ch9 bio circ lymph immune

  1. ischemia
    inadequate blood flow cus of reduced oxygen
  2. hypoxia
    adequate blood circulation but reduced oxygen
  3. angiogenesis
    fomration of new blood vessels
  4. portal systems
    • direct transport btwn specific locations
    • more than 1 capillary set
  5. systole
    contraction of ventricles
  6. stroke volume
    amount of blood pumped per ventricle contraction
  7. cardiac output
    total amount of blood pumped /min
  8. functional syncytium
    cytoplasm of adjacent heart cells joined by gap junctions
  9. intercalated discs
    the gap junctions btwn cardiomyocytes
  10. systolic and diastolic pressure
    • v loud first heartbeat heard after loosening arm cuff
    • v quiet last heartbeat heard as cuff v loose
  11. tense configuration
    Hb having low oxygen affinity so drops oxygen off
  12. relaxed config
    Hb has high oxygen affinity so carries it
  13. bohr effect
    tense config of Hb stabilized by decreased pH, increased co2 pressure, and increase temp
  14. methods of co2 transport in blood
    • converted to carbonic acid (by carbonic anhydrase) and
    • dissolves in blood
    • stuck on Hb
  15. tolerance
    immune system not activating against its own tissues and proteins
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