DFU?
    4-6 hours
  21. How many individual test strips does the HHA come with?
  22. What does BRK stand for?
    Biological Response Kit
  23. What type of IPDS do we have?
    • IPDS-LR
    • Improved Point Detection System - Lifecycle Replacement
  24. What gas mask do we use with the JLIST?
    M-50 mask
  25. How many hours of protection does the M-50 gas mask provide?
    24 hours
  26. What type of filters and how many do we use for the M-50 gas mask?
    • M61
    • two
  27. What is the time patch used for on the M61 filter?
    To determine the life of the filter
  28. What color time patch can NEVER be used?
    Dark blue or blue
  29. What are the two wearing configuration for the gas mask?
    • waist belt config
    • should sling config
  30. How many decon stations are onboard?
  31. Where are individual items stored at to issue to the user during MOPP levels?
    In the JLIST suit
  32. Should you administer Atropine and 2PAM CL to a person who does not have nerve agent symptoms?
    No, Atropine overdose can kill
  33. What grade air is the SCBA cylinder charged with?
    Grade D air
  34. What PSI does the SCBA activate the end of life cycle on the vibralert?
    1,000 - 1,250 PSI
  35. What is the pressure gauge used for which is located on the harness assembly?
    To determine how much air is left
  36. What is the turn ratio to mount the regulator?
    1/4 turn
  37. What is the purge valve used for?
    To purge out air
  38. What is the Air Saver Switch used for?
    Prevents free flow air to the mask when not donned
  39. SCBA HUD: Two green LEDS
    indicated cylinder air pressure is full to 3/4 full
  40. SCBA HUD: One green LED
    indicates cylinder air pressure is 3/4 to 1/2 full
  41. SCBA HUD: One Yellow, slowly flashing LED
    indicates cylinder air pressure is 1/2 to 1/4 full
  42. SCBA HUD: One red rapidly flashing LED
    Indicated 1/4 cylinder pressure remains
  43. SCBA HUD: One red steady LED
    Indicates low battery
  44. What type of facemask is used with the SCBA?
  45. How many SCBA recharging stations do we have?
  46. What type of material is the SCBA bottle made of?
    Aluminum with a carbon filter outer shell
  47. When attaching the second stage regulator to the mask, the purge valve should start at ____ and rotated ____ when locking in place.
    • 12 oclock
    • 9 oclock
  48. What is the acceptable pressure difference in PSI allowed between the cylinder pressure gauge and the remote pressure gauge located on harness assembly?
    500 PSI
  49. What two things alert you of low pressure on the SCBA?
    • Vibralert
    • Heads up display
  50. What is a shole?
    A flat plate of wood or steel used to distribute pressure over a wide area
  51. When cutting a wedge, what is the determined length?
    No greater than 6x the butt thickness
  52. When measuring a wedge, how much of the wedge do you cut off after inserting it into the damage pipe?
    1/2" below the mark
  53. How far over the damaged area of the pipe do you place the rubber gasket?
    2 inches
  54. When wrapping the soft patch in marlin, how far past the gasket do you wrap the marling on both sides?
    1/2 inch
  55. Out of the 20 AFFF stations on the 2nd deck, how many supply to the flight deck?
  56. Where is CMWD activated from
    • PRIFLY
    • Bridge
    • 03 level
  57. What are the sizes of HALON cylinders?
    10/15/60/95/125 lb
  58. What color are the HALON tanks?
    red with 3" white stripe above 3" gray stripe
  59. What method of investigation is used to locate damage in tanks/voids?
    Soundings and the liquid load list
  60. Why is it important to have an up to date liquid load list?
    to know the level of tanks and voids prior to damage
  61. How are air test fittings used to investigate for damage?
    Loosen and listen for air escaping or water around pipe
  62. Air escaping from an air test fitting indicates what kind of damage?
    possible flooding
  63. What should be used of a sounding tape when sounding a fuel tank?
    water indicating paste
  64. What are the four principles of investigation?
    investigate thoroughly, cautiously, report quickly and clearly, repeat your investigation
  65. What should be used on a sounding tape when sounding a water tank?
  66. What is the accesss man's job?
    To open doors and etc and clear path for entry
  67. What equipment does the access man carry with him?
    • crowbar
    • sledge hammer
    • bolt cutters
    • PECU
  68. How is PKP used to extinguish fires in confied space?
    short burst as necessary
  69. Where should PKP be applied to a fire?
    At the base of the fire in a rapid swweeping motion
  70. What class of fire is PKP most effective on?
    Class B
  71. How can your protect yourself from heat with PKP?
    Short burst in the air will act as a shield
  72. What is the shelf life of AFFF?
  73. Can you use PKP and AFFF together?
  74. Will AFFF float on top of fuel?
  75. How many GPM should AFFF below decks be set to?
    95 GPM
  76. What pressure should the inlet of an eductor be?
    100 PSI
  77. How long does the 5 gallon AFFF barrel last?
    approx 1 minute
  78. How long does the HALON take to fully discharge?
    10 seconds
  79. How long does the non-rechargeable battery for the NFTI last?
    3.05 hrs
  80. on the NFTI the battery life indicator is made up of how many bars?
  81. How much time remains of the NFTI when the low battery indcator is activated?
    8-15 minutes
  82. What is the operation temp range for the NFTI?
    5F - 840F
  83. What is the burn rate for the cutting rods used with the PECU?
    30 inches per minute
  84. What should not be cut with the PECU?
    Pressurized or flamable pipes
  85. What provides the initial power to activate the PECU?
    a 12volt battery
  86. What is the maximum lift the P-100 can suck from?
  87. What size discharge hose is used with the ESP?
    2 1/2 inch non collapsable
  88. When must the ESP be primed?
    When a suction house a foot strainer is attached to the suction side
  89. Who permissiong must be obtained prior to using ventiallation to desmoke?
    Chief Engineer Officer
  90. What size air ducting can be used with the RAMFAN?
    8" to 10" with correct adapter
  91. What is the activating source of the RAMFAN?
    1 1/2 inch firehouse
  92. How many air changes are required in a compartment?
    4(95% of smoke laden air removed)
  93. What is the order of atmospheric test to be conducted after a fire?
    • Oxygen
    • Explosive
    • Toxic Gas
  94. What is the percentage of oxygen required to deem a space safe?
    19.5% - 22%
  95. Explosive gas test should be below what percentage of LEL to be considered safe?
    Below 10%
  96. What is done if a space is above 10% LEL for explosive gas test?
    Keep ventilating
  97. Who may conduct gass free test on a space?
    Gas Free Engineer (E-5 or above)
  98. What is the minimal distance conbustibles need to be removed from a primary boundary?
    12 inches
  99. How much bigger does the plug need to be when plugging a hole?
    2 inches bigger than the hole
  100. Any plug that is 10 inches or biggest should be ____
    Shored in or box patch
  101. What must be done to prevent cracks in bulkheads from spreading?
    drill 1/4 inch holes at the end of the crack and plug
  102. What piping systems are not recommended for soft patches?
    • high pressure steam
    • flamables
  103. How many layers of marlin is wrapped around the gasket for a soft patch?
    2 layers
  104. What is the purpose of using sand suring shoring?
    To provide a better grip for shores when surfaces are oly/slippery
  105. How much should shores be shortened to allow use of wedges?
    1/2 inch
  106. What are the three parts of a framing square?
    • tounge
    • body
    • heel
  107. What are the flow rates for the 1 1/2 inch vari nozzle?
    95 GPM - 125 GPM
  108. What is the widest angle achieved by the vari nozzle?
    90 degrees
  109. What chemical agents does the M-9 paper detect?
    • G and V Nerve
    • H and L Blister
  110. How should M-9 paper be stowed after it has been removed from its original shipping package?
    In a moisture-proof bag
  111. Once M-9 paper dispenser has been removed from the shipping bag, what must be recorded on the dispenser?
    The current date to determine it's useful life
  112. When posting M-9 paper, what precautions should be taken?
    Don't post near high temps, 160 or above
  113. What should be checked prior to opening a sampler-detector kit?
    The discard date listed on the samler-detector bag
  114. What should all CBR detections kits be protected from?
    • Excessive moisture
    • Wind
    • Direct sunlight
  115. Can the M-50 mask be worn in an oxygen deficient location?
    No, it does not provide oxygen
  116. What can be worn with the JLIST to enhance it's capabilities?
    wet weather gear
  117. How long will the gloves and boots worn with the JLIST protect the wear in a chemical environment?
    24 hours
  118. How many packets are in a RSDL decon kit?
  119. What department is responsible for the identification of bio warfare agents?
  120. What is the self aid for blood agent?
    don mask immediately and seek medical aid
  121. What is the self-aid for blister agents?
    eyes should be flushed with clean water ASAP, use the RSDL kit to decom skin
  122. Atropine and 2 pam cl are only used after exposure and symptoms of what chemical agent?
    Nerve agent
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