Facial Muscles

  1. 1. M. frontalis
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    Origin: Galea aponeurotica

    Insertion: Skin of eyebrows and root of nose

    Function: Raise the eyebrows, wrinkles the forehead horizontally
  2. 4. M. orbicularis oculi
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    Origin: Frontal and maxiallary bones and ligaments around orbit

    Insertion: Tissue of eyelid

    Function: Blinking, squinting, draws eyebrows inferiorly
  3. 2. M. corrugator superciliiImage Upload 3
    Origin: Arch of frontal bone above nasal bone

    Insertion: Skin of eyebrows and root of nose

    Function: Draws eyebrows medially and inferiorly, wrinkles the forehead vertically (frowning)
  4. M. procerus
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    Origin: From fascia over the lower of the nasal bone

    Insertion: Into the skin of the lower part of the forehead between the eyebrows

    Function: Draws down the medial angle of the eyebrow giving expressions of frowning

  5. M. nasalis
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    Origin: Maxilla

    Insertion: Nasal bone

    Function: Compresses bridge, depresses tip of nose, elevates corners of nostrils

  6. 18. M. orbicularis oris
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    Origin: Arises directly from maxilla and mandible

    Insertion: Encircles mouth; inserts into muscle & skin at angles of mouth

    Function:  Closes lips, purses and protudes lips, kissing & whistling

  7. 13. M. zygomaticus major
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    Origin: Zygomatic bone

    Insertion: Skin and muscle at corner of mouth

    Function: Raises lateral corners of mouth (smiling)
  8. 14. M. risorius
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    Origin: Lateral fascia associated with masseter muscle

    Insertion: Skin at angle of mouth

    Function: Draws corner lip laterally, tense of lips, synergist of zygomaticus
  9. M. levator anguli oris
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    Origin: Maxilla

    Insertion: Modiolus

    Function: draws angel of mouth laterally and superiorly; depresses the nasolabial furrow (face of disgust)
  10. 17. M. depressor labii inferioris
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    Origin: Body and mandible lateral to its midline

    Insertion: Skin and muscle at of lower lip

    Function: Draws lower lip inferiorly
  11. 16. M. depressor anguli orisImage Upload 11
    Origin: Body of mandible, below incisors

    Insertion: skin & muscle at angle of mouth (below insertion of zygomaticus)

    Function: Draws corner of mouth laterally & downwardly, antagonist of zygomaticus
  12. M. mentalisImage Upload 12
    Origin: Anterior mandible

    Insertion: Chin

    Function: Elevates and wrinkles skin on chin
  13. 15. M. buccinatorImage Upload 13
    Origin: Molar region of maxilla and mandible

    Insertion: Orbicularis oris

    Function: Draws corner of mouth laterally, compresses cheek (sucking), hold food between teeth during chewing
  14. 19. M. platysmaImage Upload 14
    Origin: Fascia of chest (over pectoral muscle & deltoid)

    Insertion: Lower margin of mandible and skin & muscle at corner of mouth

    Function: Depresses mandible, pulls lower lip back and down
  15. 20. M. masseterImage Upload 15
    Origin: Zygomatic arch and maxilla

    Insertion: Angle and ramus of mandible

    Function: Prime mover of jaw closure, elevates mandible

    Nerve: mandibular nerve (V3)
  16. 21. M. temporalisImage Upload 16
    Origin: Temporal fossa

    Insertion: Coronoid process of mandible

    Function: Closes, jaw, elevates & retracts mandible, synergist of pterygoids, maintains position of mandible at rest

    Nerve: Deep temporal nerve, anterior division of mandibular nerve (V3)
  17. 22. M. pterygoideus medialisImage Upload 17
    Origin: Medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone, maxilla & palatine bone

    Insertion: Medial surface of mandible near its angle

    Function: Synergist of temporalis & masseter in elevation of the mandible, act with lateral pterygoid to protrude mandible to promote side-to-side movements

    Nerve: Medial pterygoid nerve (of mandibular nerve (CN V3))
  18. 23. M. pterygoideus lateralisImage Upload 18
    Origin: Greater wing & lateral pterygoid plate of sphenoid bone

    Insertion: Condyle of mandible and capsule of temporomandibular joint

    Function: Protrudes mandible, provides forward sliding and side-to-side grinding movements of the lower teeth

    Nerve: Lateral pterygoid nerve (of mandibular nerve (CN V3))
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