Word List 42

  1. saga
    a legend
  2. sagacious
    shrewd; perceptive
  3. salacious
    lascivious; lustful
  4. salient
    obvious; prominent
  5. saline
  6. sallow
  7. salutary
    beneficial; wholesome
  8. sanctimonious
    displaying ostentatious devoutness
  9. sanguiary
  10. sanguine
    cheerfully optimistic; hopeful
  11. sardonic
    sarcastic; cynical
  12. sarcasm
    scornful remark; stinging rebuke
  13. sartorial
    pertaining to tailors
  14. satire
    form of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack vice and folly
  15. satirical
  16. saturnine
  17. satyr
    half-human, half-beast, portrayed as wanton and cunning
  18. saunter
    to stroll slowly
  19. savant
  20. scad
    a great quantity
  21. scanty
    meager; insignificant
  22. schism
    division; split
  23. scintilla
    a spark; trace
  24. scintillate
    to sparkle
  25. scoff
    to mock; ridicule
  26. scotch
    to thwart
  27. scourge
    severe punishment
  28. scruple
    to hesitate, for ethical reasons
  29. scrupulous
    careful; conscientious
  30. scuffle
    to move off in a confused hurry
  31. scurrilous
  32. scurry
    to move briskly
  33. scurvy
    despicable; contemptible
  34. scuttle
    to sink
  35. seamy
    sordid; unwholesome or unhealthful
  36. sear
    to char or burn
  37. secession
  38. sect
    separate religious body; faction
  39. secular
    worldly; temporal
  40. sedate
    calm and composed
  41. sedition
    resistance to authority
  42. sedulous
  43. seedy
    run-down; decrepit
  44. seemly
    proper; appropriate
  45. seep
    to ooze; trickle; dribble
  46. seethe
    to be in a state of agitation; to boil
  47. seine
    net for catching fish
  48. seismic
    pertaining to earthquakes
  49. semblance
    outward appearance
  50. seminal
    influencing future developments
  51. seminary
    a school for priesthood
  52. senility
    old age
  53. sensual
    devoted to pleasures of the senses; carnal; voluptuous
  54. sententious
    terse; pithy; aphoristic
  55. sentinel
    a sentry or lookout
  56. septic
    foul; putrid; fetid
  57. sepulcher
    a tomb
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Word List 42
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