1. every time your computer starts up, a log in screen will ask you for two things. what are they?
    user name and password
  2. what are two ways to log out of the network?
    logout on the start menu or shutdown
  3. always ___________ before you leave your computer.
    log off
  4. what is the brand/model of your computer?
    HP Compact DC50700
  5. what size monitor do you have?
    17 in. flat screen monitor
  6. the microcomputer is the brain of the computer. what type of microprocessor does your computer have? what speed does it run at?
    • intel pentium 4 HD
    • 3.2 ghz
  7. what type of removeable storage device does your HP have?
  8. what are folders used for?
    to organize data and documents
  9. what is a directory?
    adress or title for a folder.
  10. identify the word types
    a) a microsoft word file
    b) a microsoft access file
    c) a microsoft excel file
    d) a microsoft powerpoint file
    e) a microsoft publisher file
    f) list six sound types
    • a) text written
    • b) electronic filing
    • c) numbers, charts
    • d) slideshow
    • e) calendar business card
    • f) .MID .WAV .AU .MP3 .MP4 .AIFF
  11. you should save every five minutes to prevent potential loss of data/text. true or false.
  12. what is an icon?
    a picture of a program/file
  13. to shut down your computer, go to the _________ menu.
  14. what is the left mouse button used for?
    selects or opens files
  15. what is the right mouse button used for?
    opens sub-menus
  16. what is the name of your network drive?
    drive h stands for home, where files get saved
  17. what are the steps for renaming a file or a folder?
    single click on the file and select rename
  18. how do you save a file to the network server?
    go to the office button, and select save as to drive h
  19. what is the internet?
    a global system of interconnected computer networks
  20. what is internet explorer?
    a web browser designed by microsoft
  21. what operating system do you have on your computer?
    windows XP or vista or windows 7
  22. what are 3 safeguards you need for your computer system at home?
    • antivirus-symantec
    • spyware-webroot sweeper
    • are wall vista is free
  23. CDs DVDs tapes and flash drives are all examples of output devices. true or false?
  24. wi-fi is used to access the internet wihtout wires. true or false.
  25. list three instant messaging programs.
    • 1. yahoo IM
    • 2. aol IM
    • 3. msn IM
  26. blogs create real-time web conversation. true or false.
  27. list three types of input devices.
    • 1. keyboard, mouse
    • 2. thouchscreen, voice recognition
    • 3. flash cards, flash drives, memory sticks
  28. the microsoft office 2007 package comes with 5 programs. what are they and briefly describe each.
    • 1. microsoft word - typing
    • 2. microsoft publisher - forms
    • 3. microsoft power point - presentation
    • 4. microsoft excel - calculation
    • 5. microsoft access - filing
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