General procedure part 2

  1. Who is responsible for completing payroll adjustments and who reviews them
    • Station officer
    • Battalion Chief
  2. Payroll adjustment will be taken from the computer or the next day by who? Any updating of this Information must be approved by who
    • Seceretay
    • Fire chief or assistant chief
  3. Time will be reported in what*** test
    1/10 of hours
  4. One hour of leave shall be authorized by Who an additional hour can be authorized by who
    • Lieutenant
    • Captain
  5. What must be filled out for on duty injury
    P 40
  6. P40 must be forwarded to the fire department administrative office by when
    The end of the shift it occurred
  7. Your p40 must be in risk management office within how many hours after injury
    • 24 hrs
    • On weekends and holidays the first working day following injury
  8. If an on duty injury occurs who must be notified
    • Safety and training coordinator
    • Who will then notify risk management
  9. P10
    Medical release form
  10. If a member suffers in on duty injury that requires immediate medical attention who will accompany the member to the hospital
    • Battalion Chief unless still out of service then the safety and training Chief
    • The assistant chief will also be notified and report to hospital in his absence the chief of the department will
  11. Who will be responsible for completion of appropriate forms at hospital when an injury occurs
    The ranking fire department officer
  12. If the incident commander deems a injury received at a incident is serious enough who will be notified
    • The chief of the department the assistant chief and Chaplin well report to the hospital
    • The safety and training Chief will report to the location of the incident
  13. Who will investigate all injuries requiring hospitalization
    Safety and training Chief
  14. The safety and training chief will take charge of the members protective clothing and SCBA the closing will not be released until completion of the investigation at the discretion of who
    Chief or assistant chief
  15. It is the responsibility of who to follow up with hospitals about injuries
    Safety and training Chief
  16. What is minimum staffing
  17. Who will be the first company is reduced to three
  18. The combine staffing at Station 5 and 6 will not fall below a level of what? With no fewer than how many of the combined personal being hazmat? At least how many hazmat personnel must be a Station 6?
    • 10
    • 7
    • 2
  19. The engine company will remain in service with as few as how many members
  20. When will vacation we schedule
    September 15
  21. Leave request of how many shifts will be giving preference ***test***
    4 or more consecutive shifts
  22. No more than how many members of a company may be scheduled off
  23. Not more than how many officers may be scheduled off at the same time? Not more than how many of operation captains maybe scheduled off?
    • 6 officers
    • 2 captains
  24. Leave not be carried over from year to year except with approval of who
  25. How many CE’s are required for firefighters per year
  26. There will be a minimum of how many hours per quarter designated for safety and training determined by safety and training division
  27. There will be a minimum of how many hours each quarter for district training? Who is responsible for saying that there is blank map for each box in the city?
    • 4 hours
    • Battalion chief
  28. Battalion Chief’s aide will only be evaluated on the streets in the first run of what
    Truck one
  29. During what months or Battalion Chief evaluate training records? If members are not receiving adequate training the battalion Chief will make up schedule training an email will be sent to safety and training coordinator and Safety and training Chief
    March June September December
  30. Who is responsible for overall departmental training
    Safety and training Chief
  31. Who is responsible for coordinating training activities on their shift
    Safety and training coordinators
  32. When will the dispatcher notify code red
  33. What will be most recently relieved battalion Chief do on a 103
    Assume Battalion 2 at station 1
  34. What will be most safety and training coordinators do on a 103
    • Most recently relieved will get safety vehicle and put it back in service
    • The other safety and training coordinator report to the incident to assist with safety
  35. If most recently relieved Battalion Chief cannot be notified for Battalion 2 who will be notified next and so on
    • Other battalion chief
    • Training chief
    • Off duty captain
  36. What were the off-duty Battalion Chief aids do on a 103
    • Most recently relieved to report to Station 1 to assist Battalion 2
    • The other Chief aid report to the incident
  37. If both Chief aids are unable to respond and 103 what will happen
    Battalion 2 will appoint a member
  38. Unless required to assume Battalion 2 what will the training Chief do on a 103
    Report to the incident
  39. When I signal 104 how many off-duty firefighters will be recalled ***test***
    Minimum of 20 beginning with the most recently relieved shift
  40. Who will supervise the recall of an off duty personnel on extra alarms
    Battalion 2
  41. On a signal 105 what happens
    All off duty personnel will be recalled
  42. All recalled personnel will report where
    To the staging manager at the staging area
  43. Who is the infection control officer
    Safety and training Chief
  44. The three major areas of responsibility but effective implementation of exposure control plan will focus on
    • Department managers and supervisors
    • The infection control officer
    • Fire department employees
  45. Who is ultimately responsible for all policies and procedures of the department including infection control plan? Battalion Chief’s captains and Station officers are responsible for exposure control where?
    • Chief and assistant chief
    • In their respective work area
  46. All members are required to complete what infection control training
    • Initial infection control training at the time of assignment to test for occupational exposure may occur
    • Refresher training at least annually
  47. Written records of all training sessions will be maintained for how long
    Three years
  48. Who shall establish and maintain an accurate infection record of each employee
    Infection control officer city approved physician and risk management
  49. And employer must keep medical records of employee how many years after employment
  50. Any member with any disease exposure will immediately report the exposure to who
    Battalion Chief
  51. The Battalion Chief will notify the infection control officer within how many hours of an exposure? If they are not available we will be notified?
    • Three hours
    • Fire chief or assistant chief
  52. Documentation of an exposure requires what forms
    P40 and form17
  53. If an exposure occurs the affected medical facility has how many hours to review the infection control officer request of testing
  54. It is a matter of policy that what will be adhered to at all times fire department personnel are subjected to an occupational exposure ***test***
    Universal precautions
  55. For equipment that decontamination it’s not feasible what will happen
    It will be tagged
  56. What is the single most important infection control procedure
  57. Disposable equipment should be bagged at scene using what
    Red bags
  58. What is a designated decontamination area that all fire stations
  59. How do you clean BP cuffs backboards etc.
    Wipe clean of any debris using hot soapy water wipe clean with water then wipe with disinfectant and allow to air dry
  60. How will Delicate equipment like radios be cleaned
    Wipe clean up any debris using hot water wipe with clean water then wipe with disinfectant and allow to air dry
  61. Contaminated structural gear will be cleaned how when infected
    • With hot soapy water followed by a rinse with clean water then air dry
    • Do not use bleach
  62. Who will schedule hazmat physicals
    Hazardous materials team coordinator
  63. All firefighters are trained to the operational level for hazardous material response as defined by who
    OSHA epa
  64. How many firefighters will be involved in a medical surveillance program of the hazmat team
  65. Hazmat physicals will be provided within how many days of assignment to the hazardous material team
  66. Hazmat physicals will be done how often
    At least every 2 years
  67. The treadmill test may be included in hazmat physical if
    • The city physician thinks it is necessary due to poor physical condition
    • With approval of the chief
  68. Post exposure medical evaluation Will be provided within how many hours of exposure to the hazmat incident
  69. PEL
    • Permissible exposure limit
    • Short term exposure limit
  70. Who will insure that each firefighters medical data will be collected and made available to the attending physicians on a post hazmat incident
    Hazardous material safety officer
  71. A termination medical evaluation will not be necessary if the fire fighter has had a periodic medical evaluation within how present with no documented subsequent exposure or reported medical symptoms that relate to the occupational exposure
    6 months
  72. Termination medical evaluation will be provided within how many days Of leaving hazmat team
    30 days
  73. If any fire fighter develop symptoms consistent with an hazmat exposure who will be notified
    Risk management city physician Hazardous materials response team coordinator
  74. Who will determine if the firefighters complaint relates to a previous hazardous material exposure
    City physician
  75. Who will arrange for securing him a training in transferring all medical records
    The city designated position or PA
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