Aerial apparattus

  1. What is the number 2 fatality related deaths of firefighters after cardiac arrest
    Responding to emergencies
  2. Aerial apparatus can only be driven which way when loading hose
  3. What percentage of firefighters deaths are caused by vehicle collision going to a call
    20 to 25%
  4. Snow chains may not be effective in depth of what
    3-6 inches
  5. What type of testing is used to test aerial
    Load test
  6. What uses soundwaves to test aerial
    Ultrasonic testing
  7. Air leakage should not be more than how many psi per minute
  8. Nondestructive testing of apparatus is done how often
    Five years
  9. Portable lights use wattage
    300 to 1000
  10. Fixed lights use what wattage
    500 to 1500
  11. Control pedestals are usually how tall
    3 1/2 feet
  12. What are used to extend the third fourth and fifth section of most Aerials
    Aircraft quality cables and pulleys made of high-strength steel cured plow still
  13. What is the oldest pre-piped Aerial waterway
    Bed ladder pipe
  14. Telescoping waterways are made out of what type of steel are what size an can flow how much water
    Aluminum, 4 inches, 1000 GPM
  15. Some articulating platforms are capable of telescoping how many feet
    55 to 85 feet
  16. Can A heat reflective shield lose ability to reflect heat
    Through age dirt and damage
  17. Truck companies are required to carry what 3 ladders at a minimum
    Attic ladder, roof ladder, extension ladder
  18. Portable generators are capable of supplying
    10,000 W
  19. Vehicle mounted generators usually supply
    12,000 W
  20. Rescue vehicles supply how many watts
  21. What is the maximum flow of water towers and the common heigh
    1000 to 5000 GPM 50 to 130ft
  22. Fog curtain nozzles on aerial platforms flow how many gpm
  23. Elevating platforms must have a minimum load capacity of what without water, and how much one waterway is charged
    750 lbs, 500lbs
  24. What is the minimum square ft of the floor area on a platform
  25. Rails on a platform may have no opening larger than what
    24 inches
  26. What are the most common materials for building aerial ladders
    Aluminum alloy and steel
  27. What are the three main components of a hydraulic system
    Hydraulic fluid, pump, reservoir
  28. What types of pumps are used a hydraulic pumps
    Rotary vein or rotary gear
  29. How is Aerial platform height measured
    We extended an elevated from the ground to the highest rung
  30. What is the most common aerial ladder platform apparatus in service
    Straight Chasisi, three axle vehicle with rear mounted Aerial
  31. What is a foot plate
    4 inch metal plate that runs around bottom edge of platform
  32. The latter must be positioned how for a ladder pipe to be used
    Between 70 to 80°
  33. Elevating platform water systems are capable of how many GPM
  34. How many watts is Aerial inverter capable of supplying
  35. The aerial platform must be capable of supplying how many GPM at any position
  36. Platforms 110 feet or shorter must be able to be raised extended and rotated 90 degrees in how many seconds? What is the requirements for more than 110ft
    150 and no requirements
  37. If engine must be left idling a long time what should the RPMs be set on
    900 to 1100 high idle
  38. At highway incidents additional vehicles should be parked how far behind other vehicles for shielding apparatus
    150 to 200ft
  39. Railroad companies advise vehicles to stay how far away from tracks and above
    25 ft
  40. The maximum loading for any unsupported aerial occurs at what angle
    70 to 80°
  41. If Aerial device Is used for horizontal ventilation how is it placed
    Upper corner of the Upwind side
  42. Ground ladders should extend how far past roof level
    6 ft
  43. How should the platform be placed in conjunction with roof
    With the floor of the platform level with a roof
  44. What is a blitz attack
    A large diameter stream spraying from the exterior into the building
  45. What is ice shrugging
    Moving aerial in and out to remove ice
  46. How far should the aerial maintain away from electrical lines
    10 feet
  47. Apparatus in staging should do what
    Shut off engine and lights
  48. What are the main tactical uses for any aerial
    Rescue, access to upper levels, ventilation, fire suppression
  49. How do you approach a rescue with an aerial
    Up wind and above
  50. Stabilizer pads are usually how big
    24 by 24 in
  51. What are the different types of stabilizers
    Straight down, box type, or fulcrum (a frame)
  52. When stabilizing a tiller what is the best angle of stability for the tractor trailer? Good stabability occurs at angles up to what?
    60° /90 degrees
  53. Never stabilize a tiller at an angle greater than what
  54. Do not operate an aerial device in winds greater than what
  55. A steady load constant or gradual
    Static load
  56. A sudden load
    Shock load
  57. One cubic inch of ice weighs
    .3 lbs
  58. What is the best way to apply blitz attack
    Deflect water off ceiling the fire room at an angle of 30° through the window
  59. Water adds how much weight to a structure
    1 ton per minute for every 250gpm
  60. When putting firefighters on a roof with an aerial ladder extend fly how far
    6 feet above the edge of the roof
  61. When performing a rescue through window place what part of the ladder on the windowsill
    First rung
  62. When rescuing a victim with an aerial platform what do you do
    Place top rail of aerial even with the windowsill
  63. When rescuing a victim from a Hi rise how do you position apparatus
    Perpendicular to the window
  64. What is the main objective when using Aerial apparatus for rescue
    Reach as many victims or point of egress as possible with minimum number of Aerial movements
  65. Nort American ladders range from what height? And across seas they can reach what?
    50 to 135 ft / 200ft
  66. Aerial ladder platforms range in what size
    85 to 110ft
  67. Common sizes of telescoping aerial platforms are what
    75 to 100 ft
  68. Telescoping aerial platforms have 2 or more sections made of what kind of construction
    Box beam or tubular truss beam construction
  69. Bottom section of the ladder is called
    Base or bed
  70. Most telescoping waterways are capable of flows of what
  71. Detachable ladder pipes are typically limited to flows less than what
  72. Most detachable ladder pipe appliances restrict sideways movement of nozzle to what? They should operated at a ladder position of what?
    15 degrees in either direction... 70 to 80 degrees
  73. Air pressure warning should sound when
    By 60 psi
  74. How much longer does it take to stop on snow and ice
    3 to 15 times
  75. When providing access for Ventilating a flat roof the driver should position the aerial where?
    On the unburnt side of the building as close as possible to the area being ventilated
  76. Aerial ladders should be extended how far past roof level for ventilation
    6 ft
  77. Elevated streams are most commonly used in what
    Defensive operations
  78. The aerial apparatus is most stable when?
    When the aerial is operated directly over the apparatus
  79. When operating an aerial on an incline always have the ladder?
    Running uphill
  80. Unsupported
  81. The maximum loading for any unsupported aerial occurs at what angle?
    70 to 80 degrees
  82. All units in the staging area should leave there lights off except
    Staging area manager
  83. All apparatus should be kept outside dike area except
    If dike has a road on it but it must be continuously monitored
  84. Stabilizers should be used when
  85. Pneumatic systems require what psi for pto to be operated
    50 to 140psi
  86. Most common type of stabilizer
    Box type
  87. Correction of lateral unevenness can be achieved on grades of what
    5 to 6 %
  88. If operating sideways on a hill which side should the aerial be operated on
    Operated on the high side running uphill
  89. Aerial ladder tip should be how far hovering above building and allowed to settle onto building when firefighters near the top
    4 to 6 inches
  90. When should guy ropes be used
    Winds exceeding 35 mph and when extending the ladder more than 75ft
  91. What can be applied to help prevent ice buildup on aerials
  92. What are the 2 types of articulating aerial apparatus
    Water towers and aerial platforms
  93. Overall plan for incident attack and control
  94. Transfer of heat by the movement of heated fluids or gases usually in an upward direction
  95. The speed with which fluid travels
  96. Velocity is increased beyond the normal limits refresh and become so great that the entire stream is agitated by resistance this is called
    Critical velocity
  97. I was larger than what cannot be used for headlines
    3 inch
  98. Valve on water mains should be operated how often
    At least once a year
  99. Standard articulating aerial platforms range in what height
    55 to 85ft
  100. Parking brake should hold on what grade
  101. Most commonly used test on Aluminum aerial
    Hardness testing
  102. Greatest stab abilities occur at what angle for tillers
    • 60 degrees
    • Good stab ability up to 90 degrees
  103. What are the three types of elevated masters streams
    • Ariel ladders with Piped waterways and water towers
    • Ariel ladders with detachable waterways
    • Elevating platforms
  104. What is a hot shift PTO
    Engaged when transmission is in neutral
  105. What is the most common type of Ariel fire apparatus in North America
    Aerial ladder apparatus
  106. Qualifications for to be a quint
    Size of pump, size of tank, amount of hose, type of ground ladders, prepiped waterway
  107. Hydraulic hose must withstand a pressure of how many times greater than what needed
  108. Checking tires with a mallet is called what
  109. Turns light on at various intervals
    Load sequencer
  110. Shuts off lights when needed
    Load shedding
  111. What type of test in spec’s welds
    Magnetic particle inspection
  112. What type of test are done through registering hardness of aluminum ladders
    Conductivity readings
  113. Tess ladder with dye under ultraviolet light
    Liquid penetrating test
  114. Test with high frequency sound waves on bolts and hinges
    Ultrasonic testing
  115. Uses soundwaves to inspect at a distant point
    Acoustic emission inspection
  116. What type of test is done by department once delivered
    Acceptance test
  117. Piercing nozzles on water towers are capable of what flow
    300 GPM
  118. If slack adjusters on brakes are more than what they need to be adjusted
    1 inch
  119. Emergency vehicles should travel how far apart
    300 to 500 feet
  120. What are the three types of aircraft emergencies
    Emergencies with extrication, extrication with fire, non-incident aircraft fires
  121. Jumbo jet blast off area
    275 wide 1600 long
  122. Medium size jet blast off area
    150 wide 1200 long
  123. Executive jet blast off area
    80 wide 500 long
  124. And articulating aerial devices are operating on a grade or should I be operated
    Off the back
  125. When operating over sides on grades what are the weight restrictions
  126. When operating with manual stabilizers if I lift off the ground is this normal
  127. The smaller the angle on a tiller
    The greater the stability
  128. When there is only one firefighterWhat should he do with going down a ladder with a victim
    Lead the victim
  129. What is the best method used to help larger victims down Ariel
    Knee sit method
  130. What is the best type of device for below grade rescue
    Three boom articulating aerial platform
  131. Three types of elevated water delivery system
    Aerial ladder with piped waterways and water towers, Ariel letters with detachable waterways, elevating platforms
  132. What is the rule of thumb for ladder pipe usage
    75° angle 80% extended 80 psi nozzle
  133. Most aerial devices or discharge non-areated foam like what
  134. Truck should be operated in what position to reduce stress
    Uphill with Ariel in line
  135. What can be used to deice Aerials
    High-pressure steam and liquid thing agents like used on aircraft
  136. Auxiliary pump’s for Aerials should not be operated for more than how long
    One minute
  137. Never pass up a true rescue to do what
    Rescue a panic person in a safe area
  138. What is the first priority on a rescue
    People in greatest danger
  139. Second priority on a rescue
    If two groups of people are an equal danger rescue the group with the most people first
  140. Third priority on rescue
    Remaining people in fire area
  141. Fourth priority on rescue
    People in exposed area
  142. How long to you wait to check oil pressure
    5-10 seconds
  143. How far must you stay away from cones on crossover exercise
    4 inches
  144. Factors that work against aerial device
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