Soci #3

  1. Sex
    The biological distinction between m and f
  2. Gender
    Expectations and behaviors associated thru sexual category- thru socialization
  3. Gender stratification
    Unequal distribution of wealth power and privilege bw m and f
  4. Matriarchy
    Society where females dominate males
  5. Patriarchy
    Where males dominate females
  6. Sexism
    Belief that one sex is superior to the other
  7. Discrimination
    Behavior where one group denies rewards or resources to another
  8. Institutional prejudice
    Unfair generalization about an entire category of people built into society
  9. Active bigot
    Prejudices and discriminates
  10. Timid bigot
    Prejudices but not discriminating
  11. Fair weather liberal
    Non prejudiced person who discriminates
  12. All weather liberal
    Believes in equal treatment for all
  13. All weather liberal
    Believes in equal treatment for all
  14. Discriminating and prejudice
    Prejudice can be had without discriminating
  15. Individual discrimination
    One on one acts from dominant members of a group towards ones in subordinate groups
  16. Institutional discrimination
    Day to day practices of organizations and institutions that harmfully impact subordinates
  17. Institutional discrimination
  18. Race
    Physical characteristics are important

    Skin tone
  19. Ethnicity
    Shared culture (Hispanic)
  20. Minority
    Category of people distinguished by physical or cultural differences- distinct identity
  21. Race and ethnicity
    Race is biological ethnicity is ancestors language religion
  22. How is race socially constructed
    • It’s not a biological thing
    • Language, name, culture
  23. Stereotype
    Exaggerated descriptions applied to people in some category
  24. Racism
    Belief that one race is surperori to another
  25. Scapegoat
    Person or category of people unfairly blamed for troubles
  26. Wage gap
    Overall income difference between women and men in workplace
  27. Four theories of prejudice
  28. Second shift
    Artie hochschild. Women have to work twice doing work for money outside the house and child care inside
  29. White collar
    Jobs that require college degree and advanced training. Desk job
  30. Blue collar
    Require less skilled or unskilled manual labor
  31. Pink collar
    Service jobs dominated by women
  32. Wage gap in 2017
    80.5% of what men get paid
  33. Merton
    • Deviance and functionalism
    • Strain theory
  34. 5 feminist ideas
    • Action
    • Expanding choice
    • No stratification
    • End sexual violence
    • Sexual freedom
  35. 4 theories of prejudice
    • Scapegoat-blame in disadvantaged
    • Authoritarian personality-people w little education r more likely
    • Culture-prejudice rooted in culture
    • Conflict-it is a tool used by the powerful to control
  36. Institutional discrimination
    Brown vs board
  37. Agents of socialization
    • Family- Most important; principle socialized of children
    • Peer group-roughly equal age and social charactersitics
    • School-intentional and unintentional socialization
    • Mass media-information with no personal contact
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