Five Main French Tenses - Marcher

  1. I walk

    I am walking
    Je marche
  2. You walk (inf.)

    You are walking
    Tu marches
  3. He walks

    He is walking
    Il marche
  4. You walk (form.)

    You are walking
    Vous marchez
  5. We walk

    We are walking
    On marche

    Nous marchons
  6. They walk

    They are walking
    Ils / elles marchent
  7. I walked

    I have walked
    j'ai marché
  8. You walked

    You have walked
    tu as marché
  9. she walked

    she has walked
    elle a marché
  10. We walked

    We have walked
    on a marché

    nous avons marché
  11. You walked (form.)

    You have walked
    vous avez marché
  12. They walked

    They have walked
    Ils / elles ont marché
  13. I was walking

    I used to walk
    je marchais
  14. You were walking (inf.)

    You used to walk
    tu marchais
  15. she was walking

    she used to walk
    elle marchait
  16. we were walking

    we used to walk
    on marchait

    nous marchions
  17. you were walking (form.)

    you used to walk
    vous marchiez
  18. they were walking

    they used to walk
    ils / elles marchaient
  19. I will walk
    je marcherai
  20. you will walk (inf.)
    tu marcheras
  21. he will walk
    il marchera
  22. we will walk
    on marchera

    nous marcherons
  23. you will walk (form.)
    vous marcherez
  24. they will walk
    ils / elles marcheront
  25. I would walk
    je marcherais
  26. you would walk (inf.)
    tu marcherais
  27. she would walk
    elle marcherait
  28. we would walk
    on marcherait

    nous marcherions
  29. you would walk (form.)
    vous marcheriez
  30. they would walk
    ils / elles marcheraient
  31. I finish

    I am finishing
    Je finis
  32. you finish (inf.)

    you are finishing
    tu finis
  33. he finishes

    he is finishing
    il finit
  34. we finish

    we are finishing
    on finit

    • nous finissons
  35. you finish (form.)

    you are finishing
    vous finissez
  36. they finish

    they are finishing
    ils / elles finissent
  37. I finished

    I have finished
    J'ai fini
  38. you finished (inf.)

    you have finished
    tu as fini
  39. she finished

    she has finished
    elle a fini
  40. we finished

    we have finished
    on a fini

    nous avons fini
  41. you finished (form)

    you have finished
    vous avez fini
  42. they finished

    they have finished
    ils / elles ont fini
  43. I was finished

    I used to finish
    Je finissais
  44. you were finishing (inf)

    you used to finish
    tu finissais
  45. he was finishing

    he used to finish
    il finissait
  46. we were finishing

    we used to finish
    on finissait

    nous finissions
  47. you were finishing (form)

    you used to finish
    vous finissiez
  48. they were finishing

    they used to finish
    ils / elles finissaient

    • (fee nee say)
  49. I will finish
    Je finirai
  50. you will finish (inf)
    tu finiras
  51. she will finish
    elle finira
  52. we will finish
    on finira

    nous finirons
  53. you will finish (form)
    vous finirez
  54. they will finish
    ils / elles finiront
  55. I would finish
    je finirais
  56. you would finish (inf)
    tu finirais
  57. he would finish
    il finirait
  58. we would finish
    on finirait

    nous finirions
  59. you would finish (form)
    vous finiriez
  60. they would finish
    ils / elles finiraient

    • fee nee ray
  61. I know

    I am knowing
    je connais
  62. you know (inf)

    you are knowing
    tu connais
  63. he knows

    he is knowing
    il connaît
  64. we know

    we are knowing
    on connaît

    nous connaissons
  65. you know (form)

    you are knowing
    vous connaissez
  66. they know

    they are knowing
    ils / elles connaissent

    • co nayss
  67. I knew

    I have known
    j'ai connu
  68. you knew (inf)

    you have known
    tu as connu
  69. she knew

    she has known
    elle a connu
  70. we knew

    we have known
    on a connu

    nous avons connu
  71. you knew (form)

    you have known
    vous avez connu
  72. they knew

    they have known
    ils / elles ont connu
  73. I was knowing

    I used to know
    je connaissais
  74. you were knowing (inf)

    you used to know
    tu connaissais
  75. he was knowing

    he used to know
    il connaissait
  76. we were knowing

    we used to know
    on connaissait

    nous connaissions
  77. you were knowing

    you used to know
    vous connaissiez
  78. they were knowing

    they used to know
    ils / elles connaissaient

    • co ne say
  79. I will know
    je connaîtrai
  80. you will know (inf)
    tu connaîtras
  81. she will know
    elle connaîtra
  82. we will know
    on connaîtra

    nous connaîtrons
  83. you will know (form)
    vous connaîtrez
  84. they will know
    ils / elles connaîtront

    • co nay tron
  85. I would know
    je connaîtrais
  86. you would know (inf)
    tu connaîtrais
  87. he would know
    il connaîtrait
  88. we would know
    on connaîtrait

    nous connaîtrions
  89. you would know (form)
    vous connaîtriez
  90. they would know
    ils / elles connaîtraient

    • co nay tray
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