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  1. Members may be absent without leave for how long
    Three working days or one and a half shifts
  2. Who must be notified of an off duty injury
    Immediate superior
  3. If there’s a delay in responding to alarms what will happen
    Memo through channels to assistant chief
  4. If member reports for duty intoxicated what will happen
    Officer will remove member from Emergency duty, instruct him to stay on premises, and notified chain of command
  5. What will happen on a re-Kendall
    Memo will be sent to assistant chief
  6. Who must approve parties at a station
    Battalion Chief
  7. What is impaired staffing
    When a company falls below staffing level of three on fire apparatus the Battalion Chief must be notified
  8. If complaint wants to remain anonymous what must happen
    Referred to the assistant chief
  9. Member who obtains information about a complaint will do what
    Send a memo to the chief through channels within 24 hours
  10. The complaint regarding a fire hazard we routinely processed by who
    • Fire marshal
    • The on duty Battalion Chief will resolve complaints after normal working hours
    • If he cannot be on call arson investigator will be notified
  11. Questions regarding delays of alarm and dispatching will be referred to who
    Assistant chief then forwarded to the police department
  12. Questions regarding fire and rescue response will be referred to who
    Assistant chief
  13. Complaints involving a members conduct will be referred to who
    • Assistant chief
    • Battalion Chief if assistant chief is off
  14. Upon completion of investigation what will happen
    • Assistant chief or submit a report to the Chief
    • Chief will hold hearing to allow members to respond to charges
  15. Members participating in a complaint investigation will submit what
    memo to the assistant chief addressed to the Chief
  16. First level of official disciplinary action
    Letter of reprimand
  17. When a member is seeking assistance for filing a grievance who may determine if he can be relieved
    • Battalion Chief
    • Grievance may be heard in regular scheduled hours without lost to pay
  18. Preparation of grievance is not permitted when
    Working hours
  19. Members my seek assistance in presenting a grievance from who
    Human resources or any person member chooses
  20. Members on sickleave for more than how many shifts will provide a position statement no later than what
    3 shifts no later than the 4th shift
  21. How fast will employees acrew sick leave
    7.5 shifts a year or 6.924 hours per pay period
  22. Members on injury leave must provide statement how often
    Every 45 days to safety and training coordinator
  23. Who must you contact to request modified duty
    Safety officer
  24. If a member on injury leave requires surgery or hospitalization who must be notified
    Safety officer
  25. What form must be filled out for Emergency bereavement? You must approve
    • P 26
    • Battalion Chief and Chief
  26. Leave of absence may be authorized by who
    • City manager
    • No sick leave or vacation benefits acrew during this
  27. Reinstatement for military leave will take place how many days after request for reinstatement
  28. This employee on military leave does not request or except offer open for reinstatement within how many days of discharge from active duty that employee will have resigned from duty
  29. Sub calls are authorized by who
  30. Request of more than how many hours of sub calls must be approved by who
    • 72
    • Battalion chief
  31. Sup calls of more than how many shifts will not be approved unless emergency
  32. Sup calls involving how many members will not be permitted
    More than three
  33. Who is responsible for the management of modified duty
    Human resources director
  34. Limited duty or restricted duty will continue in the till the employee is released to full duty or not more than how long
    Six months
  35. It is the responsibility of employees supervisor to notify who when employee is released to return to work
    Risk management
  36. If employee has been absent for three or more days due to off duty injury it will be required to submit what to who
    Release from physician Copy of job description given to risk management and secretary
  37. Who has the exclusive control of stationing and transferring all fireman and officers in the department
    Chief subject to approval of the city manager
  38. Who will closely monitor station training program I will conduct drills and exercises between companies on a routine basis
    Battalion Chief
  39. Who will keep accurate records of members grades and performances on tests and drills, or also inspect members appearance on a monthly basis, Will make sure members are on duty but 0800
  40. Temporarily assigned safety and training personnel will be assigned by who
    Assistant chief or chief
  41. Who determines the length of time a member may be assigned to safety and training division
  42. The safety and training committee will meet when? Who is responsible for scheduling committee meeting?
    • Quarterly on January April July and October
    • Safety and training Chief
  43. Your safety health and wellness committee is comprised of how many members
    Three members from each shift and three safety coordinators and training Chief who is the chair
  44. Who are temporarily assigned administrative personnel are responsible to
    Their immediate supervisor
  45. All functions in assignments of honor guard are governed by who
    Honor guard commander with approval of Chief or assistant chief
  46. What are the requirements to be eligible for honor guard
    Be a member of fire department for more than one year, not have received any below average marks on most recent evaluation, must not have been issued a verbal or written reprimand or suspension during previous year
  47. Honor guard red patch is on what shoulder
  48. Which shoulder is honor guard patch on
  49. Nfpa 1001
    Standard for firefighters
  50. NFPA 1002
    Standard for driver operators
  51. Rehab will be under the supervision of who after the section has been established
    Logistics officer
  52. Who is the only person I can tell you to move exposure line
    Incident commander
  53. If company has not been accounted for within how long a par will be requested
    15 min or if called for twice and not answered
  54. All supression activities shall continue on a Mayday on what fireground channel
    Fire tac 1
  55. The lobby control officers will be a part of what section on a highrise and cannot be established to when
    • Logistics section
    • Recalled firefighters and administrative staff have arrived
    • Usually a chief officer
  56. Who will be in charge of filling bottles at a Hi-Rez
    They logistics officer will appoint 1 member to use safety vehicle to retrieve the mobile air trailer
  57. The police department is responsible for what a bomb threat
    Crowd control, traffic control, evacuation , arrest
  58. Hazardous response without fire
    First engine, hazardous material response team, 63, Battalion Chief
  59. What area will be used for the bottle exchange in case entry must be returned to hazardous area
    Decon area, medical surveillance will be in close proximity to Decon
  60. All personnel handling small container and will wear what
    For PPE and Scott and butyl gloves
  61. What precautions will be taken for biological agent
    • Spray with 10% bleach
    • Triple bag
    • Decon hand and shoes with warm water
    • Shower
  62. If making entry into biological agent hot zone the members will wear what is the minimum
    • Rubber double gloves
    • SCba particulate mask
    • Eye protection
    • Tyveck dust suit
  63. If a crime scene is established on a biological agent Event the dispatcher will notify who
    GeForce associate, safety officer, health department, city risk
  64. Determination of fire department response my dispatchers should take how long
    20 to 30 seconds
  65. Who’s responsibility is it to ensure members are using safe lifting procedures
    Company officer
  66. Wear gloves and eye protection after airbag deployment because airbag may contain what
    Sodium hydroxide
  67. Anytime first responders are involved with a situation involving personal abuse they are to write a brief letter that I sent immediately and directly to who
    Assistant chief
  68. Who will be responsible for notifying PD if evidence of personal abuse
    Ems personell
  69. Safety health and wellness committee will meet how often
    Last week of each month three of the non-members will meet
  70. Who is responsible for procedure EMS review and recommended changes or revisions to city manager (program review)
    Fire chief
  71. Any questions concerning medical procedure should be directed to who(program input)
    Fire department EMS coordinator
  72. Wildland fire fighter type 2
    Basic wildland certification
  73. Wildland fire fighter type one
    Advanced wildland certification
  74. How long do you wash hands
    15 to 20 seconds
  75. Minimum rpm when idling
  76. Is involved in a vehicle accident you must remain at the scene until dismissed by who
    Police and superior fire department officer
  77. If involved in a vehicle accident who much you notified
    Dispatcher police fire department supervisors risk management
  78. Who investigate all major and minor accidents
    Safety and training coordinator
  79. Member shall make no statement or grant any interview about an accident without permission of who? Person seeking to talk to member about accident should be referred to who?
    • Chief of department
    • Risk management or city attorney
  80. NFPA 1581
    Infection control plan
  81. Sickleave maybe taking and what
    Increments of a 10th of an hour
  82. Differential pay is in what time
    Hours and 1/10 of hours
  83. On all accidents involving fire department equipment will be responsible for having investigation conducted
    Assistant chief
  84. The committee shall confirm with who before any discipline action is taken following a vehicle accident
    Assistant chief
  85. Who is responsible for saying SCBA receive appropriate inspections and care
    Company and Station officer
  86. Who will monitor station flags
    • Station officer
    • Memo will be sent to minister to the office for new flag
  87. Captains will supervise hydrants at their stations who will supervise hydrants at company level
  88. Hydrik maintenance program runs from what
    August 1 to July 31
  89. Each members regular maintenance and cleaning records of your shall be entered by who and verified by who? Who will verify all entries from each shift
    • Entered by member
    • Verified by Captain
    • Safety and training coordinator for each shift will verify
  90. Questions about an item safety in service of the day should be directed to who
    Safety and training coordinator and safety and training Chief
  91. What is the only rope that can be stored in direct sunlight
  92. Anytime integrity of rope harness or hardware comes into question of serviceability what will happen
    Safety and training coordinator will be notified form 20 will be filled out and rope will be retired at his discretion
  93. Retired life safety rope may be reduced and used as utility rope at the discretion of who
    Safety and training Chief
  94. What were used to clean rope and how do you clean
    • Tide detergent in cool water
    • Agitate the rope in a solution for 10 to 15 minutes
  95. Discovering of missing library materials will require what
    Company officer to report a lost to Battalion Chief
  96. Who is responsible for completing payroll adjustments and who reviews them
    • Station officer
    • Battalion Chief
  97. If an on duty injury occurs who must be notified
    • Safety and training coordinator who will notify risk management
    • Station officer may need to send a memo to safety and training coordinator to avoid future incidents
  98. If incident commander deems that injury received an incident is serious enough who will be notified
    • The chief of the department the assistant chief and chaplain or report to the hospital
    • The safety and training Chief report to the location of the incident
  99. If a member suffers and on duty injury that requires immediate medical attention who will accompany the member to the hospital
    • Battalion Chief inless still out of service and then safety and training Chief
    • The assistant chief will also be notified and report to the hospital in his absence the chief of the department will
  100. Who won investigate all injuries requiring hospitalization
    Safety and training Chief
  101. The safety and training Chief will take charge of the members protective clothing and SBA the clothing will not be released until completion of the investigation at the discretion of who
    Chief or assistant chief
  102. It is the responsibility of who to follow up with hospitals about injuries
    Safety and training Chief
  103. Who is responsible for coordinating training activities on their shift
    Safety and training coordinator
  104. Who is ultimately responsible for all policies and procedures of the department including infection control plan
    Chief and assistant chief
  105. Who shall establish and maintain an accurate infection record of each employee
    Infection control officer, city approved physician, risk management
  106. Who will ensure remembers where appropriate PPE any deviation from Highest degree must be approved by who
    • Supervisors
    • IC
  107. How long must hands be washed for
    15-20 seconds
  108. Contaminated clothes must have what done with them
    Put in biohazard bag and sealed with string wire safety officer will pick them up
  109. All cleaning solutions will be approved by who
    EPA and registered as tuberculocidal
  110. Who will schedule hazmat physicals
    Hazardous material team coordinator
  111. Post exposure medical evaluation will be provided within how many hours of exposure to hazmat incident
  112. Who will insure that each firefighters medical data will be collected and made available to the attending physician on post hazmat incident
    Hazardous material safety officer
  113. If any fire fighter develop symptoms consistent with a hazmat exposure who will be notified
    Risk management, city physician, hazardous materials response team coordinator
  114. Who will determine if firefighters complaint relates to previous hazardous material exposure
    City physician
  115. Who arrange for securing maintaining and transferring all medical records
    The city designated physician
  116. Who will be notified for Station maintenance
    • Battalion Chief will notify the assistant chief
    • An absence of assistant chief the fire chief will be notified
  117. What will you do for missing or broken tools
    Put a note in other injuries and Fire are a mess verbally report to Battalion Chief fill out a form 20 and forward it to assistant chief
  118. What must be done for purchases under $100
    Notify captain to notify Battalion Chief who will notify secretary
  119. Purchases in the amount of $100 or over but less than 500 must be approved by who? If they are not available because of a weekend or holiday who must be notified?
    • Chief or assistant chief
    • Battalion Chief authorize if it’s an emergency and a memo or email will be sent to Secretary
  120. Purchases falling under the term Emergency should be closely monitored by who
    Battalion Chief
  121. Under no circumstances will iMessage take her have a call more than how soon after answering the telephone until the car is passed to the fire dispatcher
    45 seconds
  122. Dispatcher will wait how long after dispatching alarm before checking if they are in route
    30-45 seconds
  123. Who is responsible for the effectiveness of the entire TIS program
    Assistant chief
  124. Who have citation books for inspections
    Truck captains and safety officers
  125. For TIS any material that has what rating in hazmat Handbook for flammability will be closely monitored
  126. Any substance with what rating will be considered a hazardous material
  127. If when inspecting the building you determine that he’s a hazardous material inspection what must be done
    Company officer will complete a form 14 then contact safety officer and hazmat captain
  128. How often will companies be given a TIS assignment
    A monthly basis
  129. Form 15
    Inspection tactical information survey
  130. Your safety health and training committee will assess the needs of the department and make recommendations for changes when
    Quarterly safety meetings
  131. Who will evaluate all wellness and fitness recommendations? And who will oversee changes when needed
    • Safety and training Chief working with Chief
    • Safety and training Chief
  132. Formal debriefings always follow the mobilization within how many hours
    • 72
    • Or a 10 minute talk and then 20 minute rest and then go home
  133. If using should take place within how many hours after the incident
    8 to 12
  134. How long do defusing’s last
    30 to 45 minutes
  135. Who will notify surviving spouse of a line of duty death
    Chief or assistant chief, CISM pier, department chaplain
  136. Any member may initiate activism of CISM team through
    Station officer or Battalion Chief
  137. All department personnel or save a minimum of how many hours CISM training annually
  138. Some departments train drivers to look how far ahead on city streets and highways
    12 seconds on city streets, 20 seconds on highways
  139. The piping system must be able to withstand a hydrostatic test of what
    500 psi
  140. Used to test quality of synthetic based foams
    Foam solution conductivity test
  141. One of the most common types of relief valves
    Spring controlled pilot valve
  142. The density of liquids in relation to water is known as
    Specific gravity
  143. What is usually the maximum lift in a hard intake hose
    25 ft
  144. Selfie ducting master stream foam nozzles are used an excess of 350 GPM with capabilities up to
    14,000 GPM
  145. At 20 foot of lift the amount of water that can be supplied is only
    60% of the rated capacity of the pump
  146. The average of total water using a water distribution system over the period of one year
    Average daily consumption
  147. In residential areas the recommended size for fire hydrant supply men’s is what size and diameter? There should be crossconnect manes at intervals of not more than how many feet and what size are they?
    • 6 in mains
    • 8 in mains cross connect every 600 ft
  148. Braking distance
    Distance from one traveler applies pressure on brake pedal to complete stop
  149. Who designates the staging area in pumper operator
    Operations section chief
  150. Hydrostatic test for pumps perform how long
    Three minutes at 250 psi
  151. Test the quality of foam after it has been made
    Foam solution refractivy test
  152. Most foam concentrates are intended to be mixed with
    94 to 99% of water
  153. Discharges are usually equipped with what type of valve
    Locking ball valve
  154. What is the minimum pump capacity for pumpers
    750 gpm
  155. Screw thread for fire service specified by NF PA 1963
    National standard thread
  156. How far do pre-enters work
    100 feet to half a mile
  157. Portable generators are capable of supplying what
    • 10,000 W in Ariel for 10 hrs
    • 500 wats in pumper
  158. Elevating platform water systems are capable of how many GPM
    • 2000
    • Most are equipped with 2 1/2 in discharge from platform
  159. Highway incidence additional vehicles should be part how far behind other vehicles for shielding apparatus
    150 to 200 feet
  160. What are two types of articulating aerial apparatus
    Water towers and aerial platforms
  161. What are the three types of elevated master streams
    • Ariel letters with piped waterways and water towers
    • Ariel ladders with detachable waterways
    • Elevating platforms
  162. What type of test are done through registering hardness of aluminum ladders
    Conductivity reading
  163. How long should you wait to check oil pressure
    5 to 10 seconds
  164. How far must you stay away from cones on crossover exercise
    4 inches
  165. Factors that work against the aerial device
  166. Modified duty form
  167. Modified duty Human Resources will be reciewed and revised when
    Prior to June 1st
  168. Directing overseeing
  169. Controlling monitoring
  170. Controlling directing conducting guiding
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