Medical Marijuana FHP Prom Test

  1. Low THC Hemp, ______ or ______is not cannabis and is not illegal.

    B.   .8% or less
  2. Because of the legalization of Hemp, many law enforcement agencies, including FHP, have adopted what is called the ____________ to determine probable cause to conduct a search of a vehicle upon the smell of cannabis.

    D.   Odor plus standard
  3. The new standard requires troopers to obtain _____ beyond the mere scent of marijuana in order to establish _____ for a search of the vehicle.

    D. circumstantial, probable cause
  4. Legal medical marijuana _____ be the subject to presumptive test.

    A. shall not
  5. A positive test with the Cannabis Typification Test kit indicates the substance in question has a THC level above ____ and is therefore _________.

    B. .3%, illegal
  6. Members who obtain additional evidence, but do not have access to the new Cannabis Typification Test kit _____ consult the ______.

    D. must, troop legal advisor
  7. RCC members are authorized to provide information concerning the patient, caregiver, or transported (except patient diagnosis) via ____ or the ____ to a trooper conducting a marijuana investigation.

    A. the radio, t-drive
  8. A person who improperly accesses the MMUR, or who willfully and knowingly fails to keep MMUR information confidential and exempt commits a ______ of the _________ degree.

    C. felony, 3rd degree
  9. Low THC cannabis means a plant of genus Cannabis, the dried flowers of which contain ________ or less of THC and more than 10% of ______ weight for weight including the seeds, the resin, extracted from any part of the plant.

    B. .8%; cannabidiol
  10. ________ means the acquisition, possession, use, delivery, transfer, or administration of marijuana authorized by a physician certification.

    A. Medical use
  11. ________ means a resident of this state who has been added to the medical marijuana ________ by a qualified physician to receive marijuana and a marijuana delivery device for medical use and who has a qualified patient identification card.

    D. Qualified patient; use registry
  12. A qualified physician may not issue a physician certification for marijuana in a form for smoking to a patient under ___ unless the patient is diagnosed with a terminal condition, the qualified physician determines that smoking is the most effective route of administration for the patient and a second physician who is board-certified concurs.

    B. 18 years old
  13. The department shall create and maintain a secure, electronic, and online medical marijuana use registry for physicians, patients, and ____ as provided under this section.

    C. caregivers
  14. A caregiver must be ___ years old and a resident of the state.

    D. 21
  15. If a patient is younger than ___ years old, only a caregiver may purchase or administer marijuana for medical use by the qualified patient.

    D. 18
  16. To ensure the safe transportation of marijuana and delivery devices to medical treatment centers, marijuana testing laboratories, or qualified patients, a medical marijuana treatment center must:  Maintain a transportation manifest in any vehicle transporting marijuana manifest must be generated from a medical marijuana treatment center's seed to sale tracking system.  It must include the departure date and approximate time; Name, location and license number of the originating center; Name and address of the recipient; arrival date and estimated time of arrival; vehicle make, model and ______ ; name and signature of employee delivering product; receive signature of person receiving product.

    C. tag number
  17. A person who fraudulently represents that he or she has a qualifying medical condition to a qualified for physician for the purpose of being issued a medical marijuana card commits a _____.

    C. 1st degree misdemeanor
  18. A qualified patient who uses marijuana, not including low THC cannabis or a caregiver who administers the same in plain view of or in a place open to the general public; in school bus, a vehicle, aircraft or a boat; or on the ground of a school except as provided in s. 1006.062 commits a __________.

    D. 1st degree misdemeanor
  19. A qualified patient or caregiver in possession of marijuana or delivery device who fails or refuses to present his or her marijuana registry ID card upon the request of an LEO commits a ____ unless it can be proven through the registry that the person is authorized to be in possession.

    C. 2nd degree misdemeanor
  20. A person transporting marijuana or delivery devices on behalf of a medical marijuana treatment center or testing laboratory who fails or refuses to present a transportation manifest upon the request a law enforcement officer commits a _________.

    B. 2nd degree misdemeanor
  21. A person who manufactures,distributes sells, gives, or possesses with the intent to manufacture, distribute, sell or give marijuana or a delivery device that he or she holds out to have originated from a licensed medical marijuana treatment center but that is counterfeit commits a ______.

    B. 3rd degree felony
  22. A person who possesses or manufactures a blank, forged, stolen, fictitious, fraudulent, counterfeit, or otherwise unlawfully issued medical marijuana use registry ID card commits a ______.

    C. 3rd degree felony
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