1. what is vertical integration
    absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in all aspects of a product's manufacture from raw materials to distribution
  2. what is horizontal integration
    absorption into a single firm of several firms involved in the same level of production and sharing resources at that level
  3. what is a holding company
    a company with controlling shares in other companies
  4. what is trust
    A special trust or business trust is a business entity formed with intent to monopolize business, to restrain trade, or to fix prices. Trusts gained economic power in the U.S. in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Some, but not all, were organized as trusts in the legal sense. ...
  5. what method of corporate control did john d rockefeller use
  6. what industry was called the sweat shops
    the textile manufacturerd
  7. why did many companies hire women and children in the 19th centry
    cheap labor
  8. what is social darwinism
    Belief that Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was applicable to human societies and justified the right of the ruling classes or countries to dominate the weak
  9. how did andrew carnegie differ from avocats of gospel of wealth
    he spead his riches to the poor, or ill eq
  10. what was the great uprising
    a railroed strike of 1877 to protest wage cuts, did not work
  11. Knights of labor vs (afl) American Federation of Labor
    Knights of labor was open to every one, woman, blacks and unskilled workers..

    (afl) American Federation of Labor was open to skillful workers and not any woman
  12. why did the american workers go to the (afl) American Federation of Labor
    becaus it worked for the skillful workers, and there was killings blamed on the knights of labor
  13. what happen at heymarket square in chicago
    a bomb killed 7 policemen and 8 strike leaders was tride for it but with even a lack of evidence 4 was executed

  14. the new immigrants
    more than 20,000,000 ppl that came to america, most from southern and eastern europe, and some from asia, canada, mexico
  15. what is the great migration,
    where ppl form the rural places in america move to the urban citys
  16. what happen in the citys because of the imagration and migration
    urbanization and big fast growing citys
  17. what sport was the middle class favorit sport...
  18. Joseph Pulitzer and william randolph hearst was know for?
    yellow journalism
  19. 1.homestead steel strike
    2.pullman strike
    3.8 hour day movement
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  20. what is nativism
    In the historical context, this means the favoring of the interests of long-standing inhabitants of an area over those of newcomers. Common in 19th century US when the Know-Nothing Movement and others opposed the granting of civil rights to immigrants. ...
  21. what is pogroms
    attacks on the jewish ppl, making them come to america
  22. what is a tenements
    4 to 6 story dwellings. with no regards to providing ventilatiom or light
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