ch6 bio euk cells

  1. autophagy
    destruction of own organelles by lysosome
  2. peroxisome
    • important in metabolizing lipids using h2o2
    • converts it to water and oxygen tho so not harmful to cell
  3. colligative properties
    • depend on number of solutes present in solvent
    • vapour pressure: pressure exerted by gas molecules that've evaporated from solvent
    • boiling point: point at which liquid becomes gas
    • freezing point: point where liquid becomes solid
    • solutes present in solvent disrupt the solvent structure because it binds to them so the packing is less orderly and thus┬áchanges would be observed to these properties
  4. tight junctions
    • creates regions (apical, lateral) on cell
    • prevents passage of substances btwn 2 cells
    • tight seal
  5. desmosome
    holds cells tgth at certain points
  6. gap junctions
    connections btwn 2 cells that allow mixing of their cytoplasms
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