General procedures section 1

  1. If involved in a vehicle accident you must remain at the scene until dismissed by who
    Police and superior fire department officer
  2. If involved in a vehicle accident who must you notify
    Dispatcher police fire department supervisors and risk management
  3. Major vehicle accident
    Involving injuries
  4. Motor vehicle accident
    Accident not involving injury
  5. Who investigate all major in minor accidents
    On duty safety and training coordinator
  6. Who will be notified about accidents major or minor
    Assistant chief
  7. Form for a vehicle accident
    P 39
  8. If any other fire department officer investigates an accident besides safety and training coordinator a memorandum will be sent to who
    Department safety officer ( training chief)
  9. Member shall make no statement or grant any interview about an accident without permission of who? Person seeking to talk to member about accident should be referred to who?
    • Chief of department
    • Referred to risk management or city attorney
  10. Member she’ll not sign any paper or documents relating to accident with exemption of official police reports without approval of who
    Fire chief
  11. On all accidents involving fire department equipment who will be responsible for having an investigation conducted
    Assistant chief
  12. The committee shall confirm with who for any disciplinary action is taken following a vehicle accident
    Assistant chief
  13. Who shall be loaded as approved by who
    Personal development division
  14. Booster hose shall be washed and dried with what after each use
  15. Oh who is greater than what size will be marked using stencils and paint
    1 inch
  16. Hello hundred foot sections of 5 inch I was been marked
    5 foot on both sides from the ends and the midsection on both sides
  17. For 50 foot and shorter sections pose I will be marked
    3 foot from each coupling on both sides
  18. Inspect hose markings when
    During hose change and annual test
  19. Can oil of any kind we used on the hose threads are couplings
  20. Fart apartment vehicles must not be driven over hose smaller than what
    5 inch
  21. The fire department vehicles should be driven over hose what must be done
  22. Do you hoes take him to the station shall be properly marked and placed in service within how many calendar days
  23. Who will be notified make arrangements to pick up replace hose
    Battalion Chief
  24. Dirty house or not be allowed to remain on the apparatus for more than how many hours
  25. When will hose change be done
    March June September December
  26. Who will approve the delay of hose change during freezing temperatures
    Battalion Chief
  27. Tour may be removed on dirty hoes using what
  28. Clean dirty hoes using what
    Scrub brush or broom and a solution of mild detergent
  29. Who is responsible for quarterly house change
    Company officers
  30. Who shall frequently inspect to ensure hose is being cleaned and changed
    Battalion Chief
  31. And engine will not be put back into service until how much of this load has been replenished
    700 ft of primary load two crosslys and highrise
  32. If an alarm is received while changing hose what will happen
    One member will be left with hose
  33. Hose that is frozen during use shall have what done
    Thawed and service tested
  34. The last engine to leave a scene so I’m not leave any fire department hose and less order to do so by who
    Battalion Chief
  35. Who shall maintain a true and accurate record of all hose and appliances
    Assistant chief
  36. Pinholes and tears should be marked by drawing a band around each side of the leak with what
  37. Booster hose testing pressure
  38. 1 3/4 testing pressure
    300 pounds
  39. 2 1/2 and 3 in testing pressure
  40. 5 in and soft suction testing pressure
  41. When will hose test be done
  42. Hose shall be tested with a maximum length of what ***test
    300 ft
  43. Who is appliances will be inspected and tested during annual his test what is the test pressure for each appliance
    The same as the hose it is connected to
  44. How long do you test hose for
    Three minutes
  45. All 5 inch hose will be inspected for what
    Liner delamination
  46. Who is responsible for sharing SCBA receive appropriate inspections and care
    Company and station officer
  47. The test date on fiberglass wrapped cylinders should be less than what
    Three years
  48. Each in service SCBA will be thoroughly inspected annually by who
    Department certified service technicians
  49. Daily SCBA records we maintainedFor how long
    12 months
  50. What will be used to clean SCBA
    Mild detergent and wheel brush (if available wescodyne may be used)
  51. SCBA face pieces will be cleaned by submerging them in what
    Wescodyne soulution or disenfectant soap and water
  52. Who will monitor the condition of flags
    Station officer
  53. How long is a flag expected to last
    One year
  54. Who will the old flag be sent to for disposal
    Safety and training Chief
  55. There are approximately how many fire hydrants in the city
  56. Who is in charge of Hydrant maintenance program
    Captain Station 1 a
  57. All materials equipment and tools for hydrants will be provided through
    Battalion Chief
  58. No Hydrik maintenance will be done between what hours
    0800-0900 and 1600-1800
  59. Form 37
    Hydrant maintenance work sheet
  60. Form 38
    • Fire hydrant work order
    • Will be sent to water dept
  61. Grass shall be trimmed to provide at least how many feet of clearance around a fire hydrant?with a path flaring to at least how many feet on the road?
    • 3ft
    • 6ft by road
  62. Who’s responsibility is it to have obstructions removed around hydrants
    Water department
  63. Red hydrant
  64. Orange hydrant
  65. Green hydrant
  66. Blue hydrant
  67. Whose responsibility is it to research purchase an issue repair and replace structural gear
    Safety and training Chief
  68. The appearance of fine cracks in the surface of helmet shell or other smooth surface or element
  69. Each members regular maintenance And cleaning records of gear shall be entered by who and verified by who? Who for the particular shift will verify all entries
    • Entered by member
    • Verified by captain
    • Safety and training coordinator for each shift will verify all entries
  70. If instructions are not received a new gear you can request the instructions from who
    Safety and training coordinator
  71. Who must approve substitute for department issued gear
    Safety and training chief and chief of department
  72. Annual gear inspection
    Station 2 shall conduct
  73. Who shall conduct quarterly inspections of gear
    Safety and training division
  74. Who will conduct monthly inspection of gear
  75. End user inspection
    Done each shift by member
  76. Defined as visually dirty word dirty to church with normal non-hazardous material
  77. Defined as exposed to hazardous material blood or other body fluid or biological agent
  78. Questions about an item Safety and serviceability should be directed to who
    Safety and training coordinator safety and training Chief
  79. Advanced cleaning shall be performed when
    As needed or at least annually
  80. Do not use what to clean helmets
    Industrial strength detergents, solvents, petroleum products
  81. Outer shells of structure boots shall be cleaned with what
    Mild laundry detergent
  82. What is water rescue rope made of
    Polyethylene or polypropylene
  83. Utility rope may be made of what
    Varying types of construction
  84. Halyards are made of what
    3/8 #1 grade Manila
  85. Utility rope is made of what
    1/2 #1 grade Manila or kernmantle 75ft
  86. Water rescue rope is made of what
    100ft of polypropylene
  87. Life safety rope is made of what
    150 -200ft 1/2 in of static kernmantle
  88. Haul system is made of what
    150ft of 1/2 in kernmantle
  89. All units will carry at least how many bags of utility rope
  90. When will rope harness and hardware be inspected
    Each Tuesday
  91. Rope inspection will be done when and by who
    • Station 5 B
    • January
  92. Anytime integrity of rope harness or hardware comes into question of serviceability what will happen
    Safety and training coordinator will be notified form 20 will be filled out, rope will be retired at his discretion
  93. How do you inspect rope
    Two members will hold rope tightly and inspect every 12 to 24 inches
  94. Retired life safety rope maybe reduced and used as utility rope at the discretion of who
    Safety and training Chief
  95. What will be used to clean rope and how do you clean
    • Tide detergent in cool water
    • Agitate the rope in solution for 10 to 15 minutes
  96. Who will make reasonable accommodations for a member to study in the public safety training center
    • Safety and training Chief or coordinator
    • Study material is available 24 hours a day
  97. Station library will be inventoried when
    Daily at the beginning of each shift
  98. Station library materials will be issued by who and who’s responsibility is it to ensure they are returned
    Company officer
  99. Discovery of missing library materials will require what
    Company officer to report a loss to Battalion Chief
  100. Who may amend the rules and regs
    Chief or assistant chief
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