1. Which Supply division does the RPPO act as a liason to?
    S-1, S-6 and S-8
  2. What is an RPPO's job?
    To initiate requisitions for material for the purpose of maintenance
  3. What is RSUPPLY and what can you order from it?
    • Relational Supply
    • Consumables
  4. What kind of parts can you order from OMMS-NG?
    Repart Parts
  5. What is a consumable?
    Admin/housekeeping items
  6. What are repair parts?
    Any item which have an equipment application and appear in an APL, ISL, AVCAL, etc
  7. What is a repairable?
    An item that is repairable at the depot level when it becomes unserviceable
  8. What does MTR stand for?
    Mandatory Turn-in Repairable
  9. What does DLR stand for?
    Depot Level Repair
  10. What does NSN stand for?
    National Stock Number
  11. How many digits are in an NSN?
  12. What does NIIN stand for?
    National Item Identification Number
  13. How many digits are in a NIIN?
  14. What are the last 9 digits of a NSN known as?
    The NIIN
  15. What is Unit of Issue?
    The unit in which the items are issued in
  16. What are three examples of a unit of issue?
    • EA (Each)
    • BX (Box)
    • BD (Bundle)
  17. What does APL stand for?
    Allowance Parts List
  18. What is an APL?
    A technical document prepared for idividual equipment
  19. What does MSC stand for?
    Matinenance Support Center
  20. What do orders over $500 require?
    A suspense chit
  21. What S div runs the suspense manager?
  22. What S div will parts requiring turns in be supplied to?
  23. What are the three types of DLRs?
    • 5A - Survey
    • 5S - Remain in place
    • 5G - One for one exchange
  24. What is a 5A DLR?
    (Survey) Where a turn in is not available and a DD form 200 will be filled out to act as the turn in
  25. What is a 5S DLR?
    (Remain in place) Part cannot be turned in until the new one is received. RIP chit required.
  26. Who signs for RIP chits?
    S-6 Divo
  27. What form is required for a 5G DLR?
    Surface turn-in form
  28. What is the dollar amount requirements for Open/Micropurchases?
    $10,000 and below
  29. What two websites are mandatory to research parts for open/micropurchases first?
    • GSA Advantage
  30. Can you choose a different company for a part if not supplied at GSA Advantage or FEDMALL?
    Yes, but the company must agree not to charge sales tax
  31. Which 4 personnel are required to sign a micro-purchase request form?
    • The RPPO
    • Divo (for division ordering parts)
    • HOD (if value is over $10,000)
    • SUPPO (if value is over $10,000 and all hazmat items)
  32. Where do you turn in a signed micro-purchase form with quote?
    S-1 and log it in the log book
  33. What is an illegal split purchase?
    Dividing purchase orders into more than one to remain under $10,000 cap
  34. What are the three parts of a document number? (Example: R21247-3336-C623)
    • UIC
    • Julian date
    • Serial Number
  35. What does UIC stand for?
    Unit Identification code
  36. Explain this Julian date: 3336
    • First number is the last digit of the year parts were ordered
    • Last 3 numbers is the day of that year
  37. Breakdown the serial number in a document number: C623
    • First 2 numbers are the division who ordered parts
    • Last 2 are numbers indicate item ordered from 00 to 99 for each cosecutive item ordered and reset once pass 99
  38. What is a DD form 1348-1A?
    An issue/receipt/release form
  39. What is a DD form 200 (FLIPL)?
    • AKA Survey. Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss
    • A form used to report lost, missing, or stolen material
  40. What is a SF 368?
    • Quality Deficiency Report (QDR)
    • Used to report mateial received which is damaged or has design, function, production, or development flaw and considred unacceptable
  41. What is a NAVSUP P-409?
    • A quick reference version of NAVSUP P-485 which defines various codes on the MILSTRIP line of the DD form 1348-1A
  42. What is the NAVSUP P-485 Vol 1?
    Afloat Supply Procedures
  43. What does MILSTRIP stand for?
    Military standard requisitioning and issuing procedures
  44. What does CAGE stand for and what is it?
    • Commercial and government entity code
    • 5 digit code assigned to a part by the manufacturer
  45. What does COSAL stand for and what is it?
    • Coordinated Shipboard Allowance List
    • Provides basic guidance for determining the items which should be stocked by the supply department
  46. What is a forcasting report?
    A report which gives a list of all tools, parts, materials, and test equipment required to complete your upcoming maintenance
  47. What does ASG stand for and what is it used for?
    • Afloat Shopping Guide
    • Listing of parts with NSNs that are commonly carried onboard
  48. What does FEDLOG stand for?
    Federal Logistics Data
  49. What is a MOV?
    Material Obligation Valiation
  50. What does a MOV do and how often is it worked?
    A list of the divisions outstanding reqs in Rsupply and OMMS and worked every 30 days
  51. When are MOVs picked up and when are they required to be turned back in on?
    • Picked up on the 1st
    • Returned on the 15th
  52. ICO a MOV what does a V indicate?
    Valid - Item is still needed
  53. ICO a MOV what does a C indicate?
    Canceled - Item is no longer needed
  54. ICO a MOV what does a R indicate?
    Received - Req has been received by the RPPO and the receipt should be posted in RSupply
  55. What is the S-1 division?
    Stock Control
  56. What division deals with CASREPS?
  57. What is the S-2 division?
    Food services
  58. What is the S-3 division?
    Ship store/retail
  59. What is the S-4 division?
    Disbursing (Navy cash card)
  60. What is the S-5 division?
  61. What is the S-6 division?
    Aviation (DLR and Aviation supply parts)
  62. What is the S-7 division?
  63. What is the S-8 division?
    Shipping and receiving
  64. What is the S-9 division?
  65. What is the S-10 division?
  66. What is the S-11 division?
    Chief Mess
  67. What is the S-12 division?
  68. What is the S-13 division?
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