IFLOLS Primary Flight Control Operator

  1. Where does the IFLOLS Prifly stand watch?
    Primary Control (O10)
  2. What is the purpose of IFLOLS?
    To provide a visual reference of a 3.5 degree glide scope for pilots to approach the carrier on.
  3. Why would you adjust to a 4.0 degree basic angle?
    Heavy Weather.
  4. You would only adjust the basic angle to a 4.0 when Air Boss directs you (T/F).
  5. How many basic angles does IFLOLS mainly use?
  6. What are the basic angles that IFLOLS uses?
    • 3.5
    • 3.75
    • 4.0
  7. What happens if the angle is too steep?
    The pilots risk landing to hard and damaging the aircraft.
  8. What happens if the angle is too shallow?
    The pilots risk crashing into the back of the carrier.
  9. What is a Hook-to-Eye (H/E) value?
    The distance from the pilot's eye to the edge of the aircraft's tail hook.
  10. What is a Hook-to-Ramp (H/R) value?
    The distance from the edge of the aircraft's tail hook to the flight deck as the aircraft clears the back of the flight deck. AKA the round down.
  11. What is the hook touchdown point?
    Where the tailhook of the aircraft will first contact the flight deck upon landing.
  12. Where does IFLOLS set the hook touchdown point? Why?
    Just aft of the wire it's targeting. It allows the hook to drag across the deck and catch the wire.
  13. What is the hook touchdown point for Wire 1?
    150 ft
  14. What is the hook touchdown point for Wire 2?
    190 ft
  15. What is the hook touchdown point for Wire 3?
    230 ft
  16. What is the hook touchdown point for Wire 4?
    270 ft
  17. What wires can IFLOLS target?
    All 4 Arresting Gear wires.
  18. What is the main wire IFLOLS targets?
    Wire 3
  19. Who decides if another wire will be targeted?
    Air Boss
  20. What is the touch panel that you interact with in Prifly?
    IFLOLS Unit 3
  21. What are the main screens you can Display on Unit 3?
    • Main Screen
    • Lighting Screen
    • Standard Screen
    • Non-standard Screen
  22. What does the Main Screen display?
    Your H/R and H/E and which wire IFLOLS is targeting.
  23. What does the Lighting Screen display?
    The intensities of IFLOLS lights and a Cut button.
  24. What does the Standard Screen display?
    Standard aircraft and allows you to select one for IFLOLS to provide a glide slope for.
  25. What does the Non-standard Screen display?
    Non-standard events such as damaged aircraft and allows you adjust hook touchdown, H/E settings, etc.
  26. What do you do if Boss asks you to target on top of a wire?
    • Go to the Non-standard screen and adjust the hook touchdown point to be on top of the wire.
    • Add 20ft to the touchdown of whatever wire Boss wants you to target to go on top of a wire.
  27. Where are Emergency recovery settings explained?
    In the ARB (Aircraft Recovery Bulletin)
  28. What are the 2 stabilization modes you can select?
    Line mode and Inertial mode.
  29. What does Line mode do?
    Takes into account of the ship's pitch, roll while sailing.
  30. What does Inertial mode do?
    Takes into account of the ship's pitch, roll and heave while sailing.
  31. When is Inertial mode used? Why?
    During Heavy Seas. It provides more feedback which allows IFLOLS to better compensate.

    Nimitz uses Inertial as main mode
  32. Who is authorized to change the basic angle?
    Air Boss
  33. When Air Boss calls each station what will you say when they call for ILARTS? (Settings will change when applicable.)
    "ILARTS manned and ready. Basic angle at 3.5 degrees targeting the 3 wire at 230ft in inertial mode, Sir."
  34. What happens when you get a visual H/R warning on your screen?
    It means the H/R distance was less than 10ft.
  35. What will Air Boss do if there is an H/R warning.
    Air Boss will increase the basic angle to 4.0 in an effort to give the pilots more clearance.
  36. What does an audible H/R warning mean?
    The H/R distance was less than 3ft.
  37. What will Air Boss do if there is an audible H/R warning?
    Suspend flight ops.
  38. What does F/A 18 A, B, C, D designate?
  39. What does F/A 18 E, F designate?
  40. What does EA 18G designate?
  41. What does C-2A designate?
    Grey Hound or Cod
  42. What does E-2C+ designate?
    Hawk Eye
  43. What does EA6B designate?
  44. What does T-45 designate?
    Goshawk or Trainer
  45. What does E-2D designate?
  46. Who is the only one who can initiate a wave-off in prifly?
    Air Boss at his panel.
  47. What are the intensities for IFLOLS during the day?
  48. What are the intensities for IFLOLS during the night?
  49. What do you do if your screen freezes?
    Let Air boss know then inform Lens Room they must take control while you reset the screen.
  50. How do you reset your screen if it freezes?
    Old System: Pull fuses located in between your panel and the Arresting Gear operator's panel (Ours are the bottom 2 on the left closest to us). Re-insert the fuse and wait for your screen to boot up.

    New System: Reset by Lens Room
  51. What is the LRLS?
    Long Range Laser Line-up System.
  52. What is the purpose of the LRLS?
    Helps pilots align their aircraft for a correct approach.
  53. Where is the control panel for the LRLS?
    Located left of Unit 3.
  54. What do the 2 switches on the LRLS do?
    Controls the power to the lasers.
  55. What do the other controls on the LRLS do?
    They set the basic angle for the LRLS and the intensities of the lasers.
  56. What grade are the lasers on the LRLS
  57. How many green lasers are on the LRLS panel?
  58. How many red lasers are on the LRLS?
  59. How many yellow lasers are on the LRLS?
  60. Why are there 5 green lasers?
    Harder to see
  61. What color laser do pilots aim for?
  62. What yellow laser indicate?
  63. What does a green laser indicate?
  64. What does a red laser indicate?
  65. What sound powered circuit does the Prifly Operator use?
  66. What screens does barricade mode appear on?
    Stabilization and Non-standard screens.
  67. What does the barricade button do?
    Automatically sets basic angle to 4.0
  68. What do you do after you set Barricade Mode?
    HTD needs to be reset to 250 feet (which is 20 feet aft of wire 5) then go to the Non-standard screen to select aircraft type and what is wrong.
  69. What is the order of the aircraft as it appears on screen?
    Hornet, Rhino, Grizzly, Cod, Hawkeye, Prowler, Trainer, Tracer.
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