1. Which item is commonly used to connect a rope to an anchor plate?
    A. Anchor sling
    B. Carabiner
    C. Gibbs
    D. Webbing
  2. Which agency develops fire codes?
    A. International Conference of Architects
    B. Occupational Safety and Health Administration
    C. National Fire Protection Association
    D. American National Standards Institute
    National Fire Protection Association
  3. Which term refers to all of the information gathered and used by an investigator in determining the cause of a fire?
    A. Forensics
    B. Evidence
    C. Material
    D. Documentation
  4. To batch mix 3 percent foam into a 500-gallon (1893-liter) water tank, how much foam concentrate should be added to the tank?

    A. 15 gal (57 L).

    B. 3 gal (11.35 L).

    C. 5 gal (19 L).

    D. 9 gal (34 L).
    15 gal (57 L)
  5. How soon after a traumatic call should a critical incident stress debriefing (CISD) be held?
    A. As soon as possible
    B. Within 24 hours
    C. Within 72 hours
    D. Within a week
    As soon as possible
  6. Which tool requires multiple fire fighters to use it?
    A. Claw
    B. Battering ram
    C. Bam-bam tool
    D. Rabbet
    Battering ram
  7. What is a fire fighter's initial objective during a confined-space incident?
    A. Call for needed resources.
    B. Stabilize the situation.
    C. Secure the scene.
    D. Make contact with the victim.
    Secure the scene.
  8. Which type of fire alarm system is most commonly installed in hospitals?
    A. Zoned coded
    B. Noncoded
    C. Zoned noncoded
    D. Master-coded
    Zoned coded
  9. In the FAILURE acronym, what does the ?L? stand for?
    A. Lack of teamwork or experience
    B. Limits exceeded
    C. Lack of training
    D. Loose or sloppy procedure
    Lack of teamwork or experience
  10. Which type of glass is the rear window of a vehicle?
    A. Dichroic
    B. Composite
    C. Laminated
    D. Tempered
  11. How does foam extinguish flammable liquid fires?
    A. Inhibits the chemical chain reaction
    B. Dilutes the fuel
    C. Cools the fire
    D. Separates the fuel from the fire
    Separates the fuel from the fire
  12. What is the foundation of the ICS structure?
    A. The first fire fighters to arrive at the scene
    B. The team with the most fire fighters on the scene
    C. The team with the most equipment on the scene
    D. The highest-ranking officer on the scene
    The first fire fighters to arrive at the scene
  13. Which term means the process of carefully looking for evidence in the debris following a fire?
    A. Debris examination
    B. Evidence collection
    C. Cold sifting
    D. Digging out
    Digging out
  14. Which type of smoke detector is activated by the invisible products of combustion?
    A. Photoelectric
    B. Ionization
    C. Photocell
    D. Bimetallic
  15. Which guide should be used for the care and inspection of power tools?
    A. The applicable NFPA standard
    B. The manufacturer's instructions
    C. It varies with the type of tool
    D. The fire agency's SOPs
    The manufacturer's instructions
  16. Why do children younger than 8 years old typically set fires?
    A. Anger
    B. Curiosity
    C. Need for attention
    D. Vandalism
  17. Who is responsible for determining when removal of SCBA is permissible after a fire has been extinguished?
    A. Each individual is responsible for this decision
    B. The company officer
    C. The incident commander
    D. The safety officer
    The safety officer
  18. Which kind of evidence is used to validate a theory or show how something could have occurred?
    A. Inferential
    B. Deductive
    C. Exclusionary
    D. Demonstrative
  19. Which organization developed the Everybody Goes Home program?
    A. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
    B. International Association of Firefighters (IAFF)
    C. National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)
    D. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
    National Fallen Firefighters Foundation (NFFF)
  20. In general, during vehicle extrication, which operation should be taken last?
    A. Displace the seat.
    B. Break tempered glass.
    C. Roll up the dash.
    D. Force the door.
    Roll up the dash.
  21. Which type of false alarm is caused by improper functioning of an alarm system?
    A. Unwanted
    B. Nuisance
    C. False
    D. Trouble
  22. What is an occupancy major use classification?
    A. Commercial
    B. Health care
    C. Educational
    D. Eating/drinking establishment
  23. For the purpose of a home fire safety survey, which room category includes formal living rooms, family rooms, and entertainment rooms?
    A. Parlors
    B. Anterooms
    C. Living rooms
    D. Formal rooms
    Living rooms
  24. What is the most severe hazard associated with propane products?
    A. Fuel leak
    B. Asphyxiation
    C. Cryogenic injury
    D. BLEVE
  25. What information should be included on a hose record?
    A. Fire company
    B. Storage location
    C. Last fire fighter to use the hose
    D. Purchase date
    Purchase date
  26. Which type of circular saw blade is specially designed to cut through hard surfaces or wood?
    A. Silicon oxide composite
    B. Aluminum oxide composite
    C. Carbide-tipped
    D. Diamond
  27. Which of the following ropes is always used in case the main line fails?
    A. Tangent rope
    B. Primary rope
    C. Belay line
    D. Stokes rope
    Belay line
  28. Which resource do utility companies have readily accessible that is often needed on technical rescue incidents?
    A. Surveying equipment
    B. Field-portable office facilities
    C. Confined-space permits
    D. Heavy equipment
    Heavy equipment
  29. Which of the following is a commonly used device in rope rescue operations?
    A. Come along
    B. Jake plate
    C. Carabiner
    D. Power winch
  30. Who should accompany a fire fighter sent to the rehabilitation area?
    A. One member of his or her crew
    B. No one; the affected fire fighter should go to rehab alone
    C. An EMT
    D. The entire crew
    The entire crew
  31. To break a side window in a vehicle, where should the window be struck?
    A. The center of the window
    B. A lower corner of the window
    C. The point farthest from the victim
    D. An upper corner of the window
    A lower corner of the window
  32. What does the term "mayday mean?
    A. A fire fighter is in trouble and needs assistance.
    B. Everyone withdraw from the hazard area.
    C. Deploy the rapid intervention crew (RIC).
    D. Hold all radio traffic.
    A fire fighter is in trouble and needs assistance.
  33. Which type of standpipe is intended for fire department use only?
    a. I
    B. IV
    C. III
    D. II
  34. What is the final stage of the extrication process?
    A. Victim treatment
    B. Vehicle transport
    C. Securing the scene
    D. Victim removal
    Victim removal
  35. Which mnemonic is used to instruct people about what to do if their clothes catch on fire?
    A. Learn not to burn
    B. Stop, drop, roll
    C. EDITH
    D. Call, cover, cool
    Stop, drop, roll
  36. What is the recommended placement of smoke alarms in a home?
    A. One outside the sleeping area and one in any vertical opening such as a stairway or clerestory
    B. One outside the sleeping area between the sleeping area and the rest of the house
    C. One in the kitchen and one between an attached garage and the rest of the house
    D. One in or near each bedroom and one on each level of the home
    One in or near each bedroom and one on each level of the home
  37. Which NFPA standard contains information on recommended practices for preincident planning?
    A. 1600
    B. 1620
    C. 1581
    D. 1400
  38. What is a benefit of Class A foam?
    A. Does not conduct electricity
    B. Forms a vapor barrier on fuel spills
    C. Is compatible with many other foam types
    D. Reduces the surface tension of water
    Reduces the surface tension of water
  39. What is the term for a piece of rescue equipment worn by a person to secure that individual to a rope?
    A. Cam-lock
    B. Tie-in
    C. Ladder belt
    D. Harness
  40. What is the term for an urgent message that takes priority over all other communications?
    A. Mayday
    B. Priority message
    C. Code 30
    D. Emergency traffic
    Emergency traffic
  41. What is the minimum level of technical rescue training that qualifies fire fighters to work in the warm zone?
    A. Operations
    B. Awareness
    C. Level B
    D. Technician
  42. When doing a dash displacement, which tool is used to push the dash forward?
    A. Hydraulic ram
    B. Ratcheting strut
    C. Come along
    D. Rescue-lift air bag
    Hydraulic ram
  43. Which tool is best for breaching a floor?
    A. Air chisel
    B. Flat-head axe
    C. Rotary saw
    D. Reciprocating saw
    Rotary saw
  44. Which device enables fire fighters to ascertain the type and location of the activated alarm device?
    A. Remote station
    B. Pull station
    C. Remote annunciator
    D. Audible alarm indicator
    Remote annunciator
  45. Which tool is inserted between an older-style latch and the door frame to force the latch back and open the door?
    A. Slim Jim
    B. J tool
    C. Hack saw blade
    D. Shove knife
    Shove knife
  46. Which type of stream allows the water to have a very large surface area that absorbs heat efficiently?
    A. The water has the same surface area regardless of the type of stream.
    B. Fog
    C. Solid
    D. Straight
  47. What is high-expansion foam particularly used for?
    A. Unignited fuel spills
    B. Large enclosed areas
    C. Transportation accidents
    D. Exposure protection
    Large enclosed areas
  48. The low surface tension of class A foam affects its extinguishing properties by __________.
    A. diluting the fuel
    B. raising the vaporization temperature of water
    C. enabling water to penetrate the fuel more deeply
    D. suppressing vapor production
    enabling water to penetrate the fuel more deeply
  49. Which agency develops fire codes?
    A. Underwriters Laboratory
    B. Insurance Services Office
    C. U.S. Fire Administration
    D. International Code Council
    International Code Council
  50. What is the first step in the 10-step special rescue sequence?
    A. Assessment
    B. Size-up
    C. Preparation
    D. Response
  51. For the purpose of a preincident survey, which of the following is a particular concern with underground parking facilities?
    A. Adequacy of natural ventilation
    B. Presence of built-in protection systems
    C. Sufficient overhead clearance to permit entry of apparatus
    D. Ability to support the weight of apparatus
    Ability to support the weight of apparatus
  52. What is the designation for the posts located behind the rear doors or rear passenger compartment windows?
    A. The "C" posts
    B. The "3" posts
    C. The long posts
    D. The rear posts
    The "C" posts
  53. Which item is typically addressed by a building code?
    A. Unobstructed exits
    B. Flammable liquid storage
    C. Distance between firewalls
    D. Occupancy limits
    Distance between firewalls
  54. What is the term for acting without a superior's orders or outside of department SOPs?

    A. Decentralized authority

    B. Independent action

    C. Freelancing

    D. Initiative
  55. Which document must be provided at an occupancy where a significant volume of hazardous materials is present?
    A. NFPA 49 (Hazardous Chemicals Data)
    B. Material safety data sheet
    C. Emergency Response Guide
    D. CHEMTREC material reference sheet
    Material safety data sheet
  56. What does the ?W? stand for in the acronym WPIV?
    A. Water
    B. Wall
    C. Wet
    D. Wye
  57. Which type of smoke detector is the least prone to producing false alarms due to cooking fumes and shower steam?
    A. Photoelectric
    B. Ionization
    C. Infrared
    D. Dual chamber
  58. Which of the following is one of the two greatest hazards at a confined-space incident?
    A. Engulfment
    B. Fall/crush injuries
    C. Oxygen deficiency
    D. Electrical shock
    Oxygen deficiency
  59. When approaching a burning flammable liquid vessel to operate the valve, which hose stream/s should be used?
    A. One 1-3/4" (45 mm)
    B. One 2-1/2" (65 mm)
    C. Two 1-3/4" (45 mm)
    D. Two 2-1/2" (65 mm)
    Two 1-3/4" (45 mm)
  60. Tool staging inventory is usually determined by the __________.
    A. division/group supervisor
    B. discretion of the tool staging manager
    C. agency's SOPs
    D. applicable NFPA standard
    agency's SOPs
  61. Which kind of rescue takes place in a location such as a tank, silo, underground electrical vault, or storm drain?
    A. Urban search and rescue
    B. Technical
    C. Confined-space
    D. Trench
  62. Which foam application method is best for a pool of flammable liquid on open ground?
    A. Sweep (roll-on)
    B. Rain-down
    C. Bankshot (bank-down)
    D. Subsurface injection
    Sweep (roll-on)
  63. What is a BLEVE?
    A. Explosion due to vapor ignition from a liquid spill
    B. Vessel rupture and explosion due to relief valve failure
    C. Ignition of vapor discharge from a relief valve
    D. Flammable liquid vessel rupture and explosion due to external heating
    Flammable liquid vessel rupture and explosion due to external heating
  64. What does the term “packaging” mean in the context of technical rescue?
    A. Preparing the scene for the safe removal of victims
    B. The tendency for one incident to cause others
    C. Preparing the victim for removal as a unit
    D. Assigning related tasks to a single company
    Preparing the victim for removal as a unit
  65. Which type of heat detector must be replaced after activation?
    A. Fixed temperature
    B. Flame
    C. Spot
    D. Bimetallic
    Fixed temperature
  66. Which of the following tools carried by the search and rescue team is not part of the regular tool set of the interior attack team?
    A. Short pike pole
    B. Halligan tool
    C. Life lines
    D. Portable hand light
    Life lines
  67. What is another term for the firewall of a vehicle?
    A. Firestop
    B. Bulkhead
    C. Dashboard
    D. Partition
  68. Facts that were observed directly and used to prove a theory are ______evidence.
    A. deductive
    B. inferential
    C. direct
    D. circumstantial
  69. The minimum slope of a high-angle rescue operation is _____ degrees.
    A. 75
    B. 45
    C. 30
    D. 60
  70. What is the maximum length of the connected hose during hose testing?
    A. 500 ft (152 m)
    B. 600 ft (183 m)
    C. 300 ft (91 m)
    D. 400 ft (122 m)
    300 ft (91 m)
  71. Which type of harness is used in the fire service?
    A. Web
    B. Climbing
    C. Utility
    D. Chest
  72. What is the relationship between habits developed in training and performance on the fire ground?
    A. Habits formed in training necessarily become abbreviated and rushed on the fire ground
    B. Habits developed in training will continue on the fire ground
    C. In the stress of emergency operations, habits are overridden by instincts
    D. Fire-ground performance is not significantly altered through habituation
    Habits developed in training will continue on the fire ground
  73. What is the term for a radio signal that alerts personnel to pull back to a safe location?
    A. Withdrawal order
    B. Emergency traffic
    C. Evacuation signal
    D. Mayday
    Evacuation signal
  74. Health and safety programs for fire fighters are the subject of NFPA _____.
    A. 1500
    B. 1001
    C. 1901
    D. 1021
  75. The most efficient way to remove a padlock securing a storage unit that is on fire is with
    A. bolt cutters.
    B. a sledgehammer.
    C. a bam-bam tool.
    D. a pry axe.
    bolt cutters.
  76. Which tool is designed specifically to cut into a lock cylinder?
    A. Pry axe
    B. K tool
    C. Hux bar
    D. J tool
    K tool
  77. What is a common method of storing paper preincident plans?
    A. Index card
    B. Three-ring binder
    C. Folded, laminated sheet
    D. Loose leaf
    Three-ring binder
  78. Which statement about the use of private water-supply systems is correct?
    A. These systems are built to the same standards as public systems.
    B. These systems are designed to support both sprinkler systems and suppression operations.
    C. The condition and capacity of the system must be determined prior to use.
    D. Access to the water supply is typically obtained through drafting hydrants.
    The condition and capacity of the system must be determined prior to use.
  79. Which type of foam is particularly well suited for gasoline spills?
    A. Aqueous film-forming
    B. Fluoroprotein
    C. Protein
    D. Alcohol resistant
    Aqueous film-forming
  80. When testing a generator, it is important to first
    A. run the generator under load for at least 15 minutes.
    B. remove the generator from the apparatus.
    C. try to start the generator.
    D. fill the generator's fuel tank to its highest capacity.
    remove the generator from the apparatus.
  81. What is one of the three types of wooden swinging doors?
    A. Stopped
    B. Gibb
    C. Panel
    D. Tambour
  82. Which fire safety program teaches people how to get out of their homes safely in the event of a fire?
    A. Learn not to burn
    B. Family escape plan
    C. EDITH
    D. Out and safe at home base
  83. A tiny quantity of physical evidence that is conveyed from one place to another is __________ evidence.
    A. circumstantial
    B. trace
    C. minute
    D. demonstrative
  84. Horizontal evacuation is most commonly applied to which group?
    A. Nonambulatory persons
    B. Residential occupants
    C. Non-adult students
    D. Areas threatened by a hazardous materials release plume
    Nonambulatory persons
  85. How frequently should hose be tested?
    A. At least weekly
    B. At least quarterly
    C. At least monthly
    D. At least yearly
    At least yearly
  86. What is added to propane to give it a distinct odor?
    A. Methane
    B. Mercaptan
    C. Triptan
    D. Sulfur
  87. Which type of foam contains a surface-active agent that produces a fast-spreading film?
    A. Class A
    B. Fluoroprotein
    C. High expansion
    D. Aqueous film-forming
  88. To force an inward-opening door, which part of the Halligan bar is inserted between the stop and the jamb?
    A. Blade
    B. Pick
    C. Fork
    D. Adz
  89. Which tool is specifically designed to open double doors equipped with panic bars?
    A. Slim Jim
    B. Bar fly
    C. Key tool
    D. J tool
    J tool
  90. Which type of fire extinguisher should be located in the kitchen?
    A. Carbon dioxide
    B. BC
    C. ABC
    D. Halon
  91. Which of the following is a correct rescue-lift air bag safety principle?
    A. Separate stacked bags with a section of plywood.
    B. Lift an inch, crib an inch.
    C. When bags are stacked, inflate the top bag first.
    D. Bags must rest on the ground during inflation.
    Lift an inch, crib an inch.
  92. Breaching of which type of wall is most likely to result in structural collapse?
    A. Exterior
    B. Partition
    C. Sleeper
    D. Bearing
  93. Approximately how many agents are on an ATF team that would respond to assist in fire-cause determination on large-scale incidents?
    A. 8
    B. 5
    C. 3
    D. 15
  94. Which type of automatic sprinkler system requires the activation of a secondary device before water is released into the sprinkler piping?
    A. Dry
    B. Wet
    C. Deluge
    D. Preaction
  95. What should a home fire safety survey provide the occupant?
    A. Referrals to reputable contractors and products
    B. On-the-spot correction of unsafe conditions
    C. Recommendations on making the home safer
    D. Free replacement of old smoke alarms and fire extinguishers
    Recommendations on making the home safer
  96. Fire fighters who request the assistance of a tanker in fighting a wildland fire in the Rocky Mountains are likely asking for a(n)
    A. railcar-mounted mobile water supply apparatus.
    B. aerial mobile water supply apparatus.
    C. truck-mounted mobile water supply apparatus.
    D. tender.
    aerial mobile water supply apparatus.
  97. Where is the annunciator panel usually located?
    A. Near the main electrical panel
    B. Near the sprinkler riser
    C. Near the building entrance
    D. Near the stairway or elevator
    Near the building entrance
  98. Which of the following is a second line attached to a rescuer that serves as a backup if the main line fails?
    A. Lifeline
    B. Belay
    C. Tag
    D. Tether
  99. What is the correct operating pressure for an in-line foam eductor?
    A. 150 psi (1034 kPa)
    B. 200 psi (1379 kPa)
    C. 100 psi (689 kPa)
    D. 250 psi (1724 kPa)
    200 psi (1379 kPa)
  100. For how long can a fire department maintain control of a fire scene?
    A. Until the property owners formally assume responsibility for it
    B. Until overhaul is complete
    C. As long as needed to complete an investigation of cause
    D. Until expiration of the warrant
    As long as needed to complete an investigation of cause
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