Electronics Part 1

  1. in a series circuit, voltage...
    drops add to equal the total.
  2. in a series circuit, current ...
    is equal through all components.
  3. in a series circuit, resistances...
    add to equal the total.
  4. in a series circuit, power...
    dissipations add to equal the total.
  5. in a parallel circuit, voltage..
    is equal across all components.
  6. in a parallel circuit, currents...
    add to equal the total.
  7. in a parallel circuit, resistances...
    diminish to equal the total.
  8. Define an Ampere.
    1 Ampere is 1 coulomp per second

    it is the unit for electric current.
  9. How much charge in coulomb does one electron carrie?
    1602 x 10 hoch -19 coulomb
  10. Name the unit for charge.
    Coloumbs ( C )
  11. Define electric current.
    Electric current is the time rate of change of charge, messured in Ampere ( A )
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