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  1. Gestures that are used to emphasize or assist in understanding the verbal message
  2. Supervisor works to maintain team spirit as a group moves toward accomplishing its objectives
  3. The use of what will provide operations free from interference for fire and emergency services
    700 MHz
  4. Relying on Notes or an outline allows the speaker to speak conversational, it is the preferred delivery style that works best in the majority of situations
    Extemporaneous delivery
  5. What is described as a means of testing the ethical value of a decision
    • Four-way test
    • Is it true
    • Is it fair
    • Will it build goodwill and better relationship
    • Will it be beneficial to all concerned
  6. Forms that require the use of pre-designated codes to describe an incident
    National fire incident reporting system
  7. One form of arched roof construction uses what type of trusses as a main supporting member
    Both string
  8. Sharing of information openly and honestly with usually results in a best solution to the conflict
    Calibrating conflict
  9. Employees are uncertain of their roles
  10. What is the primary source of values
    Family first followed by friends, formal education, work, church
  11. Gestures that go with verbal expression of feelings
    Affect display
  12. Gestures that are used to control the flow of verbal conversation
  13. Employers are required to do what is reasonable to accommodate their employees differences
    EEOC regulations
  14. The conditions that affect decisions are classified as what
    Certainty risk and uncertainty
  15. When employer closes the workplace during a labor dispute
  16. Bargaining session schedule or after the labor union issues a formal call for proposals typically how many days before the bargaining session are expected to begin
    60 days
  17. What is the leading cause of fires
    Unknown or undetermined
  18. What elements must exist for a valid tort action
    • Defendant must our legal duty to plaintive
    • There must be a breach of duty
    • Breach of duty must be a proximate cause
    • Plaintiff must have suffered damages as a result
  19. Who will have the responsibility for performing initial accident investigation based on the procedure
    Supervising company officer
  20. Gestures that are used to relieve stress as a speaker
  21. Gestures that take place of verbal communication
  22. Collected by the local government for specified government purpose such as the operation of fire department or ambulance services
    Special purpose tax levy
  23. Plans may be categorized as what
    • Strategic operational
    • Administration contingency
  24. Small scale emergency operation can be affective using what type of radio frequency
  25. Simple training evolutions have how many members
    1 to 5
  26. Most urban emergency services operate at what radio frequency
    • 800 MHZ
    • But have disadvantages of interference
  27. Typically emergency services are what
    Scalar organization
  28. 4 primary areas of employment discrimination
    Disparate treatment, Adverse impact, sexual-harassment, reasonable accommodation
  29. Vowel sounds or tones used to create the verbal message
    Paralanguage or vocalics
  30. Clothing, touch, use of time, and control of the speakers environment
    Self presentation
  31. The complex ability to identify the components of a situation, assess the need for action, determine the nature of necessary intervention, and initiate action
    Command presence
  32. Making decisions can be difficult because of the personal barriers that exist within individual what are they
    • Psychological (internal)
    • Organizational (external)
  33. Six steps of conflict resolution
    Identify problem, diagnose, list options, determine response, convert decision to an action, test action
  34. Development stages
    Forming, storming, norming, performing, adjourning
  35. All fire officer one candidate should complete what
    Instructor one
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