Psych Test 1

  1. Aristotle suggested that a meal makes us sleepy by causing heat to collect around the
  2. Looking inward and reporting your immediate sensations, images, and feelings is called
  3. William James was a prominent American
  4. The view that psychology should be an objective Cuenca that studies observable human activity without reference to mental processes is known as
  5. Innate ability is to learned skill as ______ is to ______.
    Nature; nurture
  6. Different accounts of the same behavior that together give us a more complete understanding represent different
    Levels of analysis
  7. Professor Brody attempts to measure the relative contributions of inborn traits and social influences on sexual preferences and behavior patterns. Her research efforts best illustrate the interests of the _________ perspective
    Behavior genetics
  8. Mrs alferi believes that her husbands angry outbursts against her result from his unconscious hatred of his own mother. Mrs alferi is looking at her husbands behavior from a ________ perspective
  9. Which perspective most clearly focuses on how we learn observable responses
  10. Which perspective in psychology is most likely to focus on how behavior and thinking vary across situations and cultures?
  11. Dr Wilson attributes the delinquent behaviors of many teens to the pressures associated with being members of street gangs. Her account best illustrates a ________ perspective
  12. Which psychologists are most likely to be involved in basic research?
    Community psychologists
  13. Dr mills conducts research on why individuals conform to the behaviors and opinions of others. Which specialty area does his research best represent?
    Social psychology
  14. Rather than seeking to change people to fit their environments, _____ work to create social and physical environments that are healthy for all
    Community psychologists
  15. Discerning the unstated assumptions and values that underlie conclusions best illustrates _______, which is an important learning tool
    Critical thinking
  16. After a detailed study of a gunshot wound victim, a psychologist concludes that the brain region destroyed is likely to be important for memory function. What type of research did the psychologist use to deduce this?
    Case study
  17. In an experiment to determine the effects of exercise on motivation, exercise is the
    Independent variable
  18. To determine the effects of a new drug on memory, one group of people is given a pill that contains the drug. A second is given a sugar pill w/o the drug. The second group is
    Control group
  19. Theories are defined as
    Principles that help to organize, predict, and explain facts
  20. A psychologist studies the play behavior of young children by watching groups during recess at school. Which type of research is this?
    Naturalistic observation
  21. To ensure that other researchers can repeat their work, psychologists use
    Operational definitions
  22. The scientific attitude of skepticism is based on the belief that
    Ideas need to be tested against observable evidence
  23. Which of the following is NOT a basic research technique used by psychologists?
    A. Correlation, B. Description, C. Replication, D. Experimentation
    C. Replication
  24. Psychologists personal values
    Can bias both scientific observation and interpretation of data
  25. If shoes size and IQ are negatively correlated, what is tru?
    People with small feet tend to have high IQs
  26. What would be best to determine whether alcohol impairs memory?
  27. Well done surveys measure attitudes in a representative subset, or ______, of an entire group, or _______.
    Random sample; population
  28. What is mode
    The most frequent number
  29. What is important when generalizing from a sample to the population?
    All of the above. Low variability, is not representative
  30. When a difference between two groups is statistically significant, this means that
    The difference is not likely due to chance variation
  31. A lopsided set of scores that includes a number of extreme or unusual values is said to be
  32. Juwan eagerly opened an online trading account, believing that his market savvy would allow him to pick stocks that would make him a rich day trader. The belief best illustrates
  33. What is the measure of central tendency that would be most affected by a few extreme scores?
  34. What is typically controlled by the left hemisphere?
    Word recognition
  35. Which of the following are governed by the simplest neural pathways?
  36. In the brain, I outnumber neurons. I also provide nutrients to the neurons and help remove excess neurotransmitters. I am a
    Glial cell
  37. I am a relatively fast acting chemical messenger that affects mood hunger sleep and arousal. What am I?
  38. The neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) is most likely to be found
    At the junction between motor neurons and muscle fibers
  39. Jessica experienced difficulty keeping her balance after receiving a blow to the back of her head. It is likely that she injured her
  40. Moruzzi and ma goin caused a cat to lapse into a coma by severing neural connections between the vortex and the
  41. The effect of a drug that is an agonist is to
    Block a particular neurotransmitter
  42. Beginning at the front of the brain and moving toward the back of the head, then down the skull and back around to the from, which of the filling is the correct order of the cortical regions?
    Temporal; frontal; parietal; occipital
  43. Following a nail gun wound to his head, jack became more uninhibited Irritable dishonest and profane. It is likely that his personality change was the result of injury to his
    Temporal lobe
  44. Though there is no single "control center" for emotions, their regulation is primarily attributed to the brain religion known as the
    Limbic system
  45. Which is the correct sequence in the transmission of a simple reflex?
    Sensory neuron, interneuron, motor neuron
  46. In a resting state, the axon is
    Polarized with mostly positive charged ions outside
  47. Which of the following is typically controlled by the right hemisphere?
    Perceptual tasks
  48. The increasing complexity of animals behavior is accompanied by an
    Increase in the amount of association area
  49. Voluntary movements such as writing with a pencil are directed by the
    Somatic nervous system
  50. What is the correct sequence in the transmission of a neural impulse?
    Dendrite, cell body, axon, synapse
  51. Chemical messengers produced by endocrine glands are called
  52. An experimenter flashes the word FLYTRAP onto a screen facing a split-brain patient so that FLY projects to her right hemisphere and TRAP to her left. When asked what she saw the patient will
    Say she saw TRAP
  53. Critical areas that are NOT primarily concerned with sensory motor or language functions are
    Called association areas
  54. The simultaneous processing of information at both conscious and unconscious levels is called
    Dual processing
  55. A condition in which a person can respond to a visual stimulus without consciously experiencing it is known as
  56. A visual perception track enables most people to recognize objects at nearly the same time that a visual action track enables them to avoid bumping into the objects. This best illustrates
    Dual processing
  57. A bank teller was so distracted by the sight of a bank robbers weapon that she failed to perceive important features of the criminals physical appearance. This best illustrates
    Selective attention
  58. If asked to watch a video and press a key each time a black shirted player passes a basketball, most research participants remained unaware of an umbrella-toting woman strolling across the screen. This illustrated
    Latent content
  59. The pop-out phenomenon illustrates that some stimuli almost inevitably trigger
    Selective attention
  60. The rhythmic bursts of brain activity that occur during NREM-2 sleep are called
    Sleep spindles
  61. Forty year old lance insists that he never dreams. Research suggests that he probably
    Would report a vivid dream if he awakened during REM sleep
  62. The circadian rhythm is influenced by light sensitive retinal proteins that trigger signals to the
    Suprachiasmmatic nucleus
  63. Neural activity that teen acts and promotes recall of prior novel experiences is most closely associated with
    Slow-wave sleep
  64. The best time for athletes to engage in heavy exercise workouts is
    Late afternoon or early evening
  65. People who regularly sleep less than normal experience a(n) ______ risk of depression and a(n) _______ risk of obesity.
    Increased; increased
  66. Sleep deprivation increases levels of the hunger-arousing hormone ______ and decreases levels of the hunger-suppressing hormone _______.
    Ghrelin; leptin
  67. Sleep deprivation has been shown to
    Diminish immunity to disease
  68. Brain regions that are active as people learn to preform a visual-discrimination task are especially likely to be active again later as they experience
    REM sleep
  69. Research indicates that total time spent in REM sleep is especially high in
  70. Prior to age 9, children's dreams seem more like a slide show and less like an active story in which the dreamer is an actor. This best illustrates that the content of the dreams reflects children's
    Cognitive development
  71. Suppose that hypnotized adults who are encouraged to behave like children are no more genuinely childlike than unhypnotized adults who are encouraged to act in a childlike behavior. This fact most clearly supports
    Social influence theory
  72. The divided consciousness theory of hypnosis receives support from evidence that
    Hypnotized people can endure pain without experiencing emotional distress
  73. Muhammad can't sleep, is constantly anxious, has muscle aches, and craves his daily dose of cocaine. Muhammad is experiencing symptoms of
  74. Depressants are drugs such as
    Barbiturates and opiates
  75. Women who have been drinking alcohol become _____disposed to causal sex, and men who have been drinking become ______ disposed to casual sex
    More; more
  76. Alcohol consumption disrupts the processing of recent experiences into long term memory by
    Suppressing REM sleep
  77. Morphine and heroin are
  78. Repeated use of an opiate
    Decreases the brains production of endorphins
  79. Dr Ross believes that principles of natural selection help explain why infants come to fear strangers about the time they become mobile. Dr Ross is most likely a(n)
    Evolutionary psychologist
  80. A pair of adopted children or identical twins reared in the same home are most likely to have similar
    Religious beliefs
  81. Collectivist cultures
    Give priority to group goals, foster social independence, and value maintenance of social harmony
  82. If a fraternal twin develops schizophrenia, the likelihood of the other twin developing serious mental illness is much lower than with identical twins. This suggests that
    Schizophrenia is influenced by genes
  83. The best way to separate the effects of genes and environment in research is to study
    Identical twins raised in different environments
  84. Through natural selection, the traits that are most likely to be passed on to succeeding generations are those that contribute to
  85. What is NOT true regarding gender and sexuality?
    Gender differences in sexuality are noticeably absent among gay men and lesbian women
  86. Evolutionary psychologists attribute gender differences in sexuality to the fact that women have
    Lower reproductive potential than do men
  87. Unlike _____ twins, who develop from a single fertilized egg, ______ twins develop from separate fertilized eggs.
    Identical; fraternal
  88. Temperament refers to a persons characteristic
    Emotional reactivity and intensity
  89. The traditions of a culture are passed from one generation to the next by mean of
  90. The hormone testosterone...
    Stimulates growth of the male sex organs
  91. Each cell of the human body has a total of
    46 chromosomes
  92. Genes direct our physical development by synthesizing
  93. Most human traits are
    Influenced by many genes acting together
  94. Mutations are random errors in _______ replication.
  95. Several studies of long deprecated identical twins have found that these twins
    Have many similarities, in everything from medical histories to personalities
  96. Chromosomes are composed of a coiled chain of
    DNA molecules that contain genes
  97. When the effect of one factor (such as environment) depends on another (such as heredity), we say there is a(n) ______ between the two factors
  98. The selection effect in peer influence refers to the tendency of children and youth to
    Seek out friends with similar interests and attitudes
  99. What is NOT true regarding cultural diversity?
    Culture does not have a strong influence on how strictly social roles are defined
  100. Women and men are most likely to e attracted to strongly gender-types mates in cultures characterized by
    Gender inequality
  101. An evolutionary psychologist would be most interested in studying
    A. Genetic differences, B. hereditary influences, C. common diseases among age groups, D. why most parents are passionately devoted to their kids
  102. Genetically male children who underwent sex-reassignment surgery and were raised as girls later
    Described themselves either as female or male, or has an unclear sexual identity
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