english vocabulary quiz

  1. inaccessible
    adj. impossible to approach; unreachable
  2. chastise
    v. discipline, especially using physical punishment; criticize severely
  3. expiring
    v. breathing the last breath; dying
  4. clod
    n. a lump or mass of earth or clay
  5. symmetrical
    adj. well-balanced; having harmonious proportions in shape, size; having corresponding parts, so that the right and left sides are mirror images
  6. inaudible
    adj. too quiet or distant to be heard
  7. persevered
    v. persisted in pursuing a goal in spite of obstacles or opposition
  8. ovation
    n. an enthusiastic, public show of approval, marked especially by loud, prolonged applause
  9. virtuosity
    n. excellence in a skill or performance
  10. arbitrarily
    adv. unreasonably; done according to one individual's will; on a whim
  11. rebuked
    v. sternly disapproved of; reprimanded
  12. sullenly
    adv. gloomily and irritably
  13. appraisingly
    adv. with an eye towards estimating the nature, quality, or importance of
  14. gait
    n. the manner of walking, stepping, or running
  15. judiciously
    adv. having or characterized by good judgment
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