304 Division Officer

  1. What does MFOM stand for?
    Maintenance Figure of Merit
  2. What is MFOM used for?
    To submit a CASREP
  3. According to what instruction would you submit a CASREP?
    NTTP 1-03.1
  4. How many catergories of CASREPs are there?
  5. According to NTTP 1-03.1, if mission essential equipment is not repaired in ____ hours, submit a CASREP.
    48 hours
  6. What is a CAT II CASREP?
    • Deficiency exists in mission essential equipment that causes:
    • minor degradtion in any PRIMARY mission
    • major degradtion or total loss in any SECONDARY mission
  7. What is a CAT III CASREP?
    • Deficiency exists in mission essential equipment that causes:
    • major degradtion but NOT loss in a PRIMARY mission
  8. What is a CAT IV CASREP?
    • Deficiency exists in mission essential equipment that:
    • is worse than a CAT III and causes a loss of at least one PRIMARY mission
  9. What are the 4 types of CASREPs?
    • Initial
    • Update
    • Correct
    • Cancel
  10. What is a CASREP (Initial)?
    The first report of a significant equipment casualty.
  11. When should a unit submit a CASREP after the occurance of a significant problem?
    Not later than 24 hours
  12. What is a CASREP (Update)?
    • Submitted due to a change or additional information is realized
    • Submitted when receipt of parts are received with 12 hours
  13. What is a CASREP (Correct)?
    Submitted when equipment reported by CASREP (Initial) is repaired and back to operational condition
  14. What is a CASREP (Cancel)?
    Submitted when equipment that has been the subject of a CASREP is scheduled to be repaired during an overhaul period or other scheduled availability
  15. How often should CASREPs be updated if there are no status change?
    Every 30 days
  16. What is the message of policy and guidance on CNAP/CNAL CASREPs?
    COMNAVAIRPLANT R161351Z May 13
  17. What is the instruction for Required Operational Capabilities (ROC)?
    OPNAVINST C3501.65
  18. ____ will provide guidance on mission areas for completing CASREPs on CVNs.
    Projected Operational Environment (POE)
  19. What are two things required to submit a CASREP?
    • SIPR access
    • MFOM account
  20. Where is MFOM located on the SIPR Net?
    On internet explorer share point home page
  21. What are the two methods to submit a CASREP?
    • Administrator
    • IRRI Messaging Service
  22. What method do we use to submit a CASREP?
    IRRI Messaging Service (IMS)
  23. What type of designated user account do you need in IMS to submit a CASREP?
  24. Once a CASREP is submitted to IMS, what is the next step?
    Submit finalized text file and hard copy to the Communications Watch Officer (CWO) in Radio for the CASREP to be released in message traffic
  25. What are the three tabs in MFOM that can be used to view CASREPs?
    • Main
    • Reports
    • Log Book
  26. What can you do on the "Main" screen on MFOM?
    Create a CASREP or search for a current CASREP
  27. What 4 ways could you utilized the search function on the "Main" screen of MFOM?
    • Draft
    • Finalized
    • Expired/Expiring
    • CASNUM
  28. What does the "Reports" screen in MFOM allow you to do?
    Run any of the 8 reports
  29. What does the "Log Book" screen in MFOM show you?
    List all CASREPs in the data base
  30. How do you edit a date time group on the "Log Book" tab in MFOM?
    Select the CASREP and then click the "pencil" icon at the end of the row to edit the DTG
  31. How do you edit a message memo on the "Log Book" tab in MFOM?
    Select the CASREP and then click the "Wrench crossing a screwdriver" icon
  32. How do you send a message manually on the "Log Book" tab in MFOM?
    Click the "Letter and envelope" icon
  33. How do you know if a message has been sent manually on the "Log Book" tab in MFOM?
    a "star" icon will appear
  34. How do you send a message via e-mail?
    In MFOMs, "Log Book" tab, click the "Send via IMA to" box to add recepient
  35. How do you print an entire log of message from the "Log Book" tab in MFOM?
    Select the CASREP and then click the "printer" icon
  36. What two things do you need to validate a PMS schedule in SKED 3.2?
    • 43P1
    • SKED 3.2
  37. How do you validate a PMS schedule in SKED 3.2?
    Utilize the 43P1 and match what you have in the binder with what you have in SKED
  38. How do you validate a FBR, ACN, Admin, and FR?
    Verify change documentation and ensure changes have been implemented in SKED and 43P1
  39. How do you validate equipment association?
    Verify in SKED under W/C Review tab that each item should have a CDMRIN attached to it connecting it with OMMS
  40. How do you verify equipment is in IEM status?
    Verify equipment in SKED is in IEM status and match it to the MEMO inside the 43P1. Date on MEMO must match SKED IEM start date
  41. How do you perform a weekly closeout?
    Click "File" - "View" - "workcenter" and click the "weekly closeout"
  42. What must you do before you perform a weekly closeout?
    • Verify the following are complete:
    • All checks marked off
    • Verify check notes and are in the correct format
  43. How do you know if you have a FBR to review?
    It will be listed in the Tasks upon logging in to SKED
  44. How do you approve a FBR?
    Log into SKED and select FBR tab. Upon all signatures, sign in SKED for FBR
  45. How are URGENT FBRs submitted in SKED?
    As CAT B (technical)
  46. How do you verify a CSMP?
    • Log in to OMMS, find the work center you would like to run a CSMP for
    • At the top, select reports, select CSMP report
    • Once rerport is ran, click the globe to print the CSMP
  47. What system is used to review and approve parts?
  48. Where on the sharedrive to you validate divisional MIPs against 3M coordinators split MIP log and master file?
    sharedrive\3M\3M Public\Split Mip File\FR x-xx-xxx. Open and review file
  49. Upon reviewing Split Mips, what do you do if you see "not in work center?"
    Get up and inform the other DIVO to add to DIV/WC
  50. How do you validate Divsional assessment checks? AP MIPS
    Naval Message DTG R 071709Z JUL 15 (AP line-out justification message)
  51. Who accomplishes AP checks?
    Outside activity
  52. Who is TYCOM?
    Three Star Admiral in charge of all carrier and naval aviation
  53. Who establishes MSC?
  54. What two offices is MSC split in to?
    • 3MC
    • MSC
  55. What program does 3MC run?
  56. What program does MSC run?
  57. What does MSC stand for?
    Maintenance Support Center
  58. What are PMS packages?
    periodic packages updated to refect changes in equipment/systems
  59. What 8 reports are in PMS packages?
    • ALID
    • PMS 5 report
    • PMS 4 report
    • PMS 4a report
    • PMS 22 report
    • Classified MRC to MIP report
    • PMS Service brief
    • Various 3M references
  60. When is the FR supposed to be finalized and if not, who designates a date?
    • First Monday of the new quarter
    • XO can disgnate a different date
  61. What are the 4 things the PMS master file is made up of?
    • Current PMS FR DVD/CD-ROM
    • LOEPs
    • MIPs
    • Locator cards for classified MRCs
  62. Who maintains the PMS master file?
  63. What does the PMS master file contain?
    Information relative to PMS requirements for specific equipment or which command is responsible
  64. What does ACN stand for?
    Advanced Change Notice
  65. Where do you log an ACN?
    On the change page
  66. What do Special Issue ACNs represent?
    A new MIP and at least one MRC
  67. What is the only section of an MRC that can be changed without a FBR?
    TPMTE block
  68. What are the three types of FBRs?
    • Non-Technical
    • Technical (Routine)
    • Urgent
  69. Who must approve lineouts issued by the WCS in regards to "if applicable?"
  70. What type of FBR would you submit for a split MIP?
  71. What is collaborative maintenance?
    When the MRC requires another WC resources to complete the maintenance
  72. Who long does MSC have to process a FBR?
    7 days
  73. Where are Catagory A and B FBRs sent to?
    • May also be screened by TYCOM
  74. How are Urgent FBR sent?
    Via Naval Message referencing CAT B FBR
  75. Who is responsible for circling a maintenance check when unaccomplished?
  76. What must a circled maintenance check, check note start with?
    • Either...
    • "Lost"
    • "Rescheduled"
    • "Deleted"
    • "Tag-out"
  77. What are the two classifications for PMS not covered by PMS?
    • MRS
    • NMR
  78. What does MRS stand for and what is it?
    • Maintenance Requirement Substantiated
    • Equipment has been reviewed by technical authority and has identified a maintenance requirement
  79. What does NMR stand for and what is it?
    • No Maintenance Required
    • Assigned to equipment only when no maintenance is required and normal house keeping actions are keeping the equipment in good operation
  80. If convience/conditional maintenance fails is it possible the parent MRC check can still pass?
  81. When is convinence/conditional maintenance scheduled?
    When equipment has met a predetermined condition and additional steps/maintenance required
  82. When is mandatory maintenance scheduled?
    When the MRC calls for it by applying the "#" next to pridicioty
  83. If mandatory related maintenance check fails would the parent check fail as well?
  84. What does the cent cymbol mean?
    Maintenance is accomplished by a higher authority
  85. What must you list on the check note for higher authority maintenance?
    • Company
    • JSN
    • SCD
    • etc
  86. If Test Equipment is called for in the proceedures or listed but not used in the MRC, what must you submit?
  87. Are MIPs tailored to a specific ship?
  88. _____ aid the WCS to identify which maintenance procedures apply to their specific equipment?
    Scheduling Aids
  89. Who is overall responsible for determining the status of IEM for equipment?
    Department Head
  90. Explain IEM Status I
    Inactive for 7 days or greater and will remain onboard, not scheduled for corrective maintenance or overhaul
  91. Expalin IEM Status II
    Inactive for 7 days or greater and will be removed from ship for overhaul or storage
  92. What if there is no IEM on a MIP series?
    Request assitance from TYCOM
  93. If WC has excessive SU maintenance, can they conduct the maintenance ahead of time and end the IEM period with a check note?
    Yes, check note date of actual accomplishment
  94. Who completes the status of IEM?
  95. What happens when you close out of an IEM period?
    Regular maintenance will populate
  96. What does OMMS stand for?
    Organizational Maintenance Management System
  97. What is a 2K form in OMMS?
    Work Candidate
  98. What is a CK form in OMMS?
    Configuration Changes
  99. What is the database in OMMS comprised of?
    APLs and AELs
  100. What is the primary source used to update OMMS database?
    Equipment validations
  101. What is a SCLSIS?
    Ship's Configuration and Logistical Support Information System
  102. What two systems does the SCLSIS bring together?
    • Ships configuration
    • Logistical support
  103. What network off ship does OMMS feed in to?
  104. Who manages the ships configuration?
    Configuration Manager
  105. What program combines OMMS and RSUPPLY under one network for higher commands access?
  106. What does CDMD-OA stand for?
    Configuration Data Manager Database
  107. What does ASI stand for?
    Automated Short Interface
  108. What 3 products does ASI process?
    • OMMS
    • SKED
  109. What is RADWEB?
    A website the 3MC uses to upload/download OMMS, RSUPPLY and SKED
  110. What is a CSMP report?
    A report scrubbed by the DIVO quarterly on material condition and parts outstanding
  111. What is HSC?
    • Hierarchical Structure Code
    • Another numbering system to ID systems and subsystems
  112. What does APL stand for and what is it?
    • Allowance Parts List
    • Technical documentation for individual equipment/components and their associated repair parts
  113. What does AEL stand for and what is it?
    • Allowance Equipage List
    • Technical documentation for various categories of equipage for Mechanical, Electrical and Ordnance
  114. What does LSD stand for and what is it?
    • Logistical Support Data
    • Administrative support documentation for a system/subsystem
  115. How often is INSURV done?
    Every 24 months
  116. What does INSURV stand for?
    Board of inspection and survey
  117. How are JSNs for INSURV labeled?
    Start with a "R" then 3 digit sequence number
  118. When closing a job in OMMS what must the WCS do under parts?
    • Verify "last record type" meets the following conditions
    • Received
    • Issued
    • Cancelled
    • Total Requisitioned
  119. What 7 status' can the WCS not be able to close out a job when checking the parts tab?
    • Referred
    • In-Process
    • Procured
    • Direct Delivery
    • Requisitioned
    • Suspended
    • Issue Pending
  120. What is a PMS Force Revision?
    A periodic update/revision to the planned maintenance system
  121. How often are Force Revision issued?
    • 4 times each year
    • once each quarter
  122. What months are Force Revision implemented?
    • Jan
    • April
    • July
    • October
  123. What information would you find on a LOEP?
    • Effective Date
    • Work Center
    • UIC
    • MIPS and Nomencalture
    • Force Revision Number
  124. What information would you find on a change page?
    • FBR
    • ACN
    • FR
  125. What is the scheduling periodicity of a "monthly" check?
    Interval of every 3 to 6 weeks following last accomplishment
  126. What is the scheduling periodicity of a "quarterly" check?
    Interval of every 2 to 4 months following last accomplishment
  127. What is the scheduling periodicity of a "semi-annual" check?
    Interval of every 4 to 8 months following last accomplishment
  128. What is the scheduling periodicity of a "annual" check?
    Interval of every 3 to 5 quarters following last accomplishment
  129. What is the scheduling periodicity of a "2M" check?
    Interval of every 2nd month
  130. What is MCF?
    PMS Maintenance Cofidence Factor
  131. What is PPR?
    PMS Performance Rate
  132. What two factors are used to determine/compute PPR?
    the RAR and ACF
  133. What does CSMP stand for?
    Current Shipts Maintenance Project
  134. What information in contained on a CSMP?
    • Work center
    • Deferral date
    • JSN
    • Type Availability
    • Equipment
    • Summary of problem
    • Cause of failure/problem
    • Remarks
  135. How many priorities are there for deferred JSNs and how are they assigned?
    • 4 (1 Mandatory, 2 Essential, 3 Highly Desireable, 4 Desirable)
    • Categories 1, 2, and 3 are reserved for CASREPs
  136. What must be states in the "CSMP Summary" field of a work candidate?
    Must ALWAYS state the problem
  137. How often should the CSMP be revied by the WCS and Divo?
    Reviewed weekly at a minimum
  138. What is a "pre-transmittal review?"
    A review conducted by supervisors and forwarded deferred maintenance action to higher levels
  139. What are some of the actions that can be done using "pre transmittal review?"
    • Review
    • Screen
    • Reject
    • Approve
    • Forward
    • Bypass MDS Forms
    • **JSNs can also be changed/corrected**
  140. Who is the ships 3M manager?
    The XO
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