CRrabas saldas

  1. What is the base of the House salad
    Romaine, shredded red cabbage and carrots, sliced radishes and peppercini, 2 KALMATA OLIVES
  2. What is the base of the Italian salad
    Romaine, mixed greens, shredded carrots, red and yellow grape tomato halves, red onions, 2 KALMATA OLIVES
  3. What is the base of the Caesar salad
    Romaine, croutons, Parmesan cheese
  4. What dressing goes on house salad and what is in it?
    Creamy parm (PAGE-T) Parmesan, anchovies, garlic, eggs, tarragon
  5. What dressing goes on Italian salad and what's in it?
    Italian vinaigrette (HERO) herbs, eggs, Romano cheese, olive oil
  6. What dressing goes on Caesar salad and what's in it?
    Caesar (PAGE) Parmesan, anchovies, garlic, eggs
  7. How are croutons made?
    Ciabatta style bread baked with rosemary and olive oil
  8. Salas's can be served with ________ crumbles for upcharge
  9. What is entree Caesar salad
    Large version of Caesar with choice of chicken or shrimp
  10. What is Johnny Rocco base
    Romaine and mixed greens tossed with Romano in Itl vin.
  11. What goes on top a Johnny Rocco
    Roasted red bell peppers, olives, ricotta salata cheese, 4 shrimp and 4 scallops
  12. Describe minestrone soup
    Italian vegetable soup of vegetable stock, vegetables, beans, and herbs.
  13. How big are the soup cups in relation to soup bowls
    • Cups- 8oz
    • Bowls- 16oz
  14. Describe the chicken soup
    Chicken soup with chicken, vegetables, black pepper, and small tube pasta. Has KICK
  15. Describe sausage and lentil soup
    Lentil bean soup with Italian bacon (pancetta) and fennel sausage. Has KICK
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