1. What is the QA/Maintenance Program?
    • ALREMP. Provides an integrated system for performing maintenance and related support functions on ship's installed aircraft launch and recovery systems and associated peripheral support systems and equipment
    • *Collect, analyze, and use data to effectively improve material condition*
  2. What will a properly implemented maint program insure?
    The safety, maintenance, integrity, effectiveness and performance of equipment
  3. What is the Tool Control Program?
    Provides a rapid means to rapidly account for all tools following completion of a maintenance task, thus reducing the potential for FOD
  4. What is the Ground Support Equipment Program?
    Ensuring a certain percentage of personnel remain qualified for each work center to operate 6k and 20k fork lifts and tractors. 10% of each work center will be qualified
  5. What is the METCAL Program?
    Provides for calibration and repair facilities to ensure optimum performane of precision measuring equipment
  6. Where is the master 350 kept for the calibration program?
    Maintenance Support
  7. What is listed on the 350 report?
    • Calibration equipment
    • Dates last calibrated
    • Calibration expirations
    • serial #s
  8. Where do you report safety mishaps to?
  9. What is the concept of QA?
    The prevention of the occurance of defects
  10. What is the Safety Program?
    Program which seeks to identify and eliminate hazards whereever and whenever they are found
  11. Who is overall in charge of Safety for the QA Program?
    Quality Assurance Supervisor
  12. What is the electrical safety program?
    Use of tagout proceedures and seeks to identify and eliminate electrical hazards
  13. What is the safety tagout program?
    Reduce/eliminates damage to personnel or equipment
  14. What are the 3 QA inspections?
    • Receiving/screening
    • In-process
    • Final inspections
  15. Describe the receving/screen inspection:
    • Usually coducted by a CDI
    • Verifying ADMIN, Tools, Materials and checking parts against the DPL
  16. Describe the in-process inspection:
    Verifying proper proceedures are being followed and controling the work site by making sure personnel are FOD free and accounting for everything including tools
  17. Describe the Final inspection:
    Ensure everything is correct and work site is free of FOD.
  18. Who conducts a function test?
    CDQAI or QAI will be available if a function test is required
  19. What are the 3 types of audits?
    • W/C Audit
    • Special Audit
    • TYCOM Audit
  20. What is audited during a W/C audit?
    • Personnel skills and quals
    • MI's
    • Calibration
    • Space Conditions
    • Log and records
  21. What is an Audit?
    Periodic evaluation of details, plans, policies, procedures, products, directives, and records encompassed in the ALREMP program
  22. What is a W/C Audit and how often is it conducted?
    • Audit on the overall quality performance of each work center
    • Conducted quarterly
  23. What is a Special Audit and how often is it conducted, by who?
    • Conducted to evaluate a specific maintenance task, process, procedure, or program (know defects)
    • Conducted on an unscheduled basis
    • Directed by Maintenance Officer or QAS
  24. What is a TYCOM Audit?
    • ALREMP inspection
    • Conducted at least once during work up cycle or prior to deployment
  25. What is the Tech Pub Library and who maintains it?
    QA maintains for the Division. Ensures all tech manuals and directives are up to date
  26. What is the Flight Safe Program?
    Ensures that critical ALRE parts, installation, and overhaul process receive the degree of quality control necessary to maintain safe and efficient ALRE operations

    Deals with CSI (critical safety items)
  27. What is NDI?
    • Non-destructive inspection
    • The practice of evaluating a part or sample of material without imparing it's usefulness
  28. What is FOD?
    • Foreign Object Damage
    • All hands responsibility
    • Preventing FOD while operating, conducting maintenance, or working in ALRE spaces/flight deck
  29. What is the ALRE Maintenance Officers job?
    Responsible to the Catapult and Arresting gear officer for conducting ALRE maintenance and upkeep
  30. What is the Quality Assurance Supervisors job?
    Responsible to the ALRE Maintenance officer for the overall quality of maintenance within the Division
  31. What is the Work Center Group Supervisors job?
    Manages more than one work center and are responsible for maintenance of all systems and equipment assigned to those work centers
  32. What is the Commanding Officers job IAW QA?
    Ultimate responsibility for ALRE readiness and delegates duties to the Air Officer
  33. What is trend analysis?
    Use of administrative documents and reports to track discrepancies or maintenance work flow.
  34. What are the prerequisites to be CDQAI qualified?
    • E-6 or above
    • WCS qualified
    • Grad from ALRE QA Admin Course
    • Demonstrate knowledge of particular equipment to be inspected
  35. Who designates a CDQAI in writing?
    The Commanding Officer
  36. What are the two types or QAIs?
    • QAI - Work in Quality Assurance
    • CDQAI - Remains in work center
  37. What is the ALRE Maintenance Instruction program?
    Implements policies and guidelines for quality control directed from maintenance officer
  38. What are the 4 types of discrepancy reports?
    • EI - Engineering Investigation
    • HMR - Hazardous Material Report
    • PQDR - Product Quality Deficiency Report
    • TPDR - Tech Pub Deficiency Report
  39. What are the primary reasons to submit an ALRE discrepancy report?
    When a hazardous situation exist, material and publications deficiencies, or improper QA procedures
  40. What are the 4 most important chapters for the ALRE manual as a CDQAI?
    • Ch7. Special Programs
    • Ch9. Maintenance Control
    • Ch10. Material Control
    • Ch11. Quality Assurance
  41. What is the 4790/160?
    ALRE Maintenance Action Form
  42. What is the 4790/180?
    • ALRE Maintenance Action Form Card
    • (MAF Card)
  43. What do you do if you find fluid contamination?
    Flush system and send to Lakehurst
  44. How long is a work package from QA good for?
    7 days
  45. Can an E-5 be a CDQAI?
    Only under special circumstances w/ approval from TYCOM for 90 days
  46. Can an E-4 or below be a CDQAI?
  47. What is trend analysis?
    Procedures for determining a need, how to review and screen and use as a management tool
  48. How do you screen for trend analysis?
    • Check MAF for history, pre-op sheets
    • investigating the cause of a specific mishap
    • pin point any issue
  49. What is the ALRE Inspector qualification program?
    • MI-08
    • QAS instruction of the CDI and CDQAI qualification process
  50. What 3 important things are listed on the DPL?
    • P/N
    • NIIN
    • Contract Number
  51. If all criteria is exactly the same in the DPL as the part, what do you do?
    Follow the remarks
  52. What do you check before installing a new part?
    The DPL, Discrepant Parts List
  53. How often are QA walkthroughs conducted?
    • Inport - Weekly
    • Out to sea - Daily before flight ops
  54. How often are MIs reveiwed by BOSN?
  55. Can you submit an HMR for new or newly reworked material?
  56. Why do you submit an HMR?
    To report material defeciencies, if not fixed could result in death or injury to personnel or damage to equipment/aircraft
  57. When do you submit an HMR?
    Within 24 hours
  58. What is the timeline for an HMR?
    • 1 day - discovery
    • 3 days - go or no go
    • 4-8 days - follow up
    • 30 days - final response
  59. What is an Engineering Investigation?
    To investigate if mishap was equipment or operational error
  60. What is the timeline for an EI?
    • 1 day - discovery
    • 3 days - go or no go
    • 30 days - final response
  61. What is JDRS?
    • Joint Deficiency Reporting System
    • A website designated to initiate, process and track deficiency reports
  62. How do you validate a members security clearance?
    Use RADM
  63. What is a CASREP?
    A Casualty Report to request technical assistance, parts or both
  64. How do you generate a CASREP?
    • Type message in QA
    • Transmit message in Maintenance Office
    • Print from RADIO
    • Take printout to S-6 and MSC if parts are needed
    if parts were received and close out with supply
  66. CASCORR?
    The actual resolution to the CASREP
  67. When do you submit a Deviation from normal opeartions?
    Within 24 hours of discovery
  68. When can you proceed work past the inspection phase?
    When the QA inspection has been completed
  69. Who signs the inspected by block of a MAF?
    The QA inspector who inspected the work
  70. What are the 8 programs managed by QA? (Not special programs)
    • QA Audit Program
    • Tech Pub Librarian
    • Safety Programs (including electrical safety)
    • Foreign Object Damage
    • Tag Out Program
    • Calibration Program
    • Tool Control Program
    • QA Standards and Qualification programs

  71. ALRE MAF CARD: Blue
    • Limited-approaching hit limit
    • marginal capability
  72. ALRE MAF CARD: Red
    Equipment down
  73. ALRE MAF CARD: No color
    Routine maintenance
  74. ALRE MAF CARD: Black line across all priority sections
    completed, inspected, and only awaits a functional check
  75. ALRE MAF CARD: Green
    Maintenance support required
  76. ALRE MAF CARD: Yellow
    QAI, CDQAI required
  77. What are the 7 sections on an ALRE MAF?
    • INFO
    • Deferral action
    • Completed action
    • Remarks/Description
    • Additional ALREMP info
    • Material Control
    • ALRE Tool Control
  78. How long are MAFs retained for?
    • 1 year for correctice and all others
    • Most recent for PMS
  79. The achievement of QA depends on ____, ____, and ____.
    • Prevention
    • Knowledge
    • Special Skills
  80. What are ALRE QA Cards?
    Cards for each workcenter that contain guidance for conducting QA inspections for certain preventive and corrective maintenance
  81. How often are MIs updated?
    Every 90 days
  82. What is a CAT I report?
    A discrepancy that will affect safety of personnel including causing injury or death; cause loss or major damaage to a weapon system; or impair the combat efficiency of an individual or organization
  83. What is a CAT II report?
    Any dicrepancy that does not meet the criteria for CAT I
  84. Can you combine and ALRE PQDR with an EI or HMR?
  85. What page is the ALRE Discrepancy Reports Matrix listed?
  86. What are the 10 special programs managed by QA?
    • FOD Prevention Program
    • METCAL Program
    • ALRE Discrepancy Reporting Program
    • Tool Control Program
    • Corrosion Prevention and Control Program
    • NDI Program
    • Configuration Management Program
    • Flight Safe Program
    • DPL Program
    • Automated Shot and Recovery Log Program

  87. Learn the following:
    • FWP
    • CWP
    • Deviation from normal operation
    • Departure from specifications
  88. Name a few items audited during a WC audit.
    • Personnel Skills
    • Tech pubs
    • MIs
    • Adherence to directives
    • Calibration
    • Use of PME
    • Certifications
    • Accuracy of logs
    • Material Control
    • Corrosion Control
    • FOD prevention
    • Tool compliance
    • Tagout compliance
  89. How are tech pubs kept up to date?
    • Printed from the: JKCS - NATEC
    • Joint Knowledge Caching Server or
    • Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Service Command
  90. Check out Tech Pub process
    • CDI notifies QA of required tech pub
    • CTPL prints from web
    • Document stamped and given expiration of 7 days
  91. What is a departure for specifications?
    When the need arises to differ from given instructions. A report must be submitted.
  92. What are the two departure from specifications categories?
    Minor and Major
  93. What is a minor departure from specifications?
    When the departure does not pose a threat to the safety of flight operations. COs can grant this. Must follow up with message to TYCOM.
  94. What is a major departure from specifications?
    A departure that could jeopardize safety of flight operations. Must be granted by TYCOM.
  95. Where is the QA stamp number for a CSI component recorded on a MAF?
    Block 35
  96. Describe a QA stamp for a CSI.
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