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  1. What is sustainability?
    The ability to be maintained at a certain level or rate
  2. What is the government doing about Sustainability?
    As part of the Climate Change Act 2008, UK signed a legally binding agreement to help reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 based on 1990 levels. Recent update is to have a Carbon Footprint of NET ZERO but 2050

    Introduced The Energy Act 2011 which aims to make businesses, landlords and tenants more energy efficient

    As part of this they introduced The Green Deal which allows landlords, tenants and homeowners to make energy improvements to their properties through savings on their bills
  3. Is there a recent update to this?
    Yes, a recent update as of 2018 declared the UK to have a carbon foot print of net zero by 2050
  4. What is the RICS doing about it?
    Introduced the Buildings Carbon Database
  5. What is it?
    Allows users to upload information relating to their property. In doing so, this will provide the user with advice and recommendations on a buildings life cycle, such as changing the light fittings ever x amount of years, changing the M&E etc.
  6. What is MEES?
    Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards 2015
  7. Could you tell me more?
    Required all new leases and renewals from 1st April 2018 to have an EPC rating of E and above 

    Required all existing leases from 1st April 2023 to have an EPC rating of E and above
  8. What is the BBP?
    Better Buildings Partnership
  9. What is the BBP trying to provide?
    Working with UK's largest REITS and funds to try and achieve net carbon zero by 2050
  10. What is an EPC?
    It is an energy performance certificate
  11. What does it measure?
    The energy performance of a building
  12. What's contained within an EPC?
    • Energy rating A+ - G 
    • Certificate reference number 
    • Address and size of property 
    • Benchmarking info 
    • Technical info 
    • Estimation on running costs
  13. How often do you need to get an EPC?
    Every 10 years or if the building has been altered
  14. Do you require an EPC when marketing?
    Yes, within 7 days of marketing
  15. What is required on the marketing details with regard to EPC?
    Only the energy rating
  16. What are the penalties for not having it on the marketing particular's?
    12.5% of the RV or (Min £500 - Max £5,000)
  17. Who's responsible for obtaining the EPC?
  18. What are the MEES exemptions?
    • - Buildings under 50 sq. m 
    • - Places of worship 
    • - Buildings with no heating system in 
    • - Where tenancy is less than 6 months with no security of tenure 
    • - Industrial units with low energy demand 
    • - When it is not possible to improve the energy rating to E or above with a 7 year payback
  19. What are the penalties for non-compliance with the regulations?
    If a breach has lasted less than 3 months - up to £5k or 10% of the RV if greater (£50k max fine) 

    If a breach has lasted longer than 3 months - up to £10k or 10% of the RV if greater (£150k max fine)
  20. Who's it policed by?
    Local authority
  21. What is BREEAM?
    Buildings Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method
  22. What is it?
    It is a voluntary environmental assessment tool which rates a building against 9 weightings including water usage, energy consumption and transport links
  23. How many weightings are there and what are they?
    • Outstanding
    • Excellent 
    • Very good 
    • Good 
    • Pass
  24. Can you think of another initiative LL's are trying to improve?
    Health and Wellbeing
  25. Can you tell me more?
    Developers are using then WELL STANDARDS which rates buildings in respect of health and mental well being for occupiers
  26. What is a green lease?
    A green lease allows landlords and tenants to share information about the use of energy, water and waste in a building to help improve energy efficiency of a building
  27. Where can you find info on green lease?
    Better Buildings Partnerships has a green lease toolkit
  28. What is the new EU legislation that governs data?
  29. What is GDPR?
    General Data Protection Regulation 

    Largest change in data protection law across the EU
  30. What's the UK's take?
    Data Protection Act 2018
  31. What is it?
    Empowers individuals on how their data is used, stored and managed
  32. If there is a breach, what must companies do?
    Data controller must report to the ICO within 72 hours of the breach
  33. What are the fines?
    4% of global turnover or 20m euros (whichever the greater)
  34. What are the 8 rights under GDPR?

    • Right to RECTIFICATION 
    • Right of ACCESS 
    • Right to DATA PORTABILITY 
    • Right to be INFORMED 
    • Right to OBJECT 
    • Right to ERASURE 
  35. What must be conducted for high risk holding of data
    An obligation to conduct data protection impact assessments
  36. What's included in a companies accounts?
    • Chairman's statement 
    • Independent auditor report 
    • P&L Account
    • Balance sheet 
    • Remuneration report
  37. What's the new names for P&L and Balance sheet?
    • P&L = Income statement
    • Balance sheet = Statement of financial position
  38. What's a P&L account (income statement)?
    A financial statement showing a companies income and expenditure usually prepared on a annual basis
  39. What's a balance sheet (statement of financial position)?
    A financial statement showing a companies asset and liabilities, usually prepared at the end of the year
  40. What is an asset and liability?
    Asset - Cash, property 

    Liabilities - loans and borrowings
  41. What is a Cash Flow Statement?
    Shows a companies receipts and expenditure to include VAT

    Prepared for management account purposes only (internal)
  42. What are the strengths and weaknesses within companies accounts?
    • Strengths 
    • If a company has a high volume of assets and income 

    • Weaknesses 
    • If there are no assets and net profit is minor
  43. What's a management account?
    An financial statement that has been prepared internally for internal use only
  44. What is an audited account?
    Financial statement that is prepared by a chartered accountant
  45. How can you assess a tenants financial viability?
    Recommend the client seek prof advice from a chartered accountant 

    Or get a Dun Bradstreet report carried out
  46. What is UK GAAP?
    Sets out regulations on how companies should set up company accounts
  47. What is a Dun & Bradstreet report?
    It's a credit report for a company 


    • First number and letter is financial strength, last number is risk indicator
    • Financial Strength = Higher number, higher net worth 
    • Risk indicator = lower number, lower risk
  48. Is there anything regarding accounting that has come into place regarding tenants and their accounts?
    Yes, IFRS 16 is a new lease accounting standard launched from 2019

    Full cost of leases will have to appear on a companies balance sheet 

    Rent is recognised as a liability
  49. What's the guidance note on H&S for members?
    RICS Surveying Safely 2018
  50. What is it?
    Best practice principles for RICS regulated firms and members for the management of health and safety
  51. What's the structure of the book?
    8 parts to the BOOK: 

    • Personal responsibilities 
    • Assessing hazards and risks 
    • Workplace health and safety 
    • Occupational health and hygiene 
    • Visiting premises and sites 
    • Fire safety 
    • Residential inspections 
    • Management contractors
  52. What are the key areas of new advice?
    Safe person means each individual assumes individual behavioural responsibility for their own, colleagues and others health and safety

    Ensure individuals accept responsibility for their own actions

    Advice on health, well-being and mental health
  53. What must firms provide?
    • Safe working environment 
    • Safe working systems 
    • Safe working equipment 
    • Competent staff
  54. What is the RICS advice following Grenfell?
    Landlords, homeowners and managers must have robust fire assessments for their properties
  55. What is Bray Fox Smiths H&S docs?
    • Required to undertake induction at the start of employment 
    • H&S manual provided outlining H&S requirements for when working in the office and on site 
    • Fire safety info, who the fire marshal is, fire escapes and route, fire meeting point
  56. What other Health and Safety legislation is there?
    Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
  57. What is its purpose?
    Employers must ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all of its staff
  58. Who's it policed by?
  59. What is a hazard?
    Something that can cause harm such as a wet floor
  60. What is a risk?
    Probability or likelihood someone will be harmed usually shown as low, medium or high
  61. Where can detailed H&S info can be found on site?
    Operations and Maintenance manual
  62. What is a risk assessment?
    A legal requirement for employers employing more than 5 people 

    Assesses the risk associated with the hazard
  63. What is the 5 step approach to risk assessments?
    • Identify the hazard
    • Identify those who are at risk 
    • Evaluate the risk 
    • Report your findings 
    • Review on a regular basis
  64. What's a method statement
    Details how a process is to be carried out
  65. What is the 6 pack of HSE regulations?
    • Management of health and safety at work 
    • Display screen equipment 
    • Manual handling operations 
    • PPE 
    • Provision and use of equipment 
    • Workplace health, safety and wellbeing
  66. What is a fire risk assessment?
    It's a risk assessment but with fire emphasis
  67. Is there any RICS publication regarding fire safety and landlords and tenants
    RICS Fire Safety
  68. Does it apply to all property?
    Non-domestic only
  69. What reasonable precautions can be put in place to help reduce risk of fire?
    • Alarm
    • Fire fighting equipment 
    • Safe exit routes 
    • Emergency lighting
  70. What is RIDDOR?
    Reporting Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
  71. What is Asbestos?
    A insulating material that can cause harm to health if disturbed
  72. If left untouched, is it a problem?
    No, only causes harm to health if disturbed
  73. What types of Asbestos are there?
    Three types: 

    • Chrysotile - White 
    • Amosite - Brown 
    • Crocidolite - Blue
  74. Have they now been banned?
    Yes, white banned in 1999, blue and brown banned in 1985
  75. What's the legislation behind Asbestos?
    The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
  76. What types of Asbestos surveys are there?
    Management Survey - Used when the property is in normal occupation to identify the ACM 

    Refurbishment Survey - Used for when the building will be going under refurbishment / demolition
  77. Who is the duty holder?
    • LL - if vacant 
    • T - if occupied
  78. What must the duty holder do?
    • Undertake a risk assessment periodically to manage the asbestos
    • Produce risk assessment / asbestos register
  79. How can you determine if a building has Asbestos in?
    Check architects drawing
  80. What is the CDM regulations, 2015?
    Construction design and management regulations 2015
  81. What is the CDM regs?
    Ensure the health and safety during the design and management of all commercial building projects
  82. What is the aim of the CDM regs?
    Improve management of H&S at all stages of construction
  83. What is Legionella?
    Respiratory disease that can be caused by inhaling water droplets that have harmful bacteria
  84. Where can Legionella be caught?
    • Usually in purpose built systems where bacteria is able to grow. 
    • Air con systems
    • Baths / Spa
  85. What act surrounds Disability?
    Disability Discrimination and the Equality Act 2010
  86. When faced with an obstacle for disabled persons, what choices do you have?
    • Remove the feature 
    • Alter it 
    • Provide reasonable means of avoiding the obstacle 
    • Provide a reasonable alternative access to the service
  87. What are the statutory obligations for a commercial property owner?
    • Asbestos management 
    • Contamination 
    • EPC
    • DDA compliance 
    • Fire Safety 
    • Legionnaires Disease
  88. What's included in your firms business plan?
    • We carry out a SWOT analysis at the beginning of each month to determine where the business is at now 
    • Keep track of WIP every week at weekly letting meetings 
    • Always strive to create more business
  89. What's the legislation called which surrounds use classes?
    Town and Country Planning (use class) order 1987
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