Hodges Set 2

  1. Disapprobation
    disapproval; condemnation
  2. Candor
    freedom from bias; fairness
  3. Fastidious
    excessively critical; hard to please
  4. Elated
    very happy; jubilant
  5. Satire
    • 1) the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule
    • 2) a drama where human folly is help up to scorn or ridicule
  6. Apothecary
    a druggist; pharmacist
  7. Affable
    easy to approach and talk to; friendly; cordial
  8. Conjecture
    forming an opinion or theory without efficient evidence or proof
  9. Diffident
    lacking confidence in one's own ability
  10. Scruple
    • 1) a moral or ethical consideration of statement that acts as a restraining force
    • 2) very small portion or amount
  11. Caprice
    a sudden, unpredictable change of ones mind or weather
  12. Vex
    to irritate; annoy; provoke
  13. Filial
    of or from a son or daughter
  14. Implacable
    not to be appeases, mollified, or pacified; inexhorable; not to be changed
  15. Retort
    • 1) to reply in a sharp way
    • 2) a physical container to carry out chemical processes
  16. Imprudent
    lacking discretion; rash
  17. Laconic
    using few words; concise
  18. Alacrity
    cheerful readiness; promptness; willingness
  19. Obsequious
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