FHP PBA Questions

  1. When an allegation is made against an employee, the state will make every reasonable effort to ensure that the allegation and any related statements are ____________________. The written allegation shall be known as a complaint. (Chapt 7)

    D. All the above
  2. Employees shall be informed of the right to have a union representative in attendance at the interview and where requested, an employee shall be given ___ hours to contact, consult with, and secure the attendance of a representative at the interview. (Chap 7)

    A. 48
  3. If he is the subject of the investigation, the employee and his representative will also be informed of each complaint or allegation against him and they shall be permitted to review all written statements and recordings made by the complainant and witnesses at least ______ prior to the commencement of the interview. (Chap 7)

    C. One hour
  4. Only _________ may be inserted in personnel records. (Chap 7)

    A. Sustained findings
  5. Internal investigations will ordinarily be completed within _________ days from the date the complaint is filed, unless circumstances necessitate a longer period. An investigation shall not exceed ________ days without the approval of the Agency Head or designee. ( Chap 7)

    C. 45 / 120
  6. Where an employee works hours in excess of their regular schedule, the state has the ability to adjust the employee’s schedule as long as it occurs within the same work period and provided the employee receives notice of the adjustment __________ to the commencement of the employee’s adjusted shift for a 40-hour work period, or 24 hours’ notice for an 80-hour work period or 36 hours’ notice for a 160-hour work period. The state will make a good faith effort to offset such extra hours in eight-hour increments. (Chapt 18)

    C. Prior
  7. Where an employee has an established schedule, a change in workdays or shifts will be posted no less than ________________ in advance and will reflect at least a two-workweek schedule; however, the state will make a good faith effort to reflect a one-month schedule. In the event of a declared emergency, the notice requirement of this Section may be void. (Chap 18)

    C. 14 calendar days
  8. An employee will only be permitted to accumulate a maximum of __________ hours of “FLSA compensatory leave” credits, which may be taken in any increments at the employee’s discretion provided the FLSA compensatory leave is taken by June 30 or December 31 of each year. (Chapt 18)

    A. 80
  9. If the FLSA compensatory leave is not utilized by the employee by June 30 or December 31 of each year, all unused “FLSA compensatory leave” credits at the close of business on December 31 and June 30 shall be paid for at the employee’s __________________of the regular hourly rate. (Chapt 18)

    B. Straight time
  10. When an employee earns special compensatory leave credits, the employee shall have ___________calendar days in which to use the earned special compensatory leave time. (Chapt 18)

    D. 60
  11. After an employee has used a total of ______ hours of accrued sick, annual, of compensatory leave, or leave without pay, the agency may request permission from the Department of Management Services to continue the employee in full-pay status for a subsequent period of not more than _______ weeks from the date requested by the agency. (chapt 18)

    D. 100 / 26
  12. An employee who is required to be on-call on a Saturday, Sunday, and/or a holiday as listed in section 110.117(1), F.S., shall be paid an on-call additive in an amount per hour equal to ______ of the statewide hourly minimum for the employee’s paygrade for the hour(s) such employee is required to be on-call. (Chapt 24)

    B. 1/4
  13. An employee called out to work at a time not contiguous with the employee’s scheduled hours of work shall be credited for actual time worked, or a minimum of _____________, whichever is greater. (Chap 24)

    C. 4 hours
  14. If an employee is subpoenaed to appear as a witness in a job-related court case, not during the employee’s regularly assigned shift, the employee shall be credited for actual time worked, or a minimum of _____________ hours, whichever is greater. (Chapt 24)

    A. Two and one-half
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