Lab 1

  1. Esophagus
    Sole tube
  2. Oral cavity
    Inside of mouth
  3. Stomach
    Grey being bean shape organ connecting to esophagus
  4. Diaphragm
    Separates chest from abdomen. Dome shaped
  5. Liver
    Sits on top of stomach hangs to right
  6. Gall bladder
    Green pea shaped cavity on bottom of larger side of liver
  7. Small intestine
    Tan intestine that makes up most of intestine surface area. Inferior to stomach
  8. Large intestine
    Grey lining outside the small intestine
  9. Rectum
    On the bottom of large intestine
  10. Spleen
    Behind the stomach. To the left of pancreas
  11. Pancreas
    Behind stomach. To right of spleen
  12. Heart
    Left side of chest surrounded by lungs
  13. Trachea
    Just above center of lungs. Directly on top of esophagus, leads into major bronchus
  14. Major bronchus
    White tree root like structure behind heart in center of lungs. Trachea turns into this
  15. Esophagus
    Directly under trachea, posterior to trachea
  16. Hyoid bone
    Above Adam's apple in line with jaw
  17. Thyroid cartilage
    Blue structure under hyoid bone. Protects where vocal chords are in trachea
  18. Thyroid gland
    Scaly salmon colored thing that is under thyroid cartilage
  19. Aortic arch
    Aorta. Red arch that curves and come out of the top of the heart. Aorta=aortic arch
  20. Skull
    Whole head
  21. Carpals
    Wrist bones
  22. Tarsals
    Ankle bones
  23. Patella
    Knee cap
  24. Mandible
    Part of jaw that opens and closes
  25. Humerus
    The ball and socket joint above the elbow
  26. Spinal column
    Whole spine
  27. Radius
    Thumb side with little circle on top
  28. Ulna
    Pinkie side
  29. Femur
    Big bone above knee. Way bigger than humerus
  30. Tibia
    Big bone on the inside of leg below the knee
  31. Fibula
    Small bone on outside of leg below the knee
  32. Scapula
    Shoulder blades
  33. Os coxa
  34. Sternum
    Breastbone between ribs
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