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  2. What is AFFF comprised of?
    Synthetically produced materials similar to liquid detergents
  3. What color is AFFF?
    Slight amber color liquid
  4. What is the mixture for AFFF?
    • 94% water or firemain
    • 6% AFFF concentrate
  5. What type of fire would you use AFFF primarily?
    Class Bravo
  6. Is AFFF better to use than water on Class Bravo fire?
    Yes due to it's penetrating characteristics
  7. What are the three things AFFF does to a fire?
    • 1. Forms a film on the surface of fuel which prevents escapes of vapors
    • 2. The layer of foam excludes oxygen from the fuel source
    • 3. The water content of the foam provides a cooling effect
  8. Name a few places where AFFF stations are installed
    • Machinery spaces
    • Fueled vehicle stowage spaces
    • Helicopter hangars
    • Landing platforms
    • Flight Decks
    • Hangar bays
    • Refueling station
    • Fuel pump rooms
    • Other compts. w/ flammables/combustibles
  9. How many AFFF stations are located onboard?
    20, 10port 10stbd
  10. How many gallons do the AFFF stations hold?
    600 gallons
  11. How is AFFF transfered to the AFFF stations?
    By using 2 reserve tanks located in the overhead of hangar bay 1 port side and hangar bay 3 stbd side
  12. How many gallons can the 2 AFFF reserve stations hold?
    3,500 gallons
  13. How much GPM are the reserve AFFF stations rated at?
    360 GPM
  14. How do the reserve AFFF stations fill the primary stations?
    Through use of gravity or transfer pumps
  15. How many AFFF transfer pumps do we have?
    • 2
    • 1 near fwd mess decks near station 6
    • 1 near DC office, near station 13
  16. What are the hand wheel colors for AFFF concentrate?
    Striped Red and Blue
  17. What are the hand wheel colors for AFFF Mixtures?
    Striped Red and Green
  18. What is the Sound Powered Phone circuit for AFFF stations?
  19. What are the three ways to light off an AFFF station?
    • SOPV
    • Push button
    • motor controller
  20. If unsure what valves to open and how to operate the AFFF station, what is provided at the station?
    EOSS information
  21. What does EOSS stand for?
    Engineering operating sequencing system
  22. What does SOPV stand for?
    Solinoid operated pilot valve
  23. How does the SOPV work?
    It is a 440v pilot valve that electrically activated system
  24. What are the two ways to electrically activate the SOPV?
    • Pushbutton
    • manually rotate a T handle
  25. How do you secure the master SOPV?
    Locally at the AFFF station
  26. How many control line ports are there on an SOPV?
  27. What are the 4 control line ports for SOPV?
    • 1. always connected to FM supply pressure
    • 2. Always connected to a drain pipe
    • 3 and 4. Are connected by control lines to diaphragm operated control valves or one will be plugged if not
  28. How are Hycheck/Powertrol/powercheck vavles connected to the SOPV?
    By the FM pressure control line
  29. What happens when the master SOPV is energized?
    The control line to the powertrol/powercheck is pressurized, which in turn opens the valve
  30. How is the powertrol valve normall held closed?
    by spring pressure
  31. What is attached to the bottom of a powertrol valve to prevent flow from sprinklers when testing AFFF?
    A test cap fitting
  32. Is the powercheck valve normally open or closed?
    normally closed
  33. What is the powercheck valve?
    Seawater pressure operated control valve
  34. What does the powercheck valve do?
    Allows only 4% off AFFF from the pump to be mixed with seawater in the venturi and prevents seawater contamination
  35. How does the powercheck valve prevent contamination?
    Valve disc holder and stem will slide to the closed position if back pressure downstream exceeds upstream side
  36. What do you use if there is no electrical power to light off the AFFF system?
    Utilize the T handle located insode the SOPV box
  37. What provides emergency power to the AFFF station?
  38. What is the Hycheck valve?
    Seawater pressure operated control valve that allows the flow of seawater from the firemain system to be mixed with AFFF concentrate
  39. What is the Hytrol valve?
    Seawater pressure operated control valve which controls the flow of AFFF solution to systems
  40. What are check valves used for?
    Installed to prevent return or back flow in pipes (one way only)
  41. Do check valves have handwheels or stems?
    No, they are automatically operated valves without handwheels or stems
  42. What is the purpose of the backpressure regulating valve?
    Balances the pressure for mixing ratio of FM to AFFF to achieve 94-6 and will open to divert flow overboard
  43. What is the purpose of the injection pump?
    To send the AFFF supply to the flight deck
  44. What is the injection pump GPM?
    60 GPM
  45. How many injection only stations are there?

    Book says that 16 stations provide to the flight deck
  46. What stations are the injection only stations?
    1, 2, 11, and 12
  47. What are the proportioning pumps designed for?
    Balancing (equalizing) the AFFF liquid pressure and firemain pressure at the entrance to the proportioner mixing chamber
  48. What GPM are the proportioning pumps rated at?
    65 GPM
  49. What valve automatically proportions the correct amount of AFFF conentrate with seawater?
    The balancing valve
  50. What type of hoses are used on the AFFF stations?
    Black non-collapsible rubeer hose
  51. What are the 4 types of spinkler heads?
    • flush deck
    • bilge
    • deck edge
    • overhead
  52. What are the flush deck spinklers designed for?
    To completely cover the flight deck areas for both CMWD and fire extinguishment
  53. Where are the panels for the flush deck sprinkler systems located at?
    • PRIFLY
    • Bridge
  54. How much GPM is provided for the flush deck sprinkler system?
    1,000 GPM
  55. What does the bilge sprinkler system do?
    delivers a blanket of foam over the protected area to vapor-secure pooled furl
  56. What does the deck edge sprinkling system do?
    Provided for helo decks, bomb farms, and elevators in order to assist flush deck nozzles
  57. Where are the overhead sprinlers provided at?
    • Hangars
    • Well ddecks
    • Fantails
    • Pump rooms
  58. Can H2S natuarally occur in AFFF?
    Yes, in already mixed stagnant solutions
  59. Whare are your two options to use AFFF in a space that isn't covered by an AFFF station?
    • AFFF extinguisher
    • In line eductor
  60. How many gallons does the AFFF extinguisher hold?
    2 1/2 gallons or a premixed solution of AFFF concentrate and fresh water
  61. How many lbs does the AFFF extinguisher weight when fully charged?
    28 pounds
  62. How many gallons of AFFF expanded is producted after using the extinguisher?
    16 gallons (ratio 6.5 to 1)
  63. What is the continuos discharge time for the AFFF extinguisher?
    45-60 seconds
  64. What is the initial range of the AFFF extinguisher?
    15 feet deminishing over time
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