Competencies CP

  1. Inspection - Level 2 examples
    • Dalston
    • Agency / Valuation 
    • Inspected a unit on behalf of the LL for RR purposes
    • Found there to be 4 new lettings on the high street 
    • Reported to my client 

    • Cambridge 
    • Agency 
    • Inspected a unit to bring to market 
    • Works had just been carried out on the unit therefore was looking at marketability of the property 
    • Looked at layout / specification
  2. Inspection - Level 3 examples
    • Peterborough 
    • Agency 
    • Inspected a unit for marketability purposes 
    • Carried out local area inspection and did a GAP analysis on the vicinity 
    • Advised client to amalgamate units as they were too small and install shop fronts as there was hoarding across the front 
    • As it stood it looked very unappealing 

    • Rochester 
    • Agency 
    • Was looking to bring a unit to market 
    • Found there to be a leak coming from one of the pipes 
    • Took photos and established that a seal had broke 
    • Informed client immediately and recommended client contact a plumber
  3. Measurement - Level 2 examples
    • Gravesend
    • Zoning 
    • Zoned a unit we were bringing to market 
    • Couldn't get to the structural wall therefore had to remove a ceiling tile 

    • Orpington 
    • Zoning 
    • Measured the unit on a NIA basis 
    • Removed columns and a rear corridor which served two other units
  4. Valuation - Level 2 examples
    • Buckinghamshire - Development site 
    • Residual method of valuation - NOT RED BOOK 
    • Carried out a residual method of valuation to establish land cost for a development my client was interested in 

    • Ashford 
    • Comparable method of valuation - NOT RED BOOK
    • Established the ERV for a unit in Ashford 
    • Inspected and measured the unit 
    • Search and selected comparable evidence 
    • Formed opinion of value for the property and marketed
  5. Leasing & Letting - Level 2 examples
    • Dartford 
    • Leasing 
    • Leased a shop for a occupational client in Dartford 
    • LL wanted the lease outside the act however my client was adamant that if they were to take the site it would need to be inside the act 

    • Coventry 
    • Letting 
    • Was involved in a LR on behalf of a client who was outside the act 
    • Found the unit to have an EPC rating of F 
    • Client had to carry out works to the unit to take the unit above E rating
  6. Leasing & Letting - Level 3 examples
    • Orpington 
    • Letting 
    • Was bringing a unit to market 
    • Had to obtain an EPC as it was a newly created unit 
    • Advised my client we market it solely to the A3 market

    • Rochester
    • Letting
    • Created marketing details for a unit in Rochester
    • Received interest from a A1 and A5 operator
    • Advised my client to go with the A1 operator due to covenant strength. Also advised that we may have issues obtaining planning permission for A5 consent
  7. Landlord & Tenant - Level 2 examples
    • Wood Green 
    • RR - Tenant 
    • Inspected and measured property 
    • Search and selected comparable 
    • Obtain opinion of ERV 
    • Advised client to serve RR trigger notice via a solicitor at Nil increase  

    • Eastbourne 
    • RR - Landlord
    • Inspected and measured property 
    • Search and selected comparable 
    • Obtain opinion of ERV 
    • Advised client to serve RR trigger notice via a solicitor at Nil increase
  8. Property Records - Level 2 examples
    • Orpington
    • Town lease expiry schedule 
    • Created a town lease expiry schedule so that we could target tenants to come into our scheme 

    • Retailer requirements Schedule 
    • I created a retailer requirements live list for the towns in which we were involved in for example Peterborough, Orpington and Coventry
  9. Property Records - Level 3 examples
    • Barber Leasing Schedule 
    • Created a lease expiry schedule for one of our occupational clients so that we could procure lease events 
    • Split the properties up into 0-1, 1-2, 2-5 5+ years 

    • Client estate schedule 
    • Created an estate schedule for the properties in which I was dealing with using databases we had 
    • Combined all the information onto one live google doc sheet
  10. Strategic RE Consultancy - Level 2 examples
    • Peterborough 
    • Assisted senior manager in advising client to amalgamate units together in the open mall area to better suit retailer requirements 

    • Vape acquisition 
    • Assisted in advising client in looking at existing portfolio and see which sites perform better 
    • Found sites adjacent to large format supermarkets performed better in a social grade of C1
  11. Strategic RE Consultancy - Level 3 examples
    • Orpington 
    • Advised client in moving an anchor tenant to a vacant anchor site so we can start with the redevelopment of the entrance 

    • Coventry 
    • Advised my client to repurpose the open mall area 
    • Had a number of occupiers on licences 
    • Wanted to create a hub for people to congregate
    • Advised my client to seek advice from planners and architects regarding putting 2-3 units A3 / coffee units
  12. Purchase and Sale - Level 2 examples
    • Farnborough 
    • Assisted in drafting marketing details and uploading relevant info in data room 
    • Received offers 
    • Offers weren't at clients level 
    • Decided to sell via auction 

    • Development site - MK 
    • Assisted in drafted details for client 
    • Uploaded data in data room 
    • Received offers and reported them through 
    • Negotiated one offer as it far exceeded clients expectations
    • Concluded via private treaty
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