electrochem chem

  1. flow
    • electrons flow from oxidation to reduction sites
    • anode to cathode
  2. sites of redox
    • anode always oxidation (vowels tgth)
    • cathode always reduction
  3. galvanic cell
    • spontaneous flow
    • anode (neg) to cathode (pos)
  4. electrolysis
    • non-spont flow
    • forced by external source
    • anode (+) to cathode (-) cus electrons are being forced to move in a way they dont want to go
  5. reducing agent
    experiences oxidation (loses electrons)
  6. oxidizing agent
    experiences reduction (gains electrons)
  7. LEO
    losing electrons oxidation
  8. GER
    gaining electrons reduction
  9. concentration cell
    • same substance but different concentrations
    • flow from low concentration to high concentration
  10. anode
    • oxidation
    • atoms become ionsĀ 
    • mass loss from electrode, concentration in cell increases
  11. cathode
    • reduction
    • ions become atoms
    • mass added to cathode, concentration decreases
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