Strategic RE Consultancy CP

  1. How can you help assist with Strategic RE?
    Understand clients aims and objectives
  2. Talk me through your advice you provided in Peterborough
    • We were struggling to get traction on the vacant units as they were too small for occupiers requirements 
    • Advised my client to seek costs for amalgamating some units in order to fit in with retailer requirements 
    • Client asked for evidence in which I provided by way of presentation in a letting meeting via powerpoint 
    • Client amalgamated various units which led to three successful lettings in the scheme within a 12 month period.
  3. Talk me through your advice you provided in Cov
    • Central mall area had planning for kiosks but the centre had wider issues regarding two anchor tenants which they wanted to sort out first
    • Issue had sorted itself out 
    • My job was to repurpose and provide evidence for repurposing 
    • Provided a short presentation on similar schemes where such transitions had taken place which resulted in increase footfall 
    • Client liked the idea
  4. Talk me through your advice you provided in Orpington
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Strategic RE Consultancy CP