Oedipus Vocab

  1. bewail
    to deplore, to express deep sorrow
  2. chide
    to voice disapproval, to scold
  3. concert
    agreement in purpose or feeling, consensus
  4. defile
    to make dirty, to desecrate, to pollute
  5. disparity
    inequality, the condition or fact of being unequal in age, rank, or degree
  6. fester
    to cause increased poisoning, to inflame or to corrupt
  7. foreboding
    premonition of evil, an ominous omen
  8. goad
    to urge on in a negative sense
  9. harbor
    to give shelter or refuge
  10. impetuous
    violent, hasty, rash, impulsive
  11. inviolable
    secure from violation or from being profaned
  12. malign
    to utter injuriously misleading reports about
  13. muted
    toned down or silenced
  14. oblivion
    state of being forgotten
  15. palpable
    tangible, perceptible, easily noticeable
  16. pithy
    concise and meaningful
  17. profane
    showing contempt toward sacred things
  18. quell
    to quiet or to put down a disturbance
  19. respite
    a rest, a delay, a period of relief
  20. revere
    to honor, to regard with respect
  21. surfeited
    fed or supplied to excess
  22. vagrant
    a wanderer who does not have a home
  23. venerate
    to honor, to revere
  24. vexation
    discomfort or distress
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