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  1. Who is the Damage Control officer?
    CDR Harry
  2. Who is the Damage Control Assistant? DCA
    LCDR Hoffman
  3. Who is the Assistant Damage Control Assistant? ADCA
    CWO2 Barfield
  4. Who is the ship's fire marshal?
    ENS Stephens
  5. What are the four stages of a fire?
    • Growth
    • Fully Developed
    • Flash over
    • Decay
  6. How many GPM and PSI is the P-100 pump rated at?
    • 100 GPM
    • 83 PSI
  7. How long does the P-100 pump last?
    2.75 hours
  8. What are the two standard hoses we have onboard?
    • 1 1/2 inch
    • 2 1/2 inch
  9. What does PECU stand for?
    Portable exothermic cutting unit
  10. What is the PECU used for?
    To access difficult spaces to combat fires or rescue personnel
  11. How is the PECU operated?
    • battery powered
    • oxygen driven
  12. What is the GPM of the nozzles inside the ship?
    95 GPM
  13. What is the GPM of the nozzles outside the ship?
    125 GPM
  14. What type of NFTI do we have onboard?
    K90 Talisman
  15. Can the NFTI see through glass?
  16. What are the two types of batteries used on the NFTI and their hours of operation?
    • Rechargeable - 4.85 hours
    • AA - 3.05 hours
  17. What two PKP sizes are onboard?
    • 18 lb
    • 27 lb
  18. What is the range and time limit of the 18 lb PKP bottle?
    • 19ft
    • 10 seconds
  19. What is the range and time limit of the 27 lb PKP bottle?
    • 21ft
    • 11 seconds
  20. What size CO2 bottles do we have onboard?
    15 lb
  21. What is the range and time limit of the 15 lb CO2 bottle?
    • 4-6ft
    • 45 seconds
  22. How many gallons does the portable AFFF hold?
    2.5 gallons
  23. What is the range and time limit of the portable AFFF?
    • 15ft
    • 55-65 seconds
  24. SCBA: What is the purpose of the 1st stage regulator?
    reduces the PSI down to 100 PSI
  25. SCBA: What is the purpose of the 2nd stage regulator?
    reduces the PSI down to .5 PSI
  26. How many fixed CO2 flooding systems to we have onboard and where are they?
    • 6
    • located in all flameable storerooms
  27. How do you activate the fixed CO2 flooding system?
    • Break Glass
    • Pull red T-handle until you see red on the cord
  28. What are the two lights indicating on the fixed CO2 flooding system?
    • White = power available
    • Red = system activated
  29. What are the two plugers for on the fixed CO2 flooding system?
    • 1st = alarms
    • 2nd = ventilation shut down
  30. How does the fixed CO2 flooding system combat fires?
    Displaces oxygen
  31. What is the HALON 1301 pressurized by?
  32. What two locations can you activate the HALON 1301 system?
    local and remote
  33. How do you activate the HALON 1301 system?
    • break tamper seal
    • pull pin
    • squeeze on the handle of the fixed 5lb CO2 bottle
  34. How many HALON 1301 stations do we have?
  35. What are the three plungers for the HALON 1301 system?
    • 1st - alarms
    • 2nd - ventialation shut down
    • 3rd - halon discharged
  36. If HALON 1301 is not discharging, what do you do?
    Activate by opening time delay bypass valve
  37. At what temperature does the Halon bottles decompose at?
    900 degress
  38. What two gases does HALON decompose into?
    • Hydrogen Bromide
    • Hydrogen Fluoride
  39. How does HALON 1301 combat a fire?
    breaks up the chemical chain reaction
  40. How long do you allow the HALON to soak for, for a good Halon discharge?
    • 15 minutes soak time
    • 15 minutes vetillation time
  41. What is the response time for the M-8 paper?
    20 seconds
  42. Where is the comparrison chart for the M-8 paper?
    Inside cover of the booklet
  43. What is the response time for the M-9 paper?
    10 seconds
  44. How many sample detectors are there in the M256A-1 kit?
    12 sample detectors
  45. What are the M-291?
    Charcoal sheets
  46. What is the purpose of the M-291?
    To clean personnel through physical removal, absorbtion, and neutralization
  47. For K type shoring to be effective, what angle do they have to be at?
    Between 65 and 90 degrees
  48. What is the soak time for the EWARP patch?
    20 seconds
  49. What is the cure time for the EWAP patch?
    30 minutes
  50. What are the two sizes of EWARP patches?
    • 2"x5'
    • 4"x15'
  51. What type of flooding is from space to space?
    progressive flooding
  52. Where is Repair Locker 2 located?
    Near female enineering berthing
  53. Where is Repair Locker 4 located?
    Aft of dispatch
  54. Where is Repair Locker 5 located?
    Near aft port side chow line
  55. Where is Repair Locker 3 located?
    Port side supply male berthing
  56. What are the duties of the Ship's Fire Marshal?
    • Overall incharge of the Rapid Reponse Team
    • Inspect for daily fire hazards, hot/cold work chits, and responsible for gas free engineering program
  57. Explain X-Ray material condition
    Condition is set when the ship is in almost no danger of attack or natural hazard
  58. Explain Yoke material condition
    Condition yoke is set and maintained at sea, when entering or leaving port during peacetime, in port during peacetime
  59. Explain Zebra material condition
    Set during general quarters and any time the ship is in danger such as that caused by fire or flooding
  60. If a fitting has to be left open, where should it be logged?
    The Closure Log and logged daily
  61. What are the three ways to tell if an EEBD has expired?
    • Ball bearing is missing
    • Guage is NOT in the green
    • Expiration date has passed
  62. What is the shelf life of the EEBD?
    15 years
  63. How many Hazard Secerity levels are there?
  64. What is Hazard Severity level I
    Catastrophic (death, loss of asset)
  65. What is Hazard Serveity level II
    Critical (severe injury or damage, significantly degraded mission capability)
  66. What is Hazard Severity III
    Marginal (minor injury or damage)
  67. What is Hazard Severity IV
    Negligible (minimal injury or damage)
  68. How many levels of Mishap Probability are there?
  69. What is Mishap Probability A
    Frequent - continuously experienced
  70. What is Mishap Probability B
    Likely - will occur frequently
  71. What is Mishap Probability C
    Occasionally- will occur several times
  72. What is Mishap Probability D
    Seldom - unlikely; can be expected to occur
  73. What us Mishap Probability E
    Unlikely - improbable; but possible to occur
  74. When will DCTT conduct a walkthrough before drill?
    One hour prior
  75. What closures can be opened/closed during GQ without requiring permission?
    Circle X and Circle Y
  76. What is the captain's battle circuit?
  77. What is the primary damage control circuit outgoing from DCC?
  78. What is the circuit for 1F, 1B, and 1A?
    3JZ, 3JZ2, 3JZ3
  79. What is the circuit for repair locker 2?
  80. What is the circuit for repair locker 3?
  81. What is the circuit for repair locker 4?
  82. What is the circuit for repair locker 5?
  83. What are the circuits for 7F, 7B, 7A?
    11JZ1, 11JZ2, 11JZ3
  84. What is the damage control intercom sys?
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