303 WCS

  1. Who is TYCOM?
    Three Star Admiral in charge of all carrier and naval aviation
  2. Who establishes MSC?
  3. What two offices is MSC split in to?
    • 3MC
    • MSC
  4. What program does 3MC run?
  5. What program does MSC run?
  6. What does MSC stand for?
    Maintenance Support Center
  7. What are PMS packages?
    periodic packages updated to reflect changes in equipment/systems
  8. What 8 reports are in PMS packages?
    • ALID
    • PMS 5 report
    • PMS 4 report
    • PMS 4a report
    • PMS 22 report
    • Classified MRC to MIP report
    • PMS Service brief
    • Various 3M references
  9. When is the FR supposed to be finalized and if not, who designates a date?
    • First Monday of the new quarter
    • XO can disgnate a different date
  10. What are the 4 things the PMS master file is made up of?
    • Current PMS FR DVD/CD-ROM
    • LOEPs
    • MIPs
    • Locator cards for classified MRCs
  11. Who maintains the PMS master file?
  12. What does the PMS master file contain?
    Information relative to PMS requirements for specific equipment or which command is responsible
  13. What does ACN stand for?
    Advanced Change Notice
  14. Where do you log an ACN?
    On the change page
  15. What do Special Issue ACNs represent?
    A new MIP and at least one MRC
  16. What is the only section of an MRC that can be changed without a FBR?
    TPMTE block
  17. What are the three types of FBRs?
    • Non-Technical
    • Technical (Routine)
    • Urgent
  18. Who must approve lineouts issued by the WCS in reguards to "if applicable?"
  19. What type of FBR would you submit for a split MIP?
  20. What is collaborative maintenance?
    When the MRC requires another WC resources to complete the maintenance
  21. How long does MSC have to process a FBR?
    7 days
  22. Where are Catagory A and B FBRs sent to?
    • May also be screened by TYCOM
  23. How are Urgent FBR sent?
    Via Naval Message referencing CAT B FBR
  24. Who is responsible for circling a maintenance check when unaccomplished?
  25. What must a circled maintenance check, check note start with?
    • Either...
    • "Lost"
    • "Rescheduled"
    • "Deleted"
    • "Tag-out"
  26. What are the two classifications for PMS not covered by PMS?
    • MRS
    • NMR
  27. What does MRS stand for and what is it?
    • Maintenance Requirement Substantiated
    • Equipment has been reviewed by technical authority and has identified a maintenance requirement
  28. What does NMR stand for and what is it?
    • No Maintenance Required
    • Assigned to equipment only when no maintenance is required and normal house keeping actions are keeping the equipment in good operation
  29. If convience/conditional maintenance fails is it possible the parent MRC check can still pass?
  30. When is convinence/conditional maintenance scheduled?
    When equipment has met a predetermined condition and additional steps/maintenance required
  31. When is mandatory maintenance scheduled?
    When the MRC calls for it by applying the "#" next to pridicioty
  32. If mandatory related maintenance check fails would the parent check fail as well?
  33. What does the cent cymbol mean?
    Maintenance is accomplished by a higher authority
  34. What must you list on the check note for higher authority maintenance?
    • Company
    • JSN
    • SCD
    • etc
  35. If Test Equipment is called for in the proceedures or listed but not used in the MRC, what must you submit?
  36. Are MIPs tailored to a specific ship?
  37. _____ aid the WCS to identify which maintenance procedures apply to their specific equipment?
    Scheduling Aids
  38. Who is overall responsible for determining the status of IEM for equipment?
    Department Head
  39. Explain IEM Status I
    Inactive for 7 days or greater and will remain onboard, not scheduled for corrective maintenance or overhaul
  40. Expalin IEM Status II
    Inactive for 7 days or greater and will be removed from ship for overhaul or storage
  41. What if there is no IEM on a MIP series?
    Request assitance from TYCOM
  42. If WC has excessive SU maintenance, can they conduct the maintenance ahead of time and end the IEM period with a check note?
    Yes, check note date of actual accomplishment
  43. Who completes the status of IEM?
  44. What happens when you close out of an IEM period?
    Regular maintenance will populate
  45. What does OMMS stand for?
    Organizational Maintenance Management System
  46. What is a 2K form in OMMS?
    Work Candidate
  47. What is a CK form in OMMS?
    Configuration Changes
  48. What is the database in OMMS comprised of?
    APLs and AELs
  49. What is the primary source used to update OMMS database?
    Equipment validations
  50. What is a SCLSIS?
    Ship's Configuration and Logistical Support Information System
  51. What two systems does the SCLSIS bring together?
    • Ships configuration
    • Logistical support
  52. What network off ship does OMMS feed in to?
  53. Who manages the ships configuration?
    Configuration Manager
  54. What program combines OMMS and RSUPPLY under one network for higher commands access?
  55. What does CDMD-OA stand for?
    Configuration Data Manager Database
  56. What does ASI stand for?
    Automated Shore Interface
  57. What 3 products does ASI process?
    • OMMS
    • SKED
  58. What is RADWEB?
    A website the 3MC uses to upload/download OMMS, RSUPPLY and SKED
  59. What is a CSMP report?
    A report scrubbed by the DIVO quarterly on material condition and parts outstanding
  60. What is HSC?
    • Hierarchical Structure Code
    • Another numbering system to ID systems and subsystems
  61. What does APL stand for and what is it?
    • Allowance Parts List
    • Technical documentation for individual equipment/components and their associated repair parts
  62. What does AEL stand for and what is it?
    • Allowance Equipage List
    • Technical documentation for various categories of equipage for Mechanical, Electrical and Ordnance
  63. What does LSD stand for and what is it?
    • Logistical Support Data
    • Administrative support documentation for a system/subsystem
  64. How often is INSURV done?
    Every 24 months
  65. What does INSURV stand for?
    Board of inspection and survey
  66. How are JSNs for INSURV labeled?
    Start with a "R" then 3 digit sequence number
  67. When closing a job in OMMS what must the WCS do under parts?
    • Verify "last record type" meets the following conditions
    • Received
    • Issued
    • Cancelled
    • Total Requisitioned
  68. What 7 status' can the WCS not be able to close out a job when checking the parts tab?
    • Referred
    • In-Process
    • Procured
    • Direct Delivery
    • Requisitioned
    • Suspended
    • Issue Pending
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